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Author Topic: The Office (US edition)  (Read 46411 times)

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Re: The Office (US edition)
« Reply #390 on: May 17, 2013, 04:16:09 PM »

What could have happened:

Jim and Pam decide to move away to Austin.   Jim tells Dwight.  Dwight breaks down a little and gives Jim a bro hug

What did happen:

Pam decides to sell the house without consulting Jim. Really, is this at all practical and would you actually be happy if your spouse did that behind your back?  Especially since people doing what they *thought* was good for them as a couple without talking to the other is what got them in trouble in the first place.

Pam and Jim get to their house but ohno someone is there giving away the surprise.  But that allows Pam and Jim to have a deep conversation about their futures so we are reminded for the 10,000 time in two weeks how much they care.  And then wait!  JUSTATHATMOMENT someone buys the house.  Incroyable!  Then they tell Dwight, who "fires" them so they get a severance package.  Which makes no sense because I think the funny part about Dwight is that he is actually the best manager Dunder Mifflin ever had because he's the only one they've ever had who cares deeply about the business and product.  So why would he throw away cash on Jim, who is moving on to a much better job?  The thing holding him back was Pam, not the money.  And then as if somehow we hadn't got the message, we then have to hear Jim and Pam talk about how meaningful this all is.

So your angst about the miraculous timing... I dunno, just let it go.  This is the oldest argument about TV ever.  They could have done a half hour episode just about selling the house and it probably still would have played as being slightly incredible/serendipitous.  It's pretty hard to let something like that play out naturally in the course of a 30 minute sitcom.  Plus, who freaking cares?  If it played out in real time, or in real world fashion it would suck/be boring.  I guess you watch DIY and then complain that that Holmes guy never gets dirty too?  It's not a documentary, it's entertainment.

Pam selling the house without telling Jim being impractical is missing the point.  Jim bought the house without her knowledge which is also impractical, and actually I'm not even sure you could pull that off.  We've been hearing about how much they love each other 10,000 times because Pam was a complete bitch for most of the season doubting him when she shouldn't have.  This was her realizing his sacrifice and making that connection with him by acting in kind.  This was actually pretty perfect.  Complaining about it based on the impracticality argument is just about the oldest trope ever.
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Re: The Office (US edition)
« Reply #391 on: May 17, 2013, 04:55:16 PM »

People have been complaining about things like that forever because there has been shit writing on TV forever.

Yes, we needed (well not me, but I suppose the sad people who still watch the show) to see some sort of Pam/Jim conflict resolution and the happy ending of them agreeing to move out to pursue their dreams together.  It could have been handled in a far less clunky, contrived, overhanded and sappy way. My point is they didn't need the arc about selling the house at all.  It's assumed that when you move you sell your house.  Or if you don't, who cares.  I mean, this was not some kind of unresolved cliff hanger that needed an ending.

Why couldn't Toby crack the Scranton strangler case or at least get some resolution on that? 
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