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 on: Yesterday at 04:57:43 PM 
Started by Cockney Rebel - Last post by Cockney Rebel
The Revenant

Not even close to my cup of tea. Or glass of whisky. I could see that the opening "battle" shot was impressive cinematically but ultimately of no interest to me.

btw, I have abandoned MANY other movies since February (my last post in the this thread) but have kept forgetting to flag them up as shit.

 on: Yesterday at 03:24:16 PM 
Started by Drjohnrock - Last post by euro60

10-20 Bear Hands / Savior Adore
11-08 Yeasayer / Lydia Ainsworth
I love Savoir Adore...  (not Savior...). I'll be there just for them (if they are the opener, it being a weekday show)
please excuse my typo . . . got a little excited for my birthday concert.
And celebrate we shall...

Found out they have a new album out "The Love That Remains", released 2 weeks ago. I'll have to check it out. I loved their first album.

 on: August 23, 2016, 10:40:36 PM 
Started by Drjohnrock - Last post by TayFo

10-20 Bear Hands / Savior Adore
11-08 Yeasayer / Lydia Ainsworth
I love Savoir Adore...  (not Savior...). I'll be there just for them (if they are the opener, it being a weekday show)
please excuse my typo . . . got a little excited for my birthday concert.

 on: August 23, 2016, 10:37:19 PM 
Started by Drjohnrock - Last post by euro60

10-20 Bear Hands / Savior Adore
11-08 Yeasayer / Lydia Ainsworth
I love Savoir Adore...  (not Savior...). I'll be there just for them (if they are the opener, it being a weekday show)

And is Yeasayer still around? I guess so...

 on: August 23, 2016, 09:37:40 PM 
Started by Drjohnrock - Last post by TayFo
Nick Lowe? THE Nick Lowe? wow.
Last time he was in town, it was deathly silent when he was playing. You don't don't hear that very often.

10-20 Bear Hands / Savior Adore
11-08 Yeasayer / Lydia Ainsworth

 on: August 23, 2016, 09:32:26 AM 
Started by jcarwash31 - Last post by euro60
Currently featured on Spotify: "Badass Womyn", featuring Leggy, Chastity Belt, Potty Mouth, and many others  :pirate:


 on: August 23, 2016, 08:54:03 AM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by c-lando
1. "Fangirl" - Rainbow Rowell - I think I've turned into a Rainbow Rowell fangirl. Sigh.
2. "The Overlook" - Michael Connelly - That was an abrupt ending.
3. "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe" - Benjamin Alire Saenz - This was a beautiful coming of age story. Didn't hurt that I listened to the audiobook narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I've enjoyed spending a week with him in my car.
4. "Martini Man: The Life of Dean Martin" - William Schoell - I'm sure that there are much better biographies than this one for Dino's life. I learned a few things, but I don't think that this author interviewed many important people in Dean's life. He seemed to put more effort into the movie reviews than anything else. Even the photos were second or third tier. Ended up skimming most of the book. Meh.
5. "Clever Girl" - Tessa Hadley
6. "Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener" - M.C. Beaton (audiobook) - Thought I'd give this series one more go and I regret it. At least it was an audiobook.
7. "The Clasp" - Sloane Crosley
8. "The Bottoms" - Joe R. Lansdale - This is my first time reading anything by Lansdale and I'm ashamed of myself. GOOD, good stuff here. This book was "To Kill a Mockingbird" with a Stephen King twist to me.
9. "Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls" - David Sedaris (audiobook) - David goes a little dark there at the end with the short essays that aren't autobiographical. I can see why this book received some harsh reviews. But, it was mostly my cup of tea.
10. "The Drop" - Michael Connelly (audiobook) - Just felt like spending some time with Harry Bosch again even though I've already read this one. Good traffic companion and traffic has been SHIT lately.
11. "Blonde Faith" - Walter Mosley - the Easy Rawlins book that comes before "Little Green". Somehow I had missed this one. Not enough Mouse.
12. "Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned" - Walter Mosley (audiobook) - This is not an Easy Rawlins book. Somehow, I had never heard of this Mosley character, Socrates Fortlow. He's a complicated cat as detailed in these short stories. Loved the voice of the narrator.
13. "Modern Romance" - Aziz Ansari - Interesting and funny, though I did end up skimming some sections. Recommended to my friend who is struggling now with online dating. If you're in that boat, it's probably an encouraging read.
14. "Saint Mazie" - Jami Attenberg
“We all lose sometimes. Life’s plenty easy when you’re winning. It’s what you do when you’re down. That’s the real test.”
15. "The Crossing" - Michael Connelly - What will Harry Bosch do now that he is really retired from the LAPD? Help his half-brother, Mickey Haller, of course.
16. "Guilt by Association" - Marcia Clark - Not bad, Clark. I do hate this character's relationship with food. It was something that struck me as super annoying EVERY TIME she brought it up. A weird thing to pick as a character trait. But, the cases were interesting enough to keep me reading.
17. "My Mother Was Nuts" - Penny Marshall - A fun read. Lots of stuff I never knew!
18. "The Brightest Star in the Sky" - Marian Keyes - This was the first time I've read one of her books. But, she seems to be popping up in my FB feed and the main character in ME BEFORE YOU was reading one of her books in the movie.
19. "Necessary Lies" - Diane Chamberlain - I don't remember how I came across this book, but it was definitely interesting. Historical fiction that spins around the Eugenics program in NC in the 60s. This book got me all fired up about reproductive rights for sure.
20. "Yes, Please" - Amy Poehler (audiobook) - Special guest readers are Kathleen Turner, Seth Meyers, Carol Burnett, Patrick Stewart, and Amy's parents. Good stuff. Never knew she was such a pot head. Loved her suggested titles for helpful books about divorce.
21. "Everybody Rise" - Stephanie Clifford - If you think of social climbing as an addiction, this might be the book for you.
22. "Two Summers" - Aimee Friedman - SLIDING DOORS for the teen set. I enjoyed it.
23. "The Passenger" - Lisa Lutz - I will always be unhappy that her newest book isn't a new Spellman book but I will always be happy that she keeps putting out any books every year or so. She's my kind of curmudgeon. I was afraid this would get to be too "Gone Girl" or "Girl on the Train" or whatever. But, she walked that fine line on the right side.

 on: August 22, 2016, 04:30:44 PM 
Started by MissKitty - Last post by euro60
Maplewood @ 84.51 -  Downtown

MK already posted a thorough and informative review of this place, and I had it on my "hit list". Finally made it there with my downtown lawyer buddy. We got there around 12:30 pm, and the place, which bills itself as 'fine-casual', was hopping. I imagine quite a few of the 84.51 employees must lunch there regularly, seeing it at the healthier option as opposed to going to the Americano Burger joint next door (but still the 84.51 building).

Maplewood is from the same ownership that has the Eagle, Bakersfield and Krueger's in their portfolio. Maplewood is much bigger in size than any of these places, and it is clear no expense was spared in the build-out of the space, quite impressive looking frankly.

Because things were so busy, we ended up being seated by the hostess at the end of a table with another group of 5 people right next to us. This seems to becoming more and more the "in" thing to do, and I'm fine with it. The problem is that the table is very wide, so that my buddy and I practically had to lean in/over the table to be able to speak to each other. Yes, the noise level inside is quite high when things are busy.

Looking at the menu, my friend decided to go for the veggie burger (why, I have no idea, he is not a vegetarian), and the price ($11) automatically includes a side order, so he decided on the roasted romanesco. The veggie burger included the veggie patty, havarti cheese, avocado, lemon caper dijonaise, iceberg slaw, and a 16 Bricks sesame bun.

I went for the chicken club ($11), which was pulled rotisserie chicken, bacon, avocado, havarti cheese, roasted red pepper, lettuce, house aioli, and 16 Bricks ciabatta. I decided on the house fries as the side order. Turns out the fries are of the very tiny variety, but quite tasty. I absolutely loved my chicken club sandwich.

We were in and out within 45 minutes.

This 'fine-casual' thing is nice (think of it as an upgraded cafeteria with nicer furniture and utensils and flat-screen TVs), but I can't help but question the price tag. For a quick sandwich with a side, and something (non-alcoholic, to be clear) to drink, plus tax and tip, that sets you back $15 to 17 per person. I'm sorry, but who spends that much on lunch every day?

 on: August 22, 2016, 04:03:37 PM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by euro60
Fresh from their tour with Alice Bag, up next (locally that is):

Fri 8/26 Bewilderfest, at Urban Artifact, 1660 Blue Rock St, Northside

Leggy will be shredding it at 10 pm  8)

Come one, come all

 on: August 22, 2016, 03:34:00 PM 
Started by Kwyjibo - Last post by Dan
Well, they aren't making much money when everyone has an ad blocker on. I could withstand a few ads, but if you overload it like that then I'm going to find ways to block it out. Or just not visit (ahem, Forbes, ahem), and isn't that losing them even more money?

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