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Author Topic: Ingress  (Read 3658 times)

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Re: Ingress
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2015, 09:08:05 PM »

Over 2 years later, and I'm still hooked. It is fascinating to see which of my personality traits demanded attention in the game. I have to know what's going on, and I really like networking. My competitive nature also makes appearances, but after a year, it's not as pronounced as it once was. So that means I was on the planning team for the Charlotte anomaly a couple of weeks ago, I connect our local players to players in other cities when they travel, and I was the fifth Level 16 Resistance agent in our area, but it took 4 months longer than it should have.

The excitement of making virtual objects travel from Charlotte to New Orleans in the course of an afternoon probably sounds ridiculous, but when we did just that - and succeeded - it was very exciting to Resistance agents around the world. The Ingress G+ page described it as follows
However, in a truly impressive feat, Resistance Agents across the region mobilized and transported 4 XM Shards from Charlotte to New Orleans -- more than a thousand kilometers over land -- to help overcome the unrelenting Enlightened ground force in New Orleans. Immediately following the capture of the Shards, Resistance Agents threw large Fields over Charlotte and New Orleans to counter a last minute Enlightened push. Combined with an aggressive shield of blocking Links to the south holding the XM Shards in Guatemala at bay, this was a praiseworthy stratagem executed with precision.
It was very satisfying to get that kind of recognition, knowing that I was an integral part of it.

When Google became Alphabet, Ingress and its parent Niantic Labs were spun off and are not a part of it. Earlier this year Nianitic announced their next game would be Pokemon Go. It will be interesting to see how Ingress remains after the launch of the new game.
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Re: Ingress
« Reply #19 on: October 25, 2019, 09:19:44 AM »

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