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Title: 80 Days is fantabulous!
Post by: kcneon on June 20, 2004, 07:20:48 PM
Saw Around the World in 80 Days over the weekend & it's a 'must see'.   Everything that I was apprehensive about was for nothing.  It's well done on many levels.  The story is very fun and I loved the transition between scenes.  It gave it a bit of a fairy tale feel.

I had read a couple of things that made it sound like the film went overboard with cameos, but I totally disagree.  It was just right.  Some were a little better than others, but there were a couple of very key ones that made it worthwhile.  My favorite cameo was Richard Branson!

Jackie Chan was the 'star', but just barely.   Nice balance.  Go see it--it's fun! :D