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Author Topic: Writing a book about 97X and woxy.com  (Read 437 times)

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Writing a book about 97X and woxy.com
« on: June 05, 2010, 12:26:58 AM »


As a few of you already know (and many have suspected), I am hip-deep in the biggest writing project of my life: the definitive history of 97X and woxy.com, pre-1983 through today. This is a story that I would LOVE to read, even though I'm a small part of it myself, and I've always wanted to tell this amazing story to the world. The time is right, and so I'm on the case.

Before you get yourself too worked up into a froth and start reaching for your Amazon gift cards, here is the rub. I'm piss broke, and outside freelance work and pizza delivery, I can't afford to do this thing justice - by which, I mean fly to Austin to interview the folks there, and fly to Santa Fe to interview Doug and Linda. Phone and email interviews can only get one so far, and with 27 years of history it's going to take plenty of one-on-one time to get it all down. So I'm coming to y'all.

It was suggested to me that I try KickStarter.com, a site that allows folks to grant money to certain projects, much like an NPR or PBS fundraiser drive; once a set fundraising goal is reached, the projects would then be completed, and "gifts" awarded for the various levels of contribution. I really like this plan, but those guys aren't taking any new projects on for many more months, and I'd like to get these interviews finished before the end of summer.

Therefore, I'm proposing that we take care of this right here, on these very boards. If you would like to contribute to the making of this epic tome, any amount really, your name will get listed in the credits (anonymous contributions will also be graciously accepted). If you contribute $100, I will send you an autographed copy of the book once it sees print (and multiples thereof, if you're feeling particularly generous). Contributions don't have to be all cash; if you have frequent flyer miles that you aren't using, and can buy me a flight, I'll take that just like cash money. I need to raise roughly $2500 to cover flights, rental cars, hotels (if I can't find suitable couch space) and a shiny new digital voice recorder to replace my wife's dependable yet not-MP3-recording micro-cassette deck. Once I hit that goal, I'll stop taking any further pledges/grants/whatever, as that would just be greedy.

The book has not yet been accepted by a publisher, but I know a great many of them, and already have offers from agent friends to shop it around when it is finished. In the unlikely event that the book is not picked up by a publisher, I will self-publish the thing and fulfill my obligations. Either way, this thing WILL, one day soon, see the light of day.

If you would like to be a part of this history, drop me an IM and I'll let you know how to get it rolling. I've set up a PayPal account for this very purpose, quick and easy.

Whadda ya say?

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