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Title: Phone Apps and Games
Post by: Doug on April 26, 2011, 01:01:59 PM
I recently got an iPhone from work and I've been collecting a good group of games to entertain me while I sit on the bus.  Please feel free to add to the list.

Dragon's Lair - I probably spent enough money on this to own the machine, but I never could get to the end.  Now I can, for a buck.  And it looks pretty good too.

Angry Birds - Of course.  I liked it at first, hen got bored with it.  My wife loves it though.

Tiny Wings - Sweet, whimsical game.  So much fun when you're hitting all the hills right.

World of Goo - Tower building with piles of wobbly goo to get over and around obstacles.  I highly recommend this.

Prose with Bros - String together free form poetry from a selection of refrigerator magnets.  Compete against buddies or strangers.  Lot's of fun and pretty addicting.
Title: Re: Phone Apps and Games
Post by: Dan on April 26, 2011, 02:00:31 PM

Defender Chronicles - a tower defense game that's different than most. Looks better, feels different, and has "heroes" with levels that you can build up and get better gear for. A cross between tower defense and RPG I suppose? I played this game for much much much longer than any other.

Words with Friends - fake Scrabble that's free. Awesome.

Scrabble - real Scrabble. Awesome.

Word Warp - good for training your brain for Scrabble.

Plants vs Zombies - second best tower defense game I've ever played. Probably because it didn't feel like a tower defense game.

Final Fantasy - yes, it cost $8.99 so it's pricey for the iphone, but I loved playing it again 20+ years later. And it's improved from the original NES version ... I think it's the same as the GBA version called Dawn of Souls, but I'm not sure.

Honorable Mention: Tetris, Bubbles Lab, Street Fighter 4. There's a bunch of others that I played until I "finished" them and then moved on. Geodefense Swarm was one, 7 Cities TD was another, and I forget the rest.


ESPN Scorecenter or Sportacular
Wikipedia (love love love this)
KEXP/The Current/Pandora/etc
Top Shelf (best bartender app out there, imo)
QR Reader