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Author Topic: The gardening thread  (Read 51746 times)

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Re: The gardening thread
« Reply #495 on: August 24, 2019, 02:20:14 PM »

Yeah, I just have a five footer in a container.  Used to have two, but gave one to my parents.

I almost planted some pawpaw trees, but I felt like they would get too big so I planted native fringe trees instead.

what about the cross pollination?  that's what i'm worried about

it's great to see that mr opossum has taken over the backyard beat of one mr raccoon.  i'm not sure how i'd be able to trap a raccoon without a professional.  it'd be cool to haul a caged raccoon in my festiva however many miles away they recommend, but i'd have to set the trap on my deck which can only be accessed from the inside.  i have this apprehension of giving him a tour of my house.  shitting or whatever.  i was thinking maybe i could like lower the cage down onto the courtyard with a rope but there's mad obstacles like steps and trashcans and peach trees strewn about.  although maybe seeing papa hauling a 'coon thru the corridors and down the steps would be a great first memory for little one

wife says that opossum eat shit loads of ticks.  i haven't named my opossum yet but we're sorta tight.  around nightfall it is my wont to puff on my e cigarette or whatever outback.  mr opossum just be chillin munchin on some grapes.  i always thought they'd just run away from you and here he is just eating this food i grew.  now specifically for him   

the first childern's story didn't meet wife's expectations/ intended audience.  it was about; who's calling that a bird feeder?  your squirrel and bird fare.  mr opossum and mr raccoon has suddenly become intriguing

Dude you do not want to trap a raccoon. The best thing you can do is shoot them. I accidentally caught a young coon in a trap in my backyard. The problem is, once they are in the trap you have to, at some point, open the cage. Which means getting your hand very close to a very pissed off coon. Normally I would have dispatched this one before opening the cage but I was in a hurry and didn't feel like it so I put on my heaviest gloves, opened the cage and stepped back quickly.
Seriously, raccoons are a lot of fight per pound. Not quite badger or wolverine but you get the idea.
Opossums get a pass with me because they eat ticks.
Feral cats, however, are a story for another time....

When I lived in LA way back in the day, I had a friend who had raised a coon from a kit...or cub, whatever. He had his teeth and claws filed down. The coon, not my friend. Anyhow, once this varmint got a bead on you he would attack your knees or elbows and you had a huge handful of 20 pounds of aggressive coon to deal with. Even with the teeth and claws filed down it was quite an unsettling ordeal.
This lunatic guy would put the coon on it's back and blow him shotguns and get him stoned to the bone. Freaky times...
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