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 on: Today at 09:30:26 PM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by va-vacious

This is my 11th year tracking movies! Yikes! (Nevertheless, here I go)

1. Christmas in Connecticut from 1945, a magazine writer has created the proto-Martha Stewart life, and a wounded soldier just wants a perfect Christmas in Connecticut with her and her (imaginary) family. Wacky hijinks ensue. The leads were all in their late 30s/early 40s, which made this really interesting to me!
2. What If- Dan Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver. It's your basic rom-com, but nice enough to watch while cruising the internet.
3. I, Tonya Robbie and Stan are a bit too old to be playing 20-23 year olds, but their performances are excellent, and Allison Janney stole every scene she was in. Social commentary= excellent, skating= well, that could have been handled better.
4. Star Trek Beyond- second time around. I really like how Simon Pegg's character calls Jayda (Sophia Boutella) "lassie" all the time. I really liked how that relationship was created to be father/child rather than love interest.
5. Landline Really, really good cast. Tightly plotted movie, and they felt like actual people who make both good and bad decisions.
6. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri It's been nominated for Best Score- I just remember thinking the movie was so quiet. Huh. McDormond was excellent, and Woody Harrelson was, too.
7. New In Town- Renee Z. and Harry Connick, Jr. She's a corporate shill, he's the union rep for a dairy factory in Minnesota. It could be better.
8. Zoolander 2 This would have been really funny about 10 years ago. Sadly, it's not 10 years ago.
9. Good Dick I watched because Jason Ritter was in it. Well, it was interesting- Ritter's character essentially stalks the female lead (neither receive names in the movie), and won't take no for an answer. This is really not cute, or sweet, no matter how puppy-dog charming Ritter is. It's time to revisit what is acceptable movie meet-cute behavior.
10. Boy Taika Waititi's directoral debut. Set in New Zealand in the 1980s, from the perspective of a 10 year old boy. Growing up and learning that his father isn't the hero he thinks he is. It also involves a fantasty/dream sequence in which Waititi is dressed as peak Michael Jackson.
11. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- (first viewing of the year!) Saw with my dad, who has seen none of the Marvel movies. He had many questions.
12. The Shape of Water Very del Toro, I would have liked it more if the people next to me hadn't been laughing through most of the movie. Absolutely beautiful, needed more of the creature.
13. Paddington 2: The Paddingtonian This was absolute sweetness, and delightful, and everyone in it should receive all the awards. Also, how do they do such good CGI? I buy that the bear is real.

(Side note: Does Sally Hawkins have something in her contract about having to swim in her movies? Because she was very water- adjacent in both of these!)
14. Wonder Woman- so glad I saw it on the big screen to begin with- the CGI gets funny on a tv.
15. Cars 3 I didn't see Cars 2, but it didn't seem to matter. I mostly had it on to occupy time. It was harmless.
16. The Decoy Bride- re-watch for something cute. Extra points for David Tennant.
17. Captain America: Civil War- Getting ready for Black Panther! Still #TeamBucky
18. Black Panther Afternoon matinee with Lando and Victor. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was totally hyped when I walked out of the theater. The costuming and set design are phenomenal, and the cast is 100% perfect. It works very well, with a solid script and good plot. It is a good movie, not just a good comic book movie. (Also, I want to grow up to be Shuri, T'Challa's sister) If you go, stay through the credits- there are two in credit scenes.
19. BFG Big Friendly Giant- Spielberg directed version of the Roald Dahl book. I kept thinking how much my niece and nephew would love it. Charming.
20. Room Very good. I don't think I could be a parent and let my 5/6 year old act in a movie like this. I know movies are shot out of order, and things are cut in different ways, so Tremblay would have been kept from the adult content, I hope, but it seems like it could have long-term effects on a kid.
21. Logan Lucky Very fun, very light, and Daniel Craig as Joe Bang was a delight.
22. Annihilation I'm not sure if I liked this - I know I didn't dislike it, but it was very *something* It definitely made me think.
23. Captain America: The Winter Soldier It was still in the Blu-Ray player, so I watched it again while messing around online.
24. To Wong Fu- Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar- For being 20 years old, it was a much kinder movie than I expected (I first saw it in the late '90s). John Leguizamo just about steals the movie from Patrick Swayze.
25. A Wrinkle in Time Solid kid movie, Storm Reid did a great job at Meg Murray, I liked Mindy Kaling for the first time ever, and it just needed a tiny bit more Chris Pine.
26. Hot Fuzz- wanted to watch something while waiting for friends. Their 13 year old thought it was great.
27. Hot Fuzz- 13 year old from above wanted to see it again- the "Best Movie Ever" he declared
28. Shaun of the Dead- had to follow up Hot Fuzz somehow!
29. Blockers I thought it would be dumb, but it was legit funny. I got free passes to a showing last night (yay!) and it was worth driving almost to Tucker to see. I laughed way more than I should have, and it is just fun.
30. Clue - with Lando at the Strand. The sound was not great, the cast looked like BABIES, but still all around enjoyable. Also, beer in the theater is an automatic win.
31. Despicable Me 3 Not quite despicable, not quite good, either. A little too much Steve Carrell .
32. Avengers: Infinity War Saw it opening weekend, and yes, I really liked it. It needed more T'Challa, and way more Shuri.
33. John Mulaney: New in Town I didn't like his sitcom, but I do like the standup.
34. John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Hall Seriously, I like Mulaney a great deal.
35. Tig Nataro: Happy To Be Here She has a whole bit about her cat. It works for me.
36. Magic Mike- I was cleaning house, needed something entertaining.
37. Ibiza An honest to God Rom-Com! I will be watching it again, Richard Madden is easy on the eyes, and it's a wonderful movie about best friends, too.
38. Gifted Chris Evans in non-superhero mode. It's sweet,  but made me cry a few times.
39. Deadpool 2 It was fun, but I liked the first one better.
40. Oceans 8- Super fun, got to see it with Lando. Cate Blanchette had the most incredible hair.
41. Set It Up - Netflix. I see the return of the Rom-Com and I like it! It was cute, would be a good Saturday afternoon couch watch.
42. Solo Finally! It was enjoyable. Exactly what it was supposed to be- fun. I'd be ok with a Chewbacca movie, honestly.
43. Real Genius- I have no idea if this is actually a good movie or not, because I revert to my 13 year-old self and swoon over Val Kilmer.
44. African Queen- I don't think a movie like this could be made today. Hepburn and Bogart were really phenomenal.
45. The Princess Diaries- it's hot, summer, and this is the perfect antitdote.
46. Hannah Gadsby: Nanette Oof. This was brilliant, and hard, and funny.
47. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- puppet vampires, Russell Brand, I will never not watch.
48. W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro has a whole bit on Doc McStuffins that I'm still thinking (and laughing) about.
49. Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millineal I wasn't sure if I'd like this one, but she got funnier and more dead-on as the special progressed.
50. Thor: Ragnarok- the sound on my tv does not do justice for this movie. Still funny, still the best Thor movie.
51. To All the Boys I've Loved Before- such a sweet, easy little movie! It is going to be the perfect watch on a rainy afternoon comfort film for an entire generation.
52. The Last Jedi- Hey! It's on Netflix now! Upon re-watch, I don't like it nearly as much as I did in the theater. The story is disjointed
53. To All the Boys I've Loved Before- Yes, I liked it enough to watch a second time already. It's cute!
52. The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Society Lily James was just made for period pieces, wasn't she? It's a solid, entertaining film, and there were at least three Downton Abbey actors in it!
53. Crazy Rich Asians- such over the top fun, 90 minutes of a life so rich you can't fathom it was just about right. I'm glad to be back in Target land!
54. Black Panther- it's on Netflix now! Chadwick Boseman does an amazing job letting others shine in this movie without losing his movie-star-ness.
55. Sierra Burgess is a Loser  Another high-school rom-com. It pales in comparison to "To All the Boys", especially since the love interest is played by the same actor in both films (Noah Centineo) However, Shannon Purser is adorable. It's essentially "Roxanne" but gender flipped. There was lots of texting, which makes sense given how prevalent it is today, but it was really hard to read the messages from across the room.

56. Destination Wedding Hard to find in the theater, since it's already out on VOD. This is going to become a great Saturday afternoon, watch when it's raining movie. About half-way through I realized it was staged like a play, which made it really interesting to me. Also, did I mention it has Keanu?
57. The Spy Who Dumped Me Definitely funnier than it had any right to be. Sam Heughan needed to be in the tux more.
58. 3 Identical Strangers Wow. This is why documentaries are made.
59. Spy- I really want a sequel to this movie.

 on: Today at 08:12:28 PM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by Paco
Wine, but it was a tough choice.  For me, beer is my favorite beverage, alcoholic or otherwise,so that's a lock.  I do enjoy a nice glass of wine with a meal, but only partake in that a handful of times in a year.  It's hard to beat a good Manhattan or a sippin' bourbon in cooler temps and a G&T or Campari and radler in warmer weather, so that stays.  Wine, I love you.  I'm sorry.

David Foster Wallace
Jonathan Safran Foer
David Eggers

David Foster Wallace.

Safran Foer Eggers makes me hungry for some reason.

Mother Teresa
Mothers of Invention
Mothers Milk

 on: Today at 05:05:42 PM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by Dan
Movies seen in 2018 (new movies in bold):
1. The Golden Compass
2. The Dark Tower
3. Star Trek Into Darkness
4. Hidden Figures
5. The Post
6. The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee
7. A Futile and Stupid Gesture

8. Die Hard
9. Fanboys
10. X-Men: Days of Future Past
11. Atomic Blonde
12. In The Loop
13. The Last of the Mohicans
14. Black Panther
15. The Hitman's Bodyguard
16. Practical Magic

17. Hot Fuzz
18. Hero
19. Band Aid
20. Andre The Giant
21. Super Troopers 2
22. Avengers: Infinity War

23. Stardust
24. Enchanted
25. American Assassin
26. Deadpool 2

27. I Am Number Four
28. Chef
29. Blade Runner 2049
30. The Shape of Water
31. Lady Bird
32. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

33. Good Morning, Vietnam
34. Hoosiers
35. Varsity Blues
36. Michael Clayton
37. Out of Sight
38. Ant Man and the Wasp
39. Somm
40. Murder on the Orient Express

41. Major League
42. Muppets From Space
43. Bad Boys II
44. Baby Driver
45. Fletch
46. Practical Magic
47. Shrek 2
48. The Bourne Identity
49. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
50. Super Troopers
51. Frozen
52. Happy Death Day
53. The Spy Who Dumped Me

54. The American President
55. Girls Trip
56. On The Waterfront
57. The Last Boyscout

58. The Fast and the Furious
59. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
60. Miami Vice
61. Pitch Perfect 3

62. The Warrior and the Sorceress
63. Smokey and the Bandit
64. Ocean's Eight

Wanted to love this. Wanted to support the general concept of an all female reboot of something. Wanted to love any of the characters.

But it was all just fine. A nice movie to have in the background in 2 years I expect.

 on: Today at 04:52:28 PM 
Started by daytime drinking - Last post by Dan
1. Philip Pullman - The Book of Dust, Volume 1: La Belle Sauvage
2. Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack - The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn't Have to be Complicated
3. J.D. Vance - Hillbilly Elegy
4. Andrzej Sapkowski - The Last Wish
5. Ada Palmer - Too Like The Lightning
6. John Steinbeck - The Pearl / The Red Pony
7. Andrzej Sapkowski - The Sword of Destiny
8. David Benioff - City of Thieves
9. Ada Palmer - Seven Surrenders
10. Andrzej Sapkowski - Blood of Elves
11. Jennifer Egan - Manhattan Beach

Everyone around here is reading this for their book club. As did we. It was fine - a well researched novel that had an amazing attention to detail and really transported the reader back to an age long ago (1930s and 1940s counts as 'long ago' to me). Recommended if you enjoy reading, although I do have to say that I had a lot of nit-picky issues with the book that I wouldn't have had if I wasn't reading it for book club. Maybe it's better as a casual read.

 on: Today at 11:23:12 AM 
Started by daytime drinking - Last post by c-lando
1. "White Tears" - Hari Kunzru
2. "Two Kinds of Truth" - Michael Connelly
3. "Who Fears Death" - Nnedi Okorafor
4. "Angels Flight" - Michael Connelly - Decided to re-read this one in preparation for the new season of BOSCH. It's a terrific choice to use for the show, now more than ever.
5. "Everything I Never Told You" - Celeste Ng - I started and abandoned a few books in March but this one really grabbed ahold of me. It was depressing as shit and it also made me really glad that I never fucked up some kid's life as their parent.
6. "The Mother of Black Hollywood" - Jenifer Lewis - The palette cleanser I needed after Ng's book. SHE IS HILARIOUS.
7. "The Paying Guests" - Sarah Waters - OK, I am not finishing this book. It is taking me forever and I don't like it and I'm tired of making myself read it. I don't care if I'm 350 pages in. I can't think of a satisfying ending. So, I don't really need to know what it is.
8. "The High Tide Club" - Mary Kay Andrews (audiobook) - My BFF has been listening to this and decided that I needed to listen to it as well. Some fun moments but not really my cuppa. Definite beach read that was OK as a daily commute companion.
9. "The Last Black Unicorn" - Tiffany Haddish (audiobook)
10. "Loving Day" - Mat Johnson
11. "Small Admissions" - Amy Poeppel - The easy-breezy fluff I was looking for.
12. "Something in the Water" - Catherine Steadman - This will do for an airport read.
13. "Lovecraft Country" - Matt Ruff

 on: Today at 11:21:30 AM 
Started by Cockney Rebel - Last post by c-lando
The new season of AMERICAN VANDAL is even better than the great first season...as long as you can get beyond seeing lots and lots of fake poo.

 on: Today at 11:20:50 AM 
Started by c-lando - Last post by c-lando
1. LANDLINE - 01/01/18 - Amazon - Jenny Slate, Edie Falco, and John Turturro. What's not to love? Really impressed with the unknown for me in the cast, Abby Quinn. The 90s clothing and music were also perfection. I've been singing Crystal Waters for two days in a row as a result. La-da-di, la-doo-dow. https://youtu.be/_KztNIg4cvE
2. I, TONYA - 01/06/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - I thought it was just OK. I liked Margot as the older Tonya. But, trying to pass her off as fifteen around actual 15 year olds was ridiculous. Also, the CGI took me out of the skating parts. It was not good. But, Allison Janey was incredible and I really liked what the movie had to say about the way Tonya was treated by the media (and the country).
3. QUEEN OF KATWE - 01/17/18 - dvd from library - I'm the #1 Spice!
4. THE MARTIAN - 01/17/18 - FX - repeat viewing - Still a fun and thrilling movie experience.
5. COMING TO AMERICA - 01/19/18 - STARZ - repeat viewing - The looks on the royal family's faces when Patrice tells them that Semmi is the prince is so good.
6. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME - 01/20/18 - Regal Kennesaw - I've been floating around in this world since seeing this movie on Saturday. The longing. The tension. The messiness of all of it. GAH. Also, I'll never be able to get "Love My Way" out of my head.
7. COLUMBUS - 01/20/18 - Amazon VOD (for only $0.99!) - I've been through Columbus on my way to Nashville and always wanted to stop and see what was up with that town that just pops up (seemingly) out of nowhere with that incredible bridge. It was fun to meander through the town in the film, along with John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson. Parker Posey was maybe the least "Parker Posey-ish" that I've seen her.
8. BURKE & HARE - 01/21/18 - some cable channel - We stumbled onto this movie - "WHAT IS THIS MOVIE WITH SIMON PEGG AND ANDY SERKIS?!?!!?" - and couldn't turn it off even though it was absolutely dreadful. I had no idea that this movie existed. I can't believe it was made and released. I can't believe we watched it.
9. THE POST - 01/23/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I thought this would be a snoozer but it definitely held my interest. Waste of Sarah Paulson amongst a cast that was just an embarrassment of riches for Spielberg (Odenkirk was dynamite!). Cheers from the audience when Kay really has her moment in the final act.
10. PHANTOM THREAD - 01/27/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I could watch those seamstresses walk up and down those stairs all day. But, this movie wasn't really for me.
11. THE SHAPE OF WATER - 01/28/18 - Studio Movie Grille - For a Guillermo Del Toro movie, I would have liked to have had a bit more creature in this feature. Sally Hawkins was breathtaking in this performance. So many scenes were absolutely beautiful.
12. THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES - 02/03/18 - Netflix - Heavy family stuff with all of the actors doing the heavy lifting.
13. (NUOVO) CINEMA PARADISO - 02/03/18 - Netflix - repeat viewing - Has any kid been cuter on screen that little Toto? COME ON. Marco Leonardi was soooooooooooooo foine. I checked his IMDB and nearly plotzed when I saw that he is in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. Now I have a reason to watch it. Watching this again was like hanging out with an old friend.
14. PADDINGTON 2 - 02/04/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - Please wrap me up in all of the wallpaper in this movie. So delicious. This was light and funny and gorgeous and highly entertaining. The perfect Sunday matinee.
15. BLACK PANTHER - 02/16/18 - Studio Movie Grill w/va_vacious and Victor - Great action, great cast, great look, and a story that made sense. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the movie but very underwhelmed with the "grill" experience at the movies this time. When you get bad service at a restaurant, it ruins the meal. When you get bad service at one of these dine-in theatres, it ruins the meal AND the movie-goint experience. BOO.
16. CON AIR - 02/18/18 - repeat viewing - Good Lord. I forgot how stacked this cast was.
17. E:60: OWEN & HAATCHI - 02/25/18 - ESPN - All the tears. A boy and his dog.
18. ANNIHILATION - 02/25/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - For anyone who saw the trailer and thought they would like the movie, I don't see how it could disappoint. It's definitely creepy and sometimes it is down right horrifying. An intense mood that just layers itself around you.
19. TRAFFIC STOP - 02/25/18 - HBO - This is one of the live action shorts that is Oscar nominated this year and it's available on HBO.
20. GAME NIGHT - 03/06/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I went in pretty blind on this one, only remembering that I had liked the trailer and that it was filmed in Atlanta. After seeing it, I'm with Butter on this one. I liked it but I could have liked it more. Lots of eye-rolling at how over-the-top some things were in the film. But, it was still fun. Loved the cast. Loved the concept. However, an early easter egg basically tipped a lot of the movie's plot for me and that was annoying.
21. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - 03/17/18 - repeat viewing - Peeeecaaaaaaaaaaaaan Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.
22. LOVE, SIMON - 03/17/18 - AMC Barrett Commons - A sweet movie. A nice time at the theatre. Nothing too angsty about this coming out story. But, as I've seen a lot of critics note, that's kind of what makes it so great. It's pretty vanilla and mainstream and most agree that it's time we finally got there with this kind of story.
23. BENJI - 03/23/18 - Netflix - That dog acted his ass off. All of the caper/kidnapping stuff was boring. MORE BENJI GETTING A BUBBLE BATH, PLEASE! 
24. TOMB RAIDER - 03/24/18 - AMC Barrett Commons w/Gwynner - It was a movie. It wasn't awful. Alicia Vikander is pretty.
25. TIME AFTER TIME - 03/25/18 - TCM - I still can't believe that Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell were ever married. Also, I know I saw this as a kid but I think I totally tuned out all of the Jack the Ripper stuff and just liked the time machine.
26. THE INTERN - 03/25/18 - basic cable - repeat viewing - Robert Deniro is a charming muthafunker in this movie.
27. THE HOUSE - 03/31/18 - HBO - The reviews for this thing were scaaaaaathing when it came out. But, I thought it was fine for a raunchy comedy that I didn't pay to see in the theatre. I'll watch Jason Mantzoukas in ANYTHING and enjoy it. Seeing Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell kiss each other is REALLY weird. It's like watching two siblings make out or something.
28. CLUE - 04/06/18 - Marietta Strand w/va_vacious and Alan - repeat viewing - "Communism is just a red herring."
29. BLOCKERS - 04/07/18 - Regal Cinema Kennesaw - I'd like more of the POV of the girls and less slap-stick comedy from 2/3 of the parents (the Ike Barinholtz storyline was OK with me). But, this did have some GREAT laughs and decent heart. I probably would have LOOOOOOOOOOOVED this in middle school/high school.
30. SUPER TROOPERS - 04/07/18 - Cinemax - repeat viewing - JEEEBUS. I can't wait to see SUPER TROOPERS 2. I love every second of the original and it never gets old.
31. A QUIET PLACE - 04/08/18 - AMC Barrett Commons w/Beth - Plenty of tension, suspense, and fright in this movie without going too far. A fun popcorn movie that will make you clutch the person next to you more than once.
32. THE MASK OF ZORRO - 04/14/18 - Starz - Saw an interview with Antonio on CBS Sunday Morning and it made me think that I'd like to see this movie again. It's 20 years old this year, which seems impossible. But, it did not hold up well for me. However, you can totally see how it made CZJ a star. She is GORGEOUS in this movie.
33. JUMANJI - 04/21/18 - Marietta Picture Show w/Mom - Silly, fun, popcorn movie that we saw for $2.00/each. Went for The Rock, but stayed for Nick Jonas. :)
34. THE FLORIDA PROJECT - 04/22/18 - Amazon Prime Streaming - I loooooooooooove Sean Baker's movies for their realistic portrayal of every day people which is why I don't know if I can forgive him for the ending to this one.
35. ISLE OF DOGS - 04/23/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Mom - PRO DOG.
36. SUPER TROOPERS 2 - 05/11/18 - Regal Town Center WITH THE GREG - This basically lived up to all of my expectations (which were high - get it?) except for the dumb cold opening. Also missed seeing Geoffrey Arend. "You can say 'queefing' on Canadian TV?"
37. BULLITT - 05/13/18 - repeat viewing - When you want an action movie that doesn't need a ton of flash or silly quips, but you would like to see a turtleneck or two.
38. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - 05/14/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/The Greg - "Oh, I'mma get that arm."
39. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING - 05/21/18 - Netflix - A movie with a talking dog (voiced by Robin Williams), Simon Pegg, and Monty Python and I had never heard of it. A few GREAT jokes, but mostly just silly fun.
40. SOLO - 05/25/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/The Greg - I thought it was fun. VERY low stakes. Nothing about the STAR WARS universe hangs in the balance. Needs more LANDO.
41. DEADPOOL 2 - 05/26/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/The Greg - It was aiiight.
42. ALI WONG: HARD KNOCK WIFE - 05/19/18 - Netflix - Jeeebus, she's hilarious.
43. ALI WONG: HARD KNOCK WIFE - 06/09/18 - repeat viewing with The Vizz
44. AMERCIAN MADE - 06/16/18 - HBO w/The Greg - Meh. Good to see Tom flying a plane. But, that was about it. Also, the casting for his wife was JARRING. She's a good 20 years younger and looks it.
45. OCEAN'S 8 - 06/17/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Amanda, va_vacious, and Gwynner - Totally a fun matinee with the ladies. Needed more Rihanna and a kiss between Sandy and Cate. Fun to hear Sandy speak German to Heidi.
46. TAG - 06/19/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - Keep the fun movies that help to dig up the smiles and laughter coming, please!
47. UNCLE BUCK - 06/28/18 - repeat viewing - IFC w/The Greg - The clown calling Buck a "four-flushing-sack-o-shit" cracked us up for several minutes. I never thought of using the number of times someone might need to flush as an insult and I am here for it, especially from a drunken clown. Also, Uncle Buck is a master cockblocker.
48. SET IT UP - 06/23/18 - Netflix - Thanks for the reminder va_vacious. I watched this, too. I thought it was OK. I wanted more Lucy Liu. I guess I'm an old because I wanted more of the OLDS than the YOUNGS in the movie. The bit with the pizza was adorable.
49. A WRINKLE IN TIME  - 07/04/18 - Picture Show w/va_vacious - I liked it much more than I thought that I would.
50. BOOK CLUB - 07/15/18 - Picture Show - I needed to turn my brain off and be surrounded by a bunch of seniors looking to have a good time. So, this movie fit the bill.
51. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT - 07/28/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - Some top notch, edge of your seat, action sequences in this one. Rebecca Ferguson is also terrific in this installment. Tom Cruise continues to be a charming motherfucker.
52. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL - 07/28/18 - FX - repeat viewing - Still my favorite of this franchise. That chase scene through the sand storm is a stunner.
53. BLACKKKLANSMAN - 08/12/18 - AMC Barrett Commons - I like this Spike when he's passionate about his message, even if he does lay it on pretty thick. Loved seeing some trademark Spike Lee shots. Driver and Washington were fantastic. The score was spot on for a Spike Lee joint and hearing Prince in a movie theatre for the closing credits made me very happy.
54. LAGGIES - 08/18/18 - Netflix - I like Lynn Shelton's stuff and I was pleasantly surprised by how well Kiera pulled off this character.
55. TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE - 08/18/18 - Netflix - Super fun and engaging teen rom-com with a great female lead and a totally dreamy romantic interest. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this.
56. ROOM - 08/18/18 - Netflix (It was a rainy day and The Greg was with a friend all day!) - After something so fun and light, I figured I'd bring my mood waaaaaaaay down with this one. Jacob Tremblay was ROBBED of an Oscar.
57. CRAZY RICH ASIANS - 08/19/18 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynne, Barb, and Aarti - THAT was gorgeous and fun. Michelle Yeoh is a goddess.
58. THE KISSING BOOTH - 08/25/18 - Netflix - I enjoyed TO ALL THE BOYS so much that I thought I'd give this other Netflix teen rom-com a shot. MOSTLY TERRIBLE! It felt so Disney channel cheesy compared TO ALL THE BOYS and then it suddenly got real adult and I was unable to recover from that total shift in tone.
59. The GURNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL SOCIETY - 08/26/18 - Netflix - I wanted to like this because of the cast but it was a spud-dud for me.
60. SEARCHING - 09/08/18 - AMC Parkway Pointe - Put John Cho in all the things! A suspenseful thriller that kept me guessing, even if I didn't really care for the ending too much.
61. SIERRA BURGESS IS A LOSER - 09/08/18 - Netflix - HOT DUDE from TAtBILB! YAY. Some of this was fun, some of it made me groan. Still much better than THE KISSING BOOTH.
62. THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME - 09/15/18 - Picture Show Marietta w/va_vacious - Kate McKinnon had some totally memorable/quotable lines & Sam Heughan looks super hot in a tux. I laughed 50% more than I thought that I would.
63. TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE - 09/15/18 - repeat viewing

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MK, didn't realize you were an FCC fan... Let's hang out at one of the next home games! (Beware, it might involve pre-game Taste of Belgium shenanigans)

When I go it's usually with a group who meet at Molly Malone's and ride the MM Green Machine to and from the match.

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MK, didn't realize you were an FCC fan... Let's hang out at one of the next home games! (Beware, it might involve pre-game Taste of Belgium shenanigans)

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while waiting for the instant pot to work it's magic on my refried beans (i use the instant pot now), charlie and i hit up the mill creek.  there's a nice paved trail in my hood which jogs along it.  i like to romanticize open boxcars on the passing csx line and point out to little one various places we'd be spending the night if we were homeless.  i think she's quite smitten with interstate overpasses.  just like her old man.  it's practical.  time tested

along our route, a welcome transformation has occurred along a most scenic stretch.  rapids.  like fifty feet.  the epa and cincinnati msd dumped a bunch of rocks near low head dams to mitigate their effect.  what was once unnatural mini waterfall is now whitewater.  today we saw a blue heron.  i promised to charlie that it was a bird

i was walking around reno once upon a time and they've got a fast moving river thru the heart of that big lil' city.  recreationalists were spotted navigating that moderately formidable water.  i thought that was pretty cool.  what about doing that?  mill creek has gone thru so much transformation why not just dumped a bunch more rocks in it?  strategically of course.  i'm thinking, build a couple more of these low head dams and then undo it with the rocks.  there's too many reasons not to.  think about all that new habitat for floundering fish and their old foes, the effluent fluently being filtered or funneled to the ohio and the recreationalists will ever wonder how they did without.  is it too soon to invest in a livery? 

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