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Author Topic: moonface-with siinai: heartbreaking bravery  (Read 563 times)

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moonface-with siinai: heartbreaking bravery
« on: April 25, 2012, 11:33:48 PM »

epic and excellent.

i read a review of this album two weeks ago and i was disappointed before i heard a single note. good thing i didn't leave it at that. this is much better than i was expecting, but one thing the reviewer (for paste maybe?) did get right is that this is a challenging album. not animal collective challenging, but spencer krug definitely does his own thing and his own thing is a little esoteric. that does not bother me, i enjoy is imagery and writing.....many might find it too obtuse though.

some music is just part of a larger artistic vision and i think that is what is going on here. not that it is a concept album, each song is deliberate, some slow and built on repetition, many of them bleed right into the next, but there doesn't seem to be a recurring theme. if there is i haven't found it yet or it isn't heavy handed.

if you are a wolf parade fan you'll have a leg up on everyone else, it is obviously reminiscent of some of their catalogue, as well as sunset rubdown's to be picky about it, but the really rocking uptempo stuff just isn't here and none are what you would call sing-a-longs. that is not to say it is without rhythm, it revs up a few times but honestly it's at it's best when it's in a trance. the middle stretch of songs 3-8 really won me over.

bongo hard or bongo home
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