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Author Topic: Random Political Musings  (Read 51131 times)

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Zafer Kaya

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Re: Random Political Musings
« Reply #1440 on: November 29, 2018, 01:40:25 AM »

I'm not so sure it's still easy to be a moderate democrat.

Why?  The New Democrats are going to pick up maybe 30 members.  The Blue Dogs picked up 7, which is a ton when you consider how small they are.  The Progresive Caucus might pick up 20, maybe less. 

Democrats are more Conservative than they have ever been.  Probably a 1/3 of them would have been Republican 25 years ago.

TBF, I think once everyone is settled and the infighting begins, and as liberals grow increasingly pissed off at Trump I think we’ll see more of the extreme left.  But the Dems did a decent job in the midterms running moderate Dems in suburban areas, with the message that the moderate Republicans those areas typically elect are not very moderate. 

I think more parties is generally better, or at least the people should decide on the number of parties.

But Trump is not a product of the two party system. No, Clinton was not a very good candidate, but Trump was ten times worse.  This idea of people voting for Trump because they thought Clinton was corrupt, or being bamboozled by him needs to go.

As weak as Clinton was, the choice was very easy.  And you are not seeing a ton of voters ruing their decisions.  Trump maintains an unshakable 40% rating.  His numbers are not that far from Obama— or for you conservatives— Reagan.  Which is a joke.

A multi-party system would have been good for Trump.  It favors minority groups with Uber-strong preferences, which is Trump’s base.  You figure Sanders would have taken a decent number of votes from Clinton, Kasich or Jeb would have got very little, and Trump would get pretty much the same votes.  I mean, if after all this people are still sticking by him why would they vote for anyone else.

Like I said before, if you want to split the Republican vote, you need someone farther right of Trump or more politically pure in their Facism.  No, that’s not exaggerating.  A straight up White Supramicist who went after Trump and is politically slick could probably take 15-20% of the vote right now.  I mean, I doubt it plays out too well in the electoral college but I assume most people in favor of ditching the two party system view the electoral college as a big part of it.

If anything, Trump’s ascension is an argument against the necessity of a two party system.  These guys who would have been considered fringe loonies 15 years ago actually took the Presidency and both branches of Congress in a short time, working within the system.  I mean, not the legal system because they cheated quite a bit, but within the party system.
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