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 on: Yesterday at 10:44:21 PM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by euro60
Well, all I have to say is that it was magical. From the pre-game hours build-up, with so much going on in Clifton, to the actual game itself, it all felt so perfect, almost surreal. One of the best sports moments in my 32 years living in Cincinnati.

And as a complete aside, one of the best client-entertaining events we have ever hosted. The energy and good vibes were all around. We had about 65 people in our suite at Nippert. "Hope we can come again", commented one of my clients. When was the last time you heard a comment like that at the Reds or Bengals?

 on: Yesterday at 10:38:15 PM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by euro60
Dan, glad to see your reaction about Green Book, which mirrored mine. This was a strictly "done by the numbers" movie and utterly safe Hollywood film about race relations. It clearly wasn't the best movie of the year (that would be Roma), and it was Hollywood at its PC worst. "Hey, we get it, we need to be more sensitive about race relations, so let's pet ourselves on the back, and give Best Picture to this!" <sigh>

 on: Yesterday at 05:54:50 PM 
Started by jcarwash31 - Last post by twentyshots
FYI, Hulu is now included for free with a Spotify Premium account.  Works for both new and existing users.  Just need to go to the Spotify website and either sign up for Hulu or link your Hulu account.
i keep looking for the gotcha but don't see one yet. i think it is actually free with spotify premium......

 on: Yesterday at 03:18:46 PM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by Dan
Movies seen in 2019 (new movies in bold):
1. Shaun of the Dead
2. Twister
3. Super Troopers 2
4. A Quiet Place
5. The Untouchables
6. Solo: A Star Wars Story
7. Rabbit-Proof Fence

8. Shine
9. The Fugitive
10. The Firm
11. Meru

12. What We Do In The Shadows
13. The Godfather
14. The Incredibles 2
15. Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

16. Avengers: Infinity War
17. Rampage
18. Four Weddings and Funeral
19. High Flying Bird
20. The Old Man and the Gun
21. The Pelican Brief

22. Deadpool 2

23. Mission Impossible: Fallout
24. Peppermint
25. Crazy Rich Asians
26. Training Day

27. Deadpool
28. Captain Marvel
29. Green Book
30. Lego Movie 2
31. Dead Poets Society
32. Ralph Breaks the Internet

That's a lot to review, so here's the fast version:
Mission Impossible: good spy action flick
Peppermint: I liked it, but it was properly rated. Tried to be female John Wick but kind of got everything wrong if that's what it was trying to be.
Crazy Rich Asians: Really good, but tried to do too much. Probably better as a book! (that's a joke, fyi)
Training Day: Intense
Deadpool: forgot so much of this. Funny.
Captain Marvel: Very enjoyable. Goose stole the show. Brie Larson really is a rock star.
Green Book: this was the best picture? It was so predictable, formulaic, un-nuanced, and generally bland.
Lego Movie 2: pretty terrible. It's a kids movie, and the kids in the theater were quiet and enraptured, so I guess it succeeds, but it was pretty terrible for a middle aged viewer.
Dead Poets Society: I found the father's lack of motivation to be annoying/confusing.
Ralph Breaks the Internet: like someone else said...not as good as the first, but still very good and entertaining. This was the film that Lego Movie 2 wished it was.

 on: Yesterday at 01:50:21 PM 
Started by MissKitty - Last post by Dan
1. Andrzej Sapkowski - Baptism of Fire
2. Tara Westover - Educated
3. Andrzej Sapkowski - Tower of Swallows

More Witcher! More great stuff!

 on: March 17, 2019, 10:01:26 PM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by Drjohnrock
New tour dates with more to come:

04/25 Lansing, MI @ Macís Bar
04/26 Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse Bar
04/27 Chicago, IL @ Coleís
04/28 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
04/29 Omaha, NE @ Oíleaverís
04/30 Denver, CO @ NCRC
05/03 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project
05/04 Portland, OR @ Turn Turn Turn
05/06 San Francisco, CA @ Milk Bar
05/07 Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
05/09 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
05/11 Santa Fe, NM @ 2nd Street Brewery
05/13 Tulsa, OK @ Soundpony
05/14 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge

In addition, Leggy's alter ego Hateflirt is opening for Deerhoof on 4/17 at The Woodward.

 on: March 17, 2019, 07:42:53 PM 
Started by Ella Minnow Pea - Last post by dirk
I have a hard time blaming what happened on Trump, but his total lack of self awareness is the exact problem. If someone who killed 50 people cited me as an inspiration, I might not accept responsibility, but you can sure as hell guarantee I am going to take a hard look at what I have done that he thinks I am an inspiration. The fact he just continues on without any even thought of looking at why all these people idolize him shows that he just doesn't care. It doesn't matter who idolizes him as long as someone does.

 on: March 17, 2019, 04:16:14 PM 
Started by Jonathan - Last post by Cockney Rebel
Fuck the apple, Iím just jealous he could pee in 30 seconds

 on: March 17, 2019, 02:44:59 PM 
Started by Ella Minnow Pea - Last post by Zafer Kaya
I like how Theresa May is all "No more vote on whether to remain.  We did that already, and the voters have spoken.  How many times can we vote on somerhing?!?  PS Pleasepleaseplease can we vote yet again on my Brexit plan?  See, because I lost that one."

I hate blaming politicians for the acts of crazy people.  But damn, why does Trump have to be hypocritical super dick about it?  Remember that whole "Hey Muslims need to speak out against terrorism or they are terrorists themselves" thing?

Also good job Bernie sis. "You can't call Omar anti-Semitic for criticizing AIPAC.  It's a group, not a race.  Know the difference.  Hillary Clinton is anti-Muslim for criticizing Omar!" 

 on: March 17, 2019, 12:01:47 AM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by euro60
FCC's MLS home opener tomorrow at 5 pm!!!!

The match is officially sold out.

I have season tickets, but gave them to my son as I will actually watch from one of the suites with clients and friends of the firm. The client demand was so high that we upgraded to the largest suite available (65 people).

With tomorrow being also St. Patty's day, Clifton is going to be rocking. Traffic and parking will be a huge challenge. I am meeting up with clients at 3 pm at the Taste of Belgium on Short Vine for a late brunch, and then make our way over to Nippert around 4 or so.

I have to say, I'm pretty excited.

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