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Author Topic: Tales of Crappy IT service  (Read 2058 times)

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Tales of Crappy IT service
« on: June 22, 2011, 12:00:10 PM »

1)  User states they need access to work machine/network folders from machine at home.

2)  I send a request to our CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR asking for VPN access for this person.

3)  I get a response back that VPN access is not possible without using the "token" system.

4)  I reply that I know full well VPN access is possible without tokens because I in fact, have it.

5)  I get a response back that I must be in error, and maybe I just have access to network drives.

6)  I reply back that a) I know what the fuck I am talking about and b) No one has access to just network drives because CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR jacked up all the domains when they moved our server.  A service they charged us for in the contract but never provided and which we finally just got tired of screaming at them about... which is why we have to ask for Remote Desktop access for all of our confused users in the first place who were previously happy just having network access to their drives.

7)  I get response back that single factor access is definitely disabled and I don't know what I am talking about.

8)  I go home, try to remote desktop into work.  It is no longer working.  I send a request to CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR asking for either 18 tokens or a fix to the system.

9)  I get a response back that I need to ask for tokens, along with a form and a fax #.

10)  I reply back that the form and fax # they sent me is outdated, because last time I used that form they told me I needed to reroute the request through the customer care center, who just happens to be them.  I therefore duly fill out 18 token requests and attach them to the email.

11)  I am told the tokens should be arriving soon.

12)  Great.  Now how about the client software necessary.

13)  Am told again that they will not install the software on non-state machines.

14)  I email back and say that both state policy and our written contract allow for VPN access from home machines. Unless they want to buy us some state laptops, we appear to be stuck.

15)  I am told again that they will not install the client on non-state machines.  That would appear to be that.

16)  I receive an email from the Governor's office encouraging all state workers to explore the option of working from home as it saves the state money.

17)  I receive a survey from CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR asking if I was happy with the service I received on my request and can they close the ticket.

18)  I fill out survey responding that yes, the service was fan-freaking-tastic and the ticket can be closed.  I do this because last time we filled out a survey honestly, they tried to fire the IT person assigned to our agency.  The IT person assigned to our agency is awesome.  In fact she used to work AT this agency until everything got assigned to a statewide IT agency who contracts with CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR, so now she works for them.  If it weren't for her helping us without an active ticket and using all the backchannels and contacts she has and basically doing a ton of things she is technically not supposed to do in order to do the job she is actually supposed to do, nothing would ever get done around here. 

19)  CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR releases a press statement about how well they are doing and how much money they are saving the state and how their contract has just been renewed.

20)  I look at our agency contract and see that the prices have just been raised 20% for just about everything.

21)  I buy stock in CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR.

22)  I call the customer care center and point out that in our contract it again provides for remote desktop access.

23)  I get a call back asking if I know the IP address of the server.

24)  I ask them how it is possible they do not know the IP address of THEIR OWN SERVER.

25)  They call me back.  I tell I'm sorry they are having trouble and I will try to assist them.  I ask the customer care guy to reboot his machine.  Then I ask him for his MAC address.  Then I tell him to open a command window.  Then type "PING <server name>"  Guy throws a fit.  "Why did you make me do that?  You could have done that!  Anyone can do that if they know the server name!"  EXACTLY, JACKASS.

26)  I notice my shares in CRAPPY STATEWIDE VENDOR are up 10% in 3 months.


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Re: Tales of Crappy IT service
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2011, 01:26:19 PM »

I could share similar stores, except mine would be CRAPPY OFFSHORE VENDOR.
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Re: Tales of Crappy IT service
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2011, 09:45:54 PM »

They're exploring getting a STATEWIDE VENDOR for desktop support here. I predict that if it goes through, there's a high probability that we'll get that CRAPTACULAR service, too.
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