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 on: Yesterday at 10:51:11 PM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by notoriouspbake

i moved to a small town north of ann arbor, they have a smallish theater: the lyon theater. ticket, popcorn, and drink for ~12 bucks combined. much better than the mega complexes where i remember paying 12 to get in and another 13 or so for popcorn and drinks.

1. gotcha! - 1985 spy movie with a young anthony edwards. a fun watch.
2. the mist - king novella made into a movie. worth your time if you've never seen it. darabont, who did the green mile and shawshank, then went on to do walking dead directed.
3. bewitched - nicole kidman is cute as a button, will ferrell didn't bother me.
4. black sabbath: the end of the end - documentary on the final tour
5. the brothers grimsby - sacha baron cohen's take on a spy movie sorta spoof. some of the humor was too juvenile for me, but overall pretty good. imagine a spy movie with some comedy thrown in.
6. burke and hare - simon peg and andy serkis couldn't save this stinker about the grave robbers/serial murderes in scotland ~1830's.
7. pandorum - sci fi thriller that didn't hold my attention, started playing on the computer during the 2nd half
8. idiocray - meh. thought this was some cult classic. didn't find it all that funny.
9. star wars -(lyon theater) the most recent one. entertaining. liked it.
10. get out - kinda figured it out fairly early on, but probably heard enough about it to help me. still a very good movie.
11. shaun of the dead - could be the greatest zombie movie ever
12. black panther (lyon theater) - can't say much more than what's already been said. enjoyed it.
13. saving private ryan
14. RAMPAGE! (lyon theater) turn off your brain, eat your popcorn. really liked this! the rock does a nice job; was fun to watch. worth 12 bucks.
15. avengers infinity war (lyon theater) - was entertaining, but i'm not a huge comic book/movie fan, so i didn't even know some of the characters. did hold my attention for 2.5 hours. i'll comment more in the appropriate thread.
16. death race 2 - don't bother. some kind of prequel for a video game tie-in, twisted metal, maybe? i'm logging it in so any of you don't lose 100 mins of your life. but maggie from the walking dead was the bad corporate woman. really overplayed barely dressed women. and unnecessary boobs. i'm all for some nudity to earn a R rating, but at least three times i went "did i really just see a topless woman for no reason?" i'll pass on any other death race movies, and there appear to be a few of them.
17. hidden figures - fantastic movie. worth all of accolades i had heard. worthy of watching. great performances and i really liked interjecting the movie against the civil rights movement. hard to believe segregation was still a thing ~50 years ago.
18 juan of the dead - (i thought i already posted this one) cuban zombie movie with interesting social commentary. the zombies were "dissidents" . english subtitles. worthy of watching once.
19. solo (lyon theater) - nice job continuing the back story of star wars. i'm sure i missed many of the easter eggs/tie-ins, but enjoyed it.
20. black sabbath: the end of the end - decent documentary of sabbath's last tour. damn, these guys are old. 69 or 70 all of them. rick wakeman's (of yes) kid played keyboards for them.
21. superhero movie - a police squad type of spoof of superhero movies. made me laugh a few times.
22. ocean's 8: amc west chester - ocean's 11 with the ladies. if you liked that series, you'll like this one too. i thought it was very good.
23,24 mission impossible 1 & 2: first time seeing these in years. dated spy movie from 96?? they used netscape! in 2, the villains accent was so hard to figure out, i really lost interest.
25. they live - john carpenter's "horror" movie about aliens that have already taken over society and can only be seen with special sunglasses. rowdy roddy piper with the best mullet ever.
26,27: pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest & at worlds end - wow. that was a long way to go to finish the story told in two movies. not as good as i remembered, but they are 10 years old.
28. incredibles2 south lyon theater: if you liked the first, you'll like this one. jak-jak steals the movie!
29. the autopsy of jane doe: nice creepy movie about a father and son coroner team. at just under 90 minutes, it went by quickly.
30. eragorn -  decent dragon movie from 2006. cgi has aged well. enjoyed the dragon.
31. stand by me - ah, the old movie from my high school years. this one also has aged well.
32. race to witch mountain - the rock in a remake of a movie from my youth. gave cameos to the kids (who are adults now) from the original. it was entertaining and fun to watch on a day made to stay in with the AC cranked up.
33. the taking of pelham 123 - denzel and travolta facing off as good guy and bad guy. sucked me in.
34. Dr. No - the very first bond. the gadgets are a bit dated, but ursula address is not
35. from russia with love - aged well enough. the plot gets a little convoluted but isn't that always the case with bond movies?
36. the spy who loved me - i remember this from my youth, watching on the tv in the living room.
37. goldfinger - one of the all time best bonds, but still hasn't aged well.
38. thunderball - never really loved this one.
39. you only live twice - oh boy. this one DID NOT age well at all. bond in japanese cosplay? the racism and mysogenisitic tendencies are very troubling outside of the time this was filmed.
40. diamonds are forever - aging sean connery loose in vegas? jimmy dean? i remember watching this one on the tv in my youth as well. had to leave before the end, parents didn't want me to see the dude burned alive and the other guy exploded at the end. no idea why those were the issues and nothing else in the movie was.
41. the losers - captain america before marvel. a comic book adaptation of some kind. entertaining.
42. kinsman: golden circle - convoluted plot reminiscent of bond movies? you bet. enjoyed, but at 2.5 hours started in the morning and finished in the evening.

43. Live and let die - OMG. the racial stereotypes. horrible. was cringing most of the time. best theme song however.
44. the man with the golden gun - these just don't seem to be as good as i remembered growing up
45. moonraker - JAWS again. space battle with lasers! had to have been the first i saw in the theater.
46. for your eyes only - a favorite.
47. octopussy - bond as a clown who saves the day? oh boy!
48. never say never again - connery returns for a reboot of thunderball. not done by eon productions. seemed to be better plot and acting wise than some of the moore offerings.
49. dunkirk - really enjoyed this. i liked the three different perspectives that came together to tell the story.
50. bolt - travolta voices a superhero tv dog that ends up out on his own and has to come to grips with not actually having superpowers. a nice bit of animation, good story. i was totally into this. perhaps a nice change after so many bond films.

 on: Yesterday at 08:23:13 AM 
Started by clemsonfan - Last post by Cockney Rebel
My urologist is Justin Cox

“And what do you specialise in?”

 on: Yesterday at 12:31:47 AM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by euro60
So as we speak the Reds are playing a 3 hr. (!) rain-delayed game in front of a pretty bare looking GABP. So glad I don't have clients to entertain at that game.

I am hosting clients and friends of the firm at Saturday's FCC's game in a corporate suite at Nippert. I hope the weather cooperates (fingers crossed). One thing I know: FCC will not delay a game by 3 hrs.

A few days ago FCC announced ticket pricing for next year, when they move up to MLS. Of course, pricing has gone up, but not as much as I expected. And as FCC noted: the lowest average tix prices in MLS. I see good things happening for FCC going forward in the MLS.

 on: July 20, 2018, 11:45:30 PM 
Started by Cockney Rebel - Last post by euro60
Radiohead! Next Wed at (gasp!) US Bank Arena. Yes, rumor has it that the place is still alive!

My buddy and I scored excellent tickets (all credit to my buddy). So looking forward to this! I don't go to a lot of mainstream concerts these days, but am gladly doing this one. Looking at recent Rdiohead concert setlists, we should be in for a 2 1/2 hr. show or so, with songs from the entire Radiohead catalog.

My first time seeing Radiohead was more than 15 years ago. Where has the time gone <sigh>

 on: July 20, 2018, 10:32:39 PM 
Started by clemsonfan - Last post by Zafer Kaya
I know a guy whose last name is Hairmann and is completely bald.  He has a tragicomic backstory.

If you make a bald joke about his last name, he will whip out his wallet or nowadays his cel phone and show you a picture of him in high school.  He was a MAN.  He says he was 6’3” 225 at the time.  He looks tough as hell.  And long, flowing, golden locks. Mid 70’s style with natural waves in layers and layers Cassidy-style.

The picture is of him in a football uniform, but he did not play high school football. He was a JD/long hair hippie type who did not like the preppy jocks at his school.  So he played in some kind of weird summer league where he ran for like 15,000 yards or something and was unstoppable.  He has anothe picture of him straightarming the shit out of the all-star high kid who went and played D-I college on a full ride.

But apparently in addition to his distaste for jocks, his HS coach had a rule:  no long hair.  And he refused to get a haircut.  He said it was in part because his hair was so awesome, but also every male in his family was bald before they were 30 so he knew he wasn’t going to have his hair for long.

I was like, but you probably got all the chicks.  He said he did.  He partied smoked dope, banged chicks, drank beer, had a motorcycle and was an all-around scary, HS ruling badass.  But he ended up falling for the beautiful HS, straight A princess.  They were the homecoming king and queen.

They got married a month later, and he got some kind of manual labor job while taking night classes in computing which was a fairly new thing at the time.  She went off to the nearby state college and they hung out on weekends.  They are still married.

So, like this story seems to have a happy ending.  Dude planned his life out perfectly and had a great time and married his HS sweetheart and now he has no hair but does not need it.  He showed everyone.

Except for this weird thing.  He watches HS sports.  Still.  Like for real, he follows the high schools religiously and every weekend he goes to a basketball, football or baseball game.  Whatever looks like a good matchup.  Also any of the small colleges in the area that play D3.  His wife goes with him.  It’s very strange.

I talked to her one time and she said his biggest regret in life is he did not play high school football.  Like he still talks about how good he was and how he could have dominated, Glory Days style.  Apparently he was an awesome athlete all around and just as good at basketball and baseball as he was football, it’s just football was his favorite.  She said he would walk around the halls of the HS and the coaches would all get steaming mad he wouldn’t play and would give him a hard time. And he won’t talk about it but he once got suspended for flipping the football coach the bird in front of the entire HS when the coach yelled at him at a pep rally to “Cut your hair and get your ass in my football team pansy!”

Super nice guy, though.  His boss went to college with me and is a good friend of mine and his agency has to provide data for us so I kinda order him around, too.  But he’s a hard worker and smart. He could do our jobs as well as we can, except he doesn’t have a degree and I don’t think he wants to.  He doesn’t care much for the bigger picture or managing stuff or handling big projects.  He just likes to come in, do his computer job, punch out, and watch HS football.  But I’ve screwed him over a couple of times with asks that were really unfair and he never says a thing.  Just stays late and gets it done.  TBF, it’s not like I’m a dick.  Someone handed me a horrible request that I cannot say no to, and I need his data so I have to pass it on to him.  I mean, he knows this so there’s no reason for him to hold a grudge.  But in that moment?  To give me a “You gotta be kidding me!  This is some BS.” would be absolutely understandable and I expect it but it never happens. 

 on: July 20, 2018, 07:17:37 PM 
Started by clemsonfan - Last post by Paco
I used to work with a guy named Sparkman. Guess what he did for a living.

Nope. Not an Electrician.

He was a Toolmaker. Go figure.

 on: July 20, 2018, 03:07:56 PM 
Started by Ella Minnow Pea - Last post by Zafer Kaya
I don't think too many people have a problem with securing the border, although the liberals are starting to knee-jerk left a little crazily in reaction to Trump.  It's just that the wall is a tremendously stupid and costly idea.

But basically, it was pretty much all set up the way you proposed.  The GOP was going to get a big increase in funding for the border and eVerify.  In return the Democrats would get some kind of path to citizenship for people already here.

I think both sides if they were honest agree that undocumented aliens are a problem.  It's not good when you have a weird shadow society that the rules do not apply to, whether you think that means they take advantage of the US or whether that means they get screwed because they don't have full rights. 

I also think both sides if they were honest agree that you need to give existing people a path to citizenship because it's ridiculously costly and time-consuming to try and deport all of them.  You fix those two things, and you're back in control of the problem.  You can control the borders and you've fixed the problem of undocumented people within the borders.  And then both sides can argue about how many we should allow in.

Then Trump was basically like "Wall, no amnesty, boot out everyone."  And that's why he beat Bush and Rubio so easily. There is no way they would ever contribute to "free trade school" or anything to help immigrants or people on the other side of the border.  Don't forget these idiots are still insisting that Mexico pay for the wall, and that they can throw out anyone they want whenever they want with no due process.

Cruz actually gave Trump a pretty clever way out.  He wanted a bill that would stop parents and children from being separated and guarantee them a quick hearing while also funding a ton of immigration judges to speed the process.  So it sounded very left-wing humanitarian but actually was a way to massively speed up deportation and get everyone out of the country.  It was really kind of perfect, because what were Democrats going to argue-- that undocumented people NOT get speedy trials and wait years for a hearing?

But Trump was like "What's this due process crap?  No. They get nothing."  So pretty much he ignored what would actually have solved the problem in a constitutional manner in favor of trying to be as big a dick as possible so he could appeal to his base.

The hard part of dealing with Trump is that resisting him makes him stronger.  So he can just sit there and demand whatever crazy crap he wants.  If the liberals say "No" it only serves to fire up his base.  If you say "Yes" well, you just agreed to something stupid and against your principles, and then Trump just comes back and asks for something crazier. 

That's exactly what happened with the Republican party.  They just kept thinking they could compromise with the far right but the far right is happy to blow everything up.  Look at the various Speakers they kept throwing out.  Boehner actually got them what they wanted initially but then they got pissed he didn't ask for more and Cantor played off it.  Then Cantor was ridiculously right wing and uncompromising until he actually started getting what he asked for and then they booted him for Brat. 

The far-right wing is a legit grass roots movement.  It's very hard to deal with people who are fired up and idealistic.  I mean, they're idealistic about totally the wrong things, but I give them credit for being active and enthusiastic I guess.

 on: July 20, 2018, 02:57:08 PM 
Started by clemsonfan - Last post by daytime drinking
wife typed in the phone number of our neighborhood professional worker of wood projects.  he's done a bit of work on our decks and is gonna install these built in bookshelves.  i came across a torn down barn a few years ago and these beems just be sitting in my basement.  anyway, i went to contact him and said to wife, his last name is carpenter?  thinking she was joking.  she said yup.  i tell everyone about this.  like a week later i was still flabbergasted.  she thought i was joking.  who knows what his last name is

 on: July 20, 2018, 02:44:43 PM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by Zafer Kaya
Iglesias and Hughes would be a pretty similar package.  Iglesias is maybe not quite as good as Hand but has more upside.  Hand costs $13.5 m through 2020, while Iglesias costs $10m.  Hand has an option for 2021 where he would cost $10m but that's kinda blah.  The Indians probably would not pick that up and then it would cost them $1m to buy it out. 

Cimber is cost-controlled and cheap for a long time vs Hughes, but Hughes is more proven and dependable. Also, Hughes can go multiple innings.  I think Cimber is going to be a lights out closer but I may be biased because I love closers with funky delivers and crazy looking pitches.  Cimber has this submarine/sidearm looking slider that's pretty much impossible for righties to hit, but he doesn't have a pitch against lefties. 

But anyway, yeah.  An Iglesias/Hughes combo would probably net something like Mejia.  A #2 prospect from a really good team, or a #1 prospect with a few questions from a more average farm system.  Iglesias/Hughes might get a little more just because I think a lot of teams love Iglesias. The big thing with Mejia is there are some doubts whether he can play C. 

Mejia's bat is incredible for a catcher but just sort of average as an outfielder.  He appears to be almost exactly like Willson Contreras was for the Cubs a few years ago.  He can probably play OF at an acceptable level, but then his bat is nothing special there.  Mejia apparently has the physical tools to play C but for some reason just isn't that good.  Contreras had the excuse of being raw because he switched positions in the minors.  Also Contreras had a better eye at the plate.  But anyway, the upside of Mejia is Contreras as a C.  All-star with great bat and average to slightly better than average defense.  The downside of Mejia is a slightly lesser Contreras in the OF, which would be a decent fourth OF but a middling starter.

 on: July 20, 2018, 02:05:49 PM 
Started by Ella Minnow Pea - Last post by daytime drinking
i honestly think he's gonna skate and the world might be a safer place.  i'm an open borders' guy, but what if latin america prospered as a result?  if they were forced to deal with finding decent jobs for people who want to work.  i think a swell compromise would be, build the wall with it's train set but contribute to free trade school over a certain period of time.  like twenty years of something relatively significant.  people shouldn't be wanting to leave latin america.  it's too beautiful to be so tragic.  though, maybe that's what makes it beautiful

the best thing about trump is that it's easy to walk away from him.  let me know if he's charged with anything

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