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Author Topic: Random Political Musings  (Read 97506 times)

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Re: Random Political Musings
« Reply #1740 on: November 18, 2019, 12:43:06 PM »

Obama was only offering blankets to Ukraine, he was a pussy on Ukraine aid.  Trump was going to send in lethal aid and the lady diplomat that he kicked out was gangbusters FOR IT.  Trump is a fucking moron daytime, step back and look at what he's doing.  He got rid of the diplomat because she was an honest broker and our corrupt real estate tycoon cannot afford honest brokers.


Who gives a rats ass what Joe Biden did, that's a smokescreen.
-- Mark

Zafer Kaya

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Re: Random Political Musings
« Reply #1741 on: Yesterday at 11:48:08 AM »

I mean, he did it.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

But the fatal flaw in the impeachment charge is that if Trump actually believes that investigating Biden was in the best interest of the country, you can't really say he abused his powers.  And it's totally believable.  Because even if you hate Trump, can you honestly say he doesn't believe in conspiracy theories, or that in his own mind as God-emperor of the United States that any enemy of his is the enemy of the people?

The "I'm not personally targeting anyone, I'm just a totally crazy asshole" defense is a pretty good legal tactic.  In fact, the crazier and more of an asshole you are, the better it works.  It's a solid shield against impeachment, but it brings up the question of why anyone would want a totally crazy asshole to be the President.

The answer of course, is that Trump voters are themselves totally crazy assholes.  They believe in whatever ridiculous conspiracy theories that Fox, or QAnon or whoever wants to throw out there, just like Trump himself does. 

But the Democrats can only do what they can do.  In a normal situation, effectively pointing out that the leader of the US is either diabolically corrupt or insane should be a win-win. 

The US is not coming back from this, dude.  I'm telling you.  It's one thing to cheat to win, it's another to cheat and feel like you're the one actually being cheated.  What kind of work ethic do we have as a nation, when Trump is lauded for his horrible business practices, and people believe that being a US citizen entitles them to jobs, and if we can't compete with countries on trade, we just ban their shit-- and we feel totally self-righteous about this?

You can't just take like, ten or fifteen years off as the leader of the free world and then expect to gain your status back.
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