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Anyone know what "Track-It! Agent" does? My company installed it on our computers a few weeks ago. I'm getting a bit paranoid....

The Engineer:

Thanks. That makes it sound like it's an IT app. But the name makes it sound like they are stalking me to make sure I'm working instead of playing on the internets.  I wonder how much I should care...

Ella Minnow Pea:
We had that on our computers at my old office. They used it as a software inventory tracker - so be sure you aren't installing any unauthorized software.

If they are going to track your internet habits, they'd probably do it at the router/firewall, which is how I used to do it.

We use track-it at work.  It's a helpdesk that's where we have all the tickets for our customers.  It does also do both a software and hardware inventory of PCs....which is nice when you have 42 different locations that are not easily visited on a daily basis, but as mentioned it can be used to make sure unauthorized software is not being installed.  I can warn you that if it's set up to read the information every day, that you'll probably notice a slow-down when you're either logging in for the first time that day or turning on your PC.  I complained long enough that I got it removed from my training lab computers (but I'm in IT) because I was tired of sometimes waiting a good 5 minutes when class was starting to make sure everyone could actually use the computers.


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