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Author Topic: 50 Books in 2012  (Read 29450 times)

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Re: 50 Books in 2012
« Reply #240 on: January 17, 2013, 06:56:12 PM »

1.  around the world in 80 days- jules verne
2.  grapes of wrath- john steinbeck
3.  sideways- rex pickett
4.  moby dick- herman melville
5.  i served the king of england- bohumil hrabel
6.  a confederacy of dunces- john kennedy toole
7.  the blue flowers- raymond queneau
8.  gulliver's travels- jonathon swift
9.  the complete short stories of oscar wilde
10.  been down so long, it looks up to me- richard farina
11.  war & peace- leo tolstoy
12.  narcissus & goldmund- hermann hesse  
13.  the brother's karamazov- fyodor dostoevsky
14.  a farewell to arms- ernest hemmingway
15.  wise blood- flannery o' conner
16.  the violent bear it away- flannery o'conner
17.  everything that rises must converge- flannery o'conner
18.  lullaby- chuck palahnuik
19.  the sound and the fury- william faulkner
20.  dress your family in corduroy and denim- david sedaris
21.  the idiot- fyodor dostoevsky

22.  faust part I- johann wolfgang von goethe.  bouncing around airplanes, automobiles, tuk tuks, taxi boats, buses big and small, i didn't give faust the attention it deserved.  should have waited till we came to a resting point before continuing to read.  if i still have the book, i'll give it another shot
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