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Author Topic: Spotify Playlists  (Read 56445 times)

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Re: Spotify Playlists
« Reply #660 on: Yesterday at 03:32:19 PM »

Well...if you insist. DONE!
ah, now i understand. i was confused by this at first.

speaking of playlists....
i've cooked up a few that i don't expect anyone to listen to but am always open to suggestions for additions...

this one explores songs created since the 2016 election. some more subtle than others. FACE THE NATION

this one is new and really amuses me. it is also TRULY DISTASTEFUL so be careful

and this one, maybe my favorite, has become a catch-all for anything kinda unique, deeper cuts, or just nice fits in the ONGOING STRANGE continuum

bongo hard or bongo home
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