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 on: Today at 07:27:44 AM 
Started by Drjohnrock - Last post by Butter
741 and I-75.  Very close to both.

In fact, we can leave our house, take two turns, and drive all the way to Kings Island, just about.  Which is convenient for my 2 boys, even though I kinda hate KI at this point.

 on: Yesterday at 11:49:15 PM 
Started by jcarwash31 - Last post by twentyshots
May is ready for input. Thanks to everyone who continues to add great stuff each month!

thanks, it is always good to hear and add to these.

 on: Yesterday at 10:38:39 PM 
Started by Drjohnrock - Last post by Drjohnrock
Mine is Ohio State Route 264, part of Ohio's rather extensive state highway system.  But in the case of 264, it's hard to see a reason for its existence.  It begins off US Route 50 just west of downtown Cincinnati and makes a gigantic loop, ending at US 50 in Cleves.  It isn't a logical route for any motorist traveling through the area, and locals never refer to it as Route 264, instead calling it by whatever roadway it runs concurrently with:  Glenway Avenue, Bridgetown Road, etc.  Must have been designated as a state highway as a favor to some company or politician who stood to gain a profit or some other advantage from it.

As for Interstates, I'm closest to Intestate 74, making it convenient to get on and drive to Indianapolis for concerts.

 on: Yesterday at 06:33:24 PM 
Started by clemsonfan - Last post by daytime drinking
and about the garden, just to kick me in the balls arugula started popping up.   

 on: Yesterday at 06:06:18 PM 
Started by clemsonfan - Last post by daytime drinking
so if anyone remembers/cares about our turn of events from our trip to africa/baby/north carolina/grampa dying/ wisconsin, well the lady and i booked a cabin this weekend in the arc of appalachia which is a region in se ohio.  we have a bunch of dayhikes, burgers with kimchi (on blue oven bakery muffins) to grill, nighttime television to watch (that's about it) and my other grandfather ups and dies.  the funeral is this weekend.  i've met the man maybe five times in my life and his wife doesn't care for us since we aren't blood related.  my wife asked if i wanted to go and i said, "nah."  she considered where we were going to be and it wouldn't be that far out of the way, since they live in ripley, believe it or not.  But she was mostly joking.  i barely have a grandfather left

 on: Yesterday at 02:06:07 PM 
Started by Ella Minnow Pea - Last post by Zafer Kaya
I guess it depends on which dimension you choose.

There definitely seems to be a class/culture war going on in the US right now.  And Obama I think deliberately sat on the sidelines.  He didn't necessarily have Republican/conservative views, he just didn't push the Democrat agenda.  Clinton I think would be a little more inclined to push the social stuff, but she probably wouldn't get too much into it either. 

In my book, both are moderate/mainstream left.  But I'm looking at more their stances on the role of government, foreign policy, budgets, etc.  Which is not what anyone else is looking at.  The culture divide is really kind of overshadowing everything else right now.

Like I am in favor of raising the taxes on the rich, because we need the money.  But I think the appeal of Sanders to many voters is less practical and more philosophical.  They think it is wrong for people to be that rich while others are so poor.  So, if you took that money from the rich and just burned it or something, they'd still be in favor of it.  Taxing the rich is an ends in itself.  I think that's kind of stupid.

Like, if you look at prominent rich people, they're actually pretty liberal now.  I would guess the amount of old money, or investment bankers or rich oil tycoons is probably less than it has been in the past.  It's like Zuckerburg, Gates, Buffet are all pretty outspoken liberals.  Even guys like  Bezos, Cuban and Musk who seem to be fiscally conservative have taken up socially liberal causes.

Also, like big businesses are boycotting North Carolina and are more often on the side of socially liberal causes than not.

So it's not like business or rich people right now are that bad.  But it's the principle of it, I guess.

I would think that most Democrats would be a fan of Trump's economic policies.  He's trying to create jobs for working class Americans that's why he gets all those blue collar union voters.  And, he's putting tarrifs on countries like China.  And China is bad, right?  They treat their workers terribly, they pollute the environment, they have poor standards for safety on their products, and they commit human rights abuses. 

The problem is, that when Trump is protecting "American" jobs you wonder what Americans he's talking about.  With good reason.  So Trump's economic policies are seen as a function of the culture war.  Like, it feels kind of racist/xenophobic to put up barriers to trade with other countries.  Even if it helps the poor in the US and those other countries are kind of jerks.

So anyway, yeah.  I don't feel like either the left or the right really speak to me personally. I generally side with the left on social issues, but it seems like I care about those things 5000% less than they do.

 on: Yesterday at 01:20:45 PM 
Started by euro60 - Last post by euro60
Deadmau5 just added to the Bunbury line-up, closing out Saturday evening.

I'm guessing quite a few people will go ape-shit over this.

 on: Yesterday at 12:03:06 PM 
Started by TayFo - Last post by TayFo
If that weren't a school night I'd do that...

 on: Yesterday at 11:11:35 AM 
Started by TayFo - Last post by euro60
If that weren't a school night I'd do that...

 on: Yesterday at 10:29:20 AM 
Started by TayFo - Last post by Kwyjibo
If that weren't a school night I'd do that...

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