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Author Topic: van halen- a different kind of truth  (Read 713 times)

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van halen- a different kind of truth
« on: February 09, 2012, 10:59:09 PM »

yeah....i went there.

if you're reading this you were either a van halen fan at some point, just morbidly curious, or bored as shit (those might be the same).
here's the thing- i kind of assumed this album would suck before i heard a single note. i was just hoping to rekindle the long-dead part of me that liked van halen in the early eighties; see if i recognized that guy at all. well, it's hard to say what has happened. first, i really don't think it is that interesting. "uh..no shit" you say. but it isn't a total disaster. it's just suffers from a lack of imagination. there aren't many real hooks, which is kind of bad if you're van halen.
you get energetic glimpses that surface every now and then....you certainly hear eddie and alex playing off each other very much like they did in the beginning, it's a fairly uptempo album. you hear a little running with the devil here...a little atomic punk there...just smatterings though......and DLR doesn't sound too bad either. he does go to the baritone speaking gimmick a little too often though. it's like, i wish there were one or two decent songs on here from start to finish but there aren't. you get smaller pieces within songs.....a nice bridge here or a fill there.

so...i'm not really calling it good but it kind of scratches an odd itch for me. kind of the way iron maiden did when they released that album in the summer of 2010, but let's put it this way, i haven't listened to it since.....
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Re: van halen- a different kind of truth
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 01:47:07 AM »

I feel the same way.  At first I wanted to say all sorts of bad things about it, then I heard it and I wanted to say all sorts of good things about it... and then it turned out I just don't care. 

Because it is surprisingly good.  It really sounds a lot like classic Van Halen with DLR and Eddie in unexpectedly good form and playing with unexpected passion at times.  But the band have all made such gigantic fools of themselves that it's hard to take them seriously.  I can't hear DLR without thinking of Dr. Rockso or Eddie without thinking of his diva tantrums and coked out whackiness.  And there have been so many bad EVH imitators over the years that even when EVH is at his best, he still regrettably calls to mind all the crappy EVH clone guitar solos we've heard over the years.

And let's be honest, they were sort of clownish to begin with.  The joke's gotten a little old even without all that extra stuff.  The best stuff on this album could fit on any of their first albums without being out of place, but they'd still kind of be filler.  So even though you have to give them props for coming out with something way, way, way stronger than I think anyone expected, it's still pretty hard to come up with any compelling reason to listen to it.
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