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Author Topic: 50 movies in 2015  (Read 34027 times)

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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #525 on: December 30, 2015, 10:54:20 AM »

1 ● Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
2 ● Amélie
3 ● Ferris Bueller's Day Off
4 ● On Her Majesty's Secret Service
5 ● They Came Together
6 ● 2001: A Space Odyssey
7 ● The One I Love
8 ● Shooter
9 ● Boy
10 ● Saturday Night Fever
11 ● Marvellous
12 ● No Place on Earth
13 ● The Italian Job (1969)
14 ● Shaun of the Dead
15 ● Frank
16 ● Play Time
17 ● Schindler's List
18 ● Party Party
19 ● Dumbo
20 ● Risky Business
21 ● Life of Brian
22 ● Pride
23 ● Taxi Driver
24 ● Gravity
25 ● The King of Comedy
26 ● Carry On Teacher
27 ● Space Station 76
28 ● Memento
29 ● The Spy Who Loved Me
30 ● Burt's Buzz
31 ● Carry on Sergeant
32 ● Planes, Trains & Automobiles
33 ● Good Morning Vietnam
34 ● The Day the Series Stopped
35 ● The Band That Wouldn't Die
36 ● Mood Indigo
37 ● Rebel Without a Cause
38 ● And So It Goes
39 ● Dick Tracy
40 ● Seven Psychopaths
41 ● Batman (1989)
42 ● Fading Gigolo
43 ● Mr Nobody
44 ● West Side Story
45 ● Kraftwerk: Pop Art
46 ● Carry on Regardless
47 ● Seeking Justice
48 ● The Smell of Success
49 ● 10
50 ● Chinatown
51 ● Enemy of the State
52 ● Psycho
53 ● The Expendables 3
54 ● Full Metal Jacket
55 ● Dog Day Afternoon
56 ● A Grand Day Out
57 ● Kingsman: Secret Service
58 ● Boyhood
59 ● And the Oscar Goes To
60 ● A Close Shave
61 ● A Matter of Loaf and Death
62 ● The Wrong Trousers
63 ● The Hundred-Foot Journey
64 ● The Watch
66 ● Insomnia
67 ● Mary Poppins
68 ● Hopscotch
69 ● Spinning Plates
70 ● Life's a Breeze
71 ● Jiro Dreams of Sushi
72 ● The Waiting Room
73 ● Office Space
74 ● Blade Runner (Final Cut Edition 2007)
75 ● Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
76 ● Blazing Saddles
77 ● Barbeque
78 ● Copenhagen
79 ● Urbanized
80 ● Hitch
81 ● Big Hero 6
82 ● One Hour Photo
83 ● Thanks for Sharing
84 ● Food Chains
85 ● Stand-Up Guys
86 ● In the Heat of the Night
87 ● Welcome to Woop Woop
88 ● Jimi: All Is By My Side
89 ● Hector and the Search for Happiness
90 ● Young Frankenstein
91 ● Jaws
92 ● When Harry Met Sally
93 ● Dirty Harry
94 ● Papadopoulos & Sons
95 ● Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel?
96 ● Charles Bradley: Soul of America
97 ● Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down Five to Go
98 ● American Experience: 1964
99 ● The Magnificent Seven
100 ● Quadrophenia
102 ● The Theory of Everything
101 ● Life Itself
103 ● Casino Royale (2006)
104 ● Bad Words
105 ● Barbarella
106 ● Rosewater
107 ● Being There
108 ● The Blues Brothers
109 ● Believe
110 ● Animal House
111 ● The Southampton Way
112 ● Marvellous
113 ● Samsara
114 ● Winnebago Man
115 ● Beetlejuice
116 ● We Cause Scenes
117 ● The November Man
118 ● Supermensch:- The Legend of Shep Gordon
119 ● Nazis at the Center of the Earth
120 ● Close Encounters of the Third Kind
121 ● My Old Lady
122 ● Love Me
123 ● St. Vincent
124 ● Feats First: The Life & Music of Lowell George
125 ● Cleanskin
126 ● Standby
127 ● Stretch
128 ● Atari: Game Over
129 ● Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream
130 ● Stripes
131 ● Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
132 ● Stripped
133 ● Galaxy Quest
134 ● Carry on Cruising
135 ● The Imitation Game
136 ● Mortdecai
137 ● Tak3n
138 ● The Re-Write
139 ● Night at the Museum 3
140 ● Men in Black 3
141 ● The Sand Pebbles
142 ● Lucy
143 ● Magic in the Moonlight
144 ● Carry On Cabby
145 ● Carry On Jack
146 ● Dear White People
147 ● Four Weddings and a Funeral
148 ● The Last Waltz
149 ● The Great Escape
150 ● Tony Benn: Will & Testament
151 ● American Sniper
152 ● John Wick
153 ● Hot Girls Wanted
154 ● The Hole
155 ● Inbetweeners 2
156 ● East is East
157 ● Can't Stop the Music
158 ● Three Amigos!
159 ● Top Five
160 ● Elsa and Fred
161 ● My Mistress
162 ● Life of Crime
163 ● Words & Pictures
164 ● Free the Nipple
165 ● The Cobbler
166 ● Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
167 ● Wedding Ringer
168 ● The Gambler
169 ● The Judge
170 ● Big Eyes
171 ● Foxcatcher
172 ● Breakfast at Tiffanys
173 ● Despicable Me 2
174 ● Focus
175 ● Kingsman: Secret Service
176 ● Jurassic Park
177 ● E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
178 ● Carry on Spying
179 ● Carry on Cleo
180 ● Carry on Cowboy
181 ● Carry on Screaming
182 ● A Beautiful Mind
183 ● Get On Up: The James Brown Story
184 ● Kidnapping Mr Heineken
185 ● Undertaking Betty
186 ● Fifty Shades of Grey
187 ● Lovesick
188 ● WarGames
189 ● Gascoigne
190 ● Back to the Future
191 ● Back to the Future Pt II
192 ● Back to the Future Pt III
193 ● Nightcrawler
194 ● Redemption
195 ● Good Hair
196 ● A Late Quartet
197 ● Harold & Maude
198 ● Filmed in Supermarionation
199 ● The Point
200 ● Doctored
201 ● Sriracha
202 ● Batman (1966)
203 ● Bulworth
204 ● Kentucky Fried Movie
205 ● Records Collecting Dust
206 ● Vinylmania: When Life Runs at 33 Revolutions Per Minute
207 ● Mr Turner
208 ● Hot Tub Time Machine 2
209 ● Cabaret
210 ● Chef
211 ● The History of Future Folk
212 ● On Golden Pond
213 ● Premature
214 ● The Two Faces of January
215 ● Still Alice
216 ● The Conversation
217 ● Tig
218 ● What Happened, Miss Simone?
219 ● Woman in Gold
220 ● Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie
221 ● The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
222 ● Batman Begins
223 ● The Dark Knight
224 ● The Skeleton Twins
225 ● Cake
226 ● Von Ryan's Express
227 ● New York, I Love You
228 ● Food Matters
229 ● Wild Tales
230 ● Accidental Love
231 ● Danny Collins
232 ● Low Down
233 ● Captain Phillips
234 ● All is Lost
235 ● Flight World War II
236 ● The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
237 ● The Humbling
238 ● The Look of Love
239 ● Seeking a Love for the End of the World
240 ● Aloha
241 ● Before I Go to Sleep
242 ● Next
243 ● The Producers (1968)
244 ● Forks Over Knives
245 ● Upside Down: The Creation Records Story
246 ● Mad Max: Road Fury
247 ● Just About Famous
248 ● Survivor
249 ● Not Safe for Work
250 ● Time Lapse
251 ● To Be Takei
252 ● Ride
253 ● Love & Mercy
254 ● Rubble Kings
255 ● Do Not Disturb
256 ● Goodfellas
257 ● Filth
258 ● The Bank Job
259 ● Brassed Off
260 ● Soul Boys of the Western World: Spandau Ballet, The Movie
261 ● Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory
262 ● 20,000 Days on Earth
263 ● The Wrecking Crew
264 ● The Master
265 ● Wayne's World
266 ● Today's Special
267 ● Kingpin
268 ● Bad Asses on the Bayou
269 ● Mamma Mia
270 ● Furious 7
271 ● Road House
272 ● The Guvnors
273 ● All American High: Revisited
274 ● Spy
275 ● 5 Flights Up
276 ● All Relative
277 ● While We're Young
278 ● Horrible Bosses 2
279 ● Back in Time
280 ● Around the World in 80 Days (Special Edition)
281 ● Blondie's New York
282 ● The Overnight
283 ● Tammy
284 ● Hot Pursuit
285 ● I'll See You in my Dreams
286 ● Keith Richards: Under the Influence
287 ● Glen Campbell: I'll be Me
288 ● Pulp: A Film about Life. Death & Supermarkets
289 ● What If
290 ● What We Did on our Holidays
291 ● She's Funny That Way
292 ● Men, Women & Children
293 ● Personal Services
294 ● That Sugar Film
295 ● Some Kind of Beautiful
296 ● The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
297 ● The French Connection
298 ● Road Hard
299 ● Shaun the Sheep Movie
300 ● The Heart Machine
301 ● The Who: Quadrophenia: Live in London 2013
302 ● Trainwreck
303 ● Trainwreck
304 ● Kill the Messenger
305 ● In the Courtyard
306 ● The Man from U.N.C.L.E
307 ● The D Train
308 ● Special When Lit: A Pinball Documentary
309 ● Dope
310 ● Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films
311 ● Neil Young:Heart of Gold
312 ● Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
313 ● Tomorrowland
314 ● San Andreas
315 ● Star Wars: The Force Awakens
316 ● 95 Miles to Go
317 ● Black & White and Dead All Over
318 ● Escape from L.A.
319 ● Love Actually
320 ● Boogie Nights
321 ● Chocolat
322 ● The Runner
323 ● Coming to America
324 ● A Christmas Story
325 ● Up
326 ● The Road Within
327 ● Drunk on Love
328 ● Robocop (2014)
329 ● Make Believe
330 ● Superman: The Movie
331 ● Self/Less
332 ● Grand Piano

333 ● American Ultra
Loud, flashy and trashy. I can't help thinking that with MUCH better cast leads this would've been a far more entertaining year. Eisenberg & Stewart were like a pair of school hall nativity players
334 ● Ant-Man
Very enjoyable. Best new so-called superhero flick I've seen in a long long while
335 ● Goodbye to All That
Drama? Comedy? Pointless Hollywood bollocks once again?
336 ● Starlet
One pornstar. One dog. One wad of cash. One Thermos. One old lady. One and a bit boring hours of my life I'll never get back. Despite One very explicit sex scene.
337 ● Sphere
Grasshopper, the drugs were strong in this one. Maybe the most expensive sci-fi b-movie ever? Made Sharknado look good.
338 ● The Cannonball Run
Into high double-digit viewings but this is the first time in Blu-Ray and it looked FANTASTIC. "Oh, I GOTTA bless her!!!'"
339 ● Party Party
Because its the LAW in our home on NYE

PS: It's now the end of the year so no more days where you will have to scroll and scroll and scroll, simultaneously calling me a cunt for having such a ludicrously long watched list. It did get out of hand. I apologise profusely to the dozen or so people who maybe read this thread, especially to those who didn't block me when I passed 150! I blame it on the fact that I was quite poorly for 7 months of the year so I had a lot more time to do fuck-all but lay on the sofa. On to 2016....
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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #526 on: December 31, 2015, 04:34:07 PM »

Movies seen in 2015 (new movies in bold):
1. Hot Fuzz
2. Jennifer's Body
3. Almost Famous
4. How To Train Your Dragon 2
5. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
6. A Knight's Tale
7. The Imitation Game
8. In A World...
9. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

10. Grosse Pointe Blank
11. Casablanca
12. Snowpiercer
13. Whiplash

14. Hot Fuzz
15. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
16. Maleficent
17. Kingsman: The Secret Service
18. Galaxy Quest

19. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
20. They Came Together
21. Lucy
22. Lone Survivor

23. Get Shorty
24. John Wick
25. The Theory of Everything
26. Big Hero Six
27. Furious 7
28. Rosewater
29. Avengers: Age of Ultron
30. Gaslight
31. Dracula: Untold
32. Mad Max: Fury Road
33. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1

34. Field of Dreams
35. Fury
36. Top Five
37. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
38. For Love of the Game
39. The Wolfpack
40. A Deadly Adoption
41. A Most Violent Year
42. Jupiter Ascending
43. Jurassic World
44. Ant-Man
45. The Fischer King

46. The Replacements
47. Push
48. American Sniper
49. Train Wreck
50. McFarland, USA
51. The Seventh Son
52. Machete Kills
53. Road Hard
54. Ex Machina
55. Focus
56. Into The Woods
57. Citizenfour
58. Escape from Tomorrow

59. Tron: Legacy
60. A Walk in the Woods
61. Unbroken
62. Cool Hand Luke
63. Knights of Badassdom
64. The Martian
65. Wild
66. Kill The Messenger
67. The Last Witch Hunter
68. And The Band Played On
69. All The President's Men
70. Red Army
71. Selma
72. Taken 3
73. Spectre

74. Under Siege
75. Tomorrowland
76. The Talented Mr. Ripley
77. Enemy of the State
78. True Story
79. Wordplay
80. St. Vincent
81. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
82. Creed
83. The French Connection

84. August Rush

Didn't see the beginning as we were flipping through channels, but saw enough of it to list here. So cheesy...so good.


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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #527 on: January 01, 2016, 02:38:27 PM »

2015 movies:

1. The To Do List It could have been so good (Clark Gregg! Bill Hader! Connie Britton! Alia Shawkat!) and yet, it wasn't.
2. The Internship My office plays a pivotal role in this movie! Plus, it was actually pretty good.
3. Leap Year Despite Amy Adams and Adam Scott, this movie is terrible. My not so inner feminist is super annoyed by this movie.
4. Blackhat +1 for going to see it with Lando's friend Gwynner! And for Thor hacking shirtless.  It was better than I expected, and Viola Davis was really good in it. The hand-held camera style was headache inducing, and it was definitely shot with an eye towards global release- and it will make bank.
5. Chef So good! Loved the story, loved the music, loved how it was a nice, little movie.
6. The Hangover III Better than I expected, but it was not a great movie.
7. Birdman It was a technically amazing movie, but I didn't really like it. The last 20 minutes really went off the rails for me.
8. The Game A Michael Douglas movie from the late '90s. Too twisty and turn-y, and I don't think I really like Douglas.
9. How to Train your Dragon- This is still a really good movie.
10. Horns- This movie could have been good, and it just wasn't. Dan Radcliffe was miscast or something. I almost turned it off when the CGI snakes came on. Ew.
11. Kingsmen It was fun, over the top, and just right for Valentine's Day. I would enjoy more flicks in this series.
12. Wet Hot American Summer- This movie never fails to please.
13. Galaxy Quest- it was on cable, so it loses some points for commercials.
14. Step Up hard to believe this movie came out 10 years ago. They added some weird plot points that totally detracted from the movie (minor character is killed, noone really mourns- it was odd)
15. The Duff- Ken Jeong dialed back the usual hyperkenetics, and was quite good as the teacher. Despite being in their late twenties, the leads were pretty decent as high schoolers.
16. Pitch Perfect- The beginning drags, but I am so looking forward to the sequel.
17. Baby Mama- a far better movie than I expected, and it didn't follow the storyline shown in previews (which is why I ignored it so long) I'd watch just about anything with Poehler and Fey.
18. Maleficent- a minor detail, but I really liked that the Prince didn't want to kiss Sleeping Beauty: "I only met her once! She's asleep!" I was wondering if they would find a way to de-rapify the story.
19. How to Train your Dragon II I would like an entire movie on just the dragons. I swear Toothless is based on my cat Ozzie!
20. Labyrinth- David Bowie sure has some tight pants. As a kid I thought Sarah was so justified in her anger over taking care of the baby, but as an adult I want to tell her to stop whining!
21. Knights of Badassdom This was really bad. Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage, and Summer Glau could not save it.
22. World War Z It was actually pretty good, and I could see why it was so expensive- so many people, so many locations. I haven't seen Pitt do the Pitt thing in awhile, and it was nice to see some movie-star-dom.
23. Mr. Turner Timothy Spall did a great job, and definitely deserved his nominations. I felt like I needed to know more about JMW Turner before watching, because I was confused through most of the movie, and had no idea who the majority of characters were. Oh- I almost needed subtitles, because I could not understand the dialects.
24. Dirty Dancing- awww... I have seen this movie so many times!
25. Strictly Ballroom- still my most favorite movie.
26. John Wick- wow! Totally enjoyed, and thought Keanu was great in it. Loved that the story was simple (revenge!) and the action was great. Will watch again for sure.
27. Penguins of Madagascar plane movie, not very good.
28. Guardians of the Galaxy- delightful, again!
29. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb This was not good. And they got historic fact just plain wrong- I'm not even going to complain about how they get museums wrong.
30. Captain America: Winter Soldier- I'm getting ready for Avengers: Age of Ultron
31. 47 Ronin- it could have been so good, and it was so blah. Disappointing.
(and I watched something on Friday night, and now I can't remember what it was. Obviously, very memorable)
32. Avengers: Age of Ultron I am totally ready for the Cap & Thor buddy movie. (Chris &Chris R Us)
33. Benny and Joon- back when Johnny Depp acted. He was amazingly good. I'm going to enjoy this from the sheer nostalgia point of view.
34. Stuck on You Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear as conjoined twins. How did this movie get made? It was surprisingly better than I expected. MERYL STREEP is even in it!
35. They Came Together Essentially the same crew as Wet Hot American Summer. Supposed to be a satire of the classic rom-com, and it had some hilarious parts, but not enough to make a good movie. Paul Rudd, you are in danger of becoming someone who I won't watch because your movies are getting worse, and you can be so much better!
36. Moulin Rouge- Ewan McGregor is awesome... and they are all so young in this movie!
37. Pacific Rim- Not as good as Mad Max.
38. The Holiday- delightful fluff.
39. Mad Max: Fury Road It really should have been "Imperiator Furiosa: Fury Road" Thoroughly enjoyed. Theron was great, Hardy was interesting, and Nicholas Hout was way better than I expected.
40. Pitch Perfect 2 Zingy one liners, sweet story, and a all around fun time. Plus, I saw it with Lando!
Favorite line: "My time is like a toddler in a tiara: short and precious!"
41. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
42. O, Brother Where Art Thou? - I love this version of Clooney.
43. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck very nice documentary. Some interesting animations in it, and Courtney Love came out looking like a human being in all of it. Such a sad story, though.
44. Serenity- they look so young! "I am a leaf on the wind"
45. Frozen Had never seen it before, it's true. A little surprised that the snowman shows up so late in the movie.
46. We're the Millers Much better than I expected, and it was filmed where I used to live, so, bonus!
47. Spy This is the Melissa McCarthy movie I've been waiting for! Laughed so much, loved the action. I hope they do a sequel. Statham was a brilliant addition to the movie.
48. A Million Ways to Die in the West Thank God I didn't pay money to see this. It could have been good. It was not.
49. The Boxtrolls Cute, and the trolls were fun.
50. Grosse Pointe Blank- I haven't watched this in ages, and Minnie Driver's accent was awful. Made me fall back in love with Cusack, too.
51. Veronica Mars- while I've always been Team Logan, I have to say Team Piz is more and more understandable.
52. This is How I Leave You- Bateman and Fey were great. I'd actually like to see them in a movie as love interests. Got sibling dynamics down pretty well.
53. Dope Great movie! Go see it! I was really anxious through the whole thing, because I liked the main character so much and didn't want terrible things to happen to him.
54. Veronica Mars- I will always watch this movie when it's on the tv.
55. Inside Out- it was good, better than most movies, love the concept. It was a bit slow at the beginning, and I would have loved to have seen more of other characters' emotions. Not "Up" but few things are.
56. Cool World- such a bad movie. Would be interesting if it was remade with modern technology. That would help, i think. Though it is still really, really bad, even with young Brad Pitt.
57. 10 Things I Hate About You- This movie is old enough to drive now. (1999) It's such a perfect slice of the late 90s. And Heath Ledger was really good in it. (Sniff!)
58. A River Runs Through It- I haven't seen this since it came out, and it really made me want to go to Montana. I have no desire to go there, but this movie made me want to! Also an interesting look at the divergence of two careers. One brother goes on to become Brad Pitt, superstar, and the other ends up playing the villain dad on One Tree Hill and single-episode stints on Law and Order. And BP was not the lead in the film.
59. Magic Mike- XXL- this was pure fun. It was way less depressing than the first one, and had just the right amount of plot (aka, almost none)
60. Trainwreck Perfectly serviceable. Though all the characters other than Amy and her sister were pretty one dimensional. Tilda Swinton was very Ab Fab in this. I enjoyed it, would watch again!
61. Sweet Revenge An odd comedy with Sam Neill, Helena Bonham Carter, Kristen Scott-Thomas, and Rupert Graves. The second movie in which Helena and Rupert play siblings, incidentally, though this time she is a homicidal maniac. I watched mostly for Rupert. Came out in '98. Very dark humor- kinda fun!
62. 12 Monkeys I'd never seen this movie before, and while it's a little odd on the story (could have been tightened up, I think) I was impressed with Brad Pitt- he was pretty interesting with his character.
63. Wet Hot American Summer- Again! Getting ready for July 31 and the Netflix series.
64. Overboard- This movie is really questionable in content- and such a weak story! And yet I still like it. There is no accounting for taste.
65. Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Pike, aww! Hard to believe the universe this spawned.
66. Mobster Squad Just could not get into the gangster personas.
67. The Saint- When Val Kilmer was awesome, but with bad accents.
68. Moulin Rouge- I mostly watched to see Ewan McGregor (again!) and how they dealt with Nicole Kidman's knee injury.
69. Minions Saw with Lando, so +1! laughed a whole lot, and it was just what I needed after a really stress-inducing month.
70. The Man from UNCLE I really enjoyed this, and I'm wanting a sequel.
71. Hot Fuzz- gets better every time I see it.
72. Pride and Prejudice- All six hours of gloriousness!!!
73. Playing by Heart- It's one of the first movies I remember with the plotlines where there are different groups that don't interact together until the very end. Not a bad movie, and it's a whos-who of late 90s movie people. (Gillian Anderson! Sean Connery! Ryan Phillippe- why didn't he really take off? Angelina Jolie! JON STEWART!!!)
74. Captain America: The Winter Soldier-- I think this is my new Bourne Identity, something to watch often. I really enjoy this movie.
75. Stardust- This movie is such a good fairy-tale. I love that Yvine (Claire Danes) saves herself and her love, rather than being set decoration.
76. America's Sweethearts- Rewatch, because I couldn't remember why it is bad. And then I did remember- bad story, though the actors tried hard (Cusack, Zeta-Jones, Roberts) but they were all pretty one- dimensional.
77. The Losers Interesting action flick with Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba. Fails the Bechdel test pretty badly (2 female characters, only 1 has a name, and they don't ever share screen time) I wanted to like this, but I didn't.
78. A Girl Walks Alone at Night Halloween movie! Iranian vampire movie. Shot in black and white, very quiet. My cousin liked it, I didn't.
79. Skyfall It's never a good sign if you start falling asleep in a Bond movie. And I did.
80. Crimson Peak I wanted it to be so much more- ramp up the camp, ramp up the horror. Visually beautiful, and Jessica Chastain was great. Hunnam was wasted, and Hiddleston could have been much more interesting. And Mia W. (cannot spell that name!) had to be playing the stupidest character ever. She did well with it, but that woman was dumb as a box of rocks.
81. 22 Jump Street This was actually pretty funny... Can't stand Jonah Hill, but Channing Tatum is ok.
82. Captain America: Winter Soldier- rewatch, and I still really like it.
83. The Emperor's New Groove Who thought giving David Spade the lead voice in an animated film was a good idea? It was "meh"
84. Chistmas Vacation- wow, it's been years since I've seen this movie, and it's lots funnier now than when I saw it as a kid. Though knowing what Chevy Chase becomes, it is a little sad, too.
85. The Duff- I bought it for $7 after Thanksgiving, and it's going to become a John Hughesian film for me that I can watch over and over.
86. Love Actually- This movie is almost 15?!?
87. Captain America: The First Avenger- I'm getting ready for Cap 3! (Just a little early, though)
88. Mansfield Park- Such a good Jane Austen flick, even with the modernization. Frances O'Connor has the most beautiful skin, and Jonny Lee Miller is too adorable.
89. Spectre Not the best movie ever, but not the worst. I think The Kingsmen did it better, and so did the Man from UNCLE. I was bugged that the love interest was young enough to be his daughter. (It was "take your daughter to work day"!)
90. Suffragette Felt a little like a Lifetime movie.
91. Someone Like You- Early Hugh Jackman, the Australian accent sneaks out! Ashley Judd when she was the next big thing.
92. Star Wars: A New Hope: Han shot first
93. The Empire Strikes Back Yeah, I'd never seen it before, and it was so good. I see why it gets the lions share of praise.
94. Return of the Jedi: Ewoks. There is nothing more to say.
95. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ahhh! So good.

96. Star Wars: The Force Awakens- saw it a second time with my dad and sister. It was like 1979 all over again!
97. Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special Wow. That was... huh. Sooo much Camp! It might be funnier today than it was in 1988.
98. Cars- Watched with my niece and nephew.
99. Goonies- It was background entertainment during New Year's Eve
100. The Man from UNCLE- still delightful, still pretty, I hope there is a sequel, it deserves it.

Wow! Made it to 100! This is a first for me.


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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #528 on: January 04, 2016, 11:23:30 AM »

1. THE IMITATION GAME – 01/01/15 – AMC PKWY POINTE w/Amanda – Some man ruined this movie for me JUST as the war was ending. It’s all I will ever remember about the movie.
2. JENNIFER LOPEZ: DANCE AGAIN – 01/01/15 – HBO – Don’t judge me. I like flashy costumes, high-intensity dance numbers, and celebrity relationship drama.
3. WELCOME TO THE PUNCH – 01/02/15 – cable – I got sucked into recording this because it stars James McAvoy. I also love Mark Strong. To CR this review, I’d say more like “Welcome to The Suck”.
4. THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES – 01/03/15 – AMC PKWY POINTE w/The Greg – Needed more Smaug.
5. THE ONE I LOVE – 01/03/15 – Netflix – And now I’m POSITIVE that I will never go to couples therapy.
6. NIGHT SHIFT – 01/04/15 – cable – repeat viewing - That kiss between Henry Winkler and Shelley Long was the most awkward in HISTORY.
7. HAPPY CHRISTMAS - 01/05/15 - Netflix - This was my first Joe Swanberg movie and I really enjoyed it. It didn't feel like it was all improve at all. Also, that baby (which I think may be his baby) is the best baby EVER in a movie. He has a better sense of humor than most adults.
8. THE TO DO LIST - 01/09/15 - Showtime On Demand - Scruffy Bill Hader is hot. I still can't believe they made her character bite into that thing she found. RUINED the whole movie for me. AND WHO THE EFF WOULD MAKE OUT WITH A GIRL AFTER SEEING HER DO THAT!?!?
9. MR. DYNAMITE: THE RISE OF JAMES BROWN - 01/10/15 - Showtime Documentary - Not a whole lot here that was revelatory but it sure was a thrill to hear Melvin Parker talk about putting a gun to James' face. Ahmir is always a great talking head when it comes to soul/funk docs, but I think my favorite contributor was Christian McBride.
10. THE OTHER WOMAN - 01/10/15 - HBO - This wasn't as TERRIBLE as it was made out to be, but it wasn't great. It was like the movie equivalent of a can of Pringles.
11. THE LEGO MOVIE - 01/02/15 - HBO - I'm an idiot. I forgot to note earlier that I finally watched this movie and LOOOOOOOOVED it so much. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!?!?! It was visually amazing, loved the message and the humor, and who can get away from that movie without singing "Everything is Awesome!"?!?!?! BOO on the Oscar snub for the movie, but YAY for the song's nomination.
12. LA BARE - 01/25/15 - cable - Joe Manganiello's documentary about the all male strip club in Texas
13. FINDING VIVAN MAIER - 01/25/15 - cable - This one is still sitting with me. Thoughts. Lots of thoughts.
14. PADDINGTON - 02/08/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I like talking animal movies!
15. HEY BARTENDER! - 02/11/15 - Showtime - OK documentary about the resurgence of the cocktail
16. 12 O'CLOCK BOYS - 02/13/15 - Showtime - Documentary that centers around a young boy who wants to grow up and join the dirt bike riders in the city of Baltimore.
17. STAND BY ME - 02/15/15 - Netflix - repeat viewing - "You could cook your dick." "It'd be small meal."
18. A CASE OF YOU - 02/15/15 - Showtime - Every description that I've read about this movie gets it wrong.
19. KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE - 02/28/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynner - I liked this movie, especially Sam Jackson's turn as an Evil Russell Simmons type. However, for a movie that was SO very violent, it's weird that the violence felt so sanitized.
19. JOHN WICK - 03/14/15 - repeat viewing (dvd from library) - Wow! I guess I've been watching a lot of TV lately. First movie since 2/28 and it wasn't even a NEW (to me) movie. But, still enjoyable!
20. RESULTS - 03/21/15 - Plaza Theatre w/Amanda for Atlanta Film Festival screening - Fun to see Guy Pearce in a more relaxed role.
21. LIFE ITSELF - 03/22/15 - Netflix - Everything I wanted it to be and more.
22. RESPIRE (Breathe) - 03/27/15 - Plaza Theatre as part of Atlanta Film Festival - Melanie Laurent's second time directing - Loved this.
23. LITTLE WHITE LIE - 03/28/15 - PBS - Definitely worth your time if it's on your local PBS station as part of the "Independent Lens" program.
24. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS - 03/30/15 - HBO - I didn't read this book and really resisted watching the "Cancer Kids" movie. Didn't want to cry but I was a mess several times during the movie, mostly due to the performances that elevated the film for me.
25. DIVERGENT - 04/04/15 - HBO w/The Greg - Meh. I don't think I ever would have watched this if Greg hadn't started watching it.
26. IT'S ME, HILARY: THE MAN WHO DREW ELOISE - 04/05/15 - HBO- An HBO documentary about the illustrator of the ELOISE books.
27. SINATRA: ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL (Parts I & II) - 04/18/15 - HBO - Some great footage here and learned a lot about Frank's personal fight against racism in the entertainment business that I never knew before. Enjoyed the structure of the movie but wish they had dug into the "Encore" portion a bit more.
28. WHILE WE'RE YOUNG - 04/18/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe
29. QUARTET - 04/18/15 - HBO
30. MEL BROOKS: LIVE AT THE GEFFEN - 04/19/15 - HBO - Still SO sharp! Great "assist" from Carl Reiner. Spotted Geoffrey Arend in the crowd.
31. THE CONJURING - 04/19/15 - STARZ maybe? - Creepy and good! This is the first scary movie I've watched in a long time. Lili Taylor was amazing. Up there with THE EXORCIST for me.
32. 21 YEARS: RICHARD LINKLATER - 05/02/15 - some movie channel - Nice interviews with people who have worked with Richard over the years as well as a couple of critics. The animated sequences were a bit goofy. Enjoyed everyone's Linklater impression.
33. THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - 05/03/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynner - I liked it OK but actually fell asleep during the loooooooooong action sequence at the end. My favorite line of the movie was someone giving out a quick, soft "YAY!".
34. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - 05/14/15 - AMC Parkway Pointe w/The Greg, Rick, and Tori - Well, that was action-packed! I've never wanted to shave my head MORE than I do now. Charlize is such a badass. I could nit pick some things about the movie. But, no need. It was fun. It was sometimes funny. It was what I wanted. Mission accomplished.
35. PITCH PERFECT 2 - 05/17/15 - AMC Parkway Pointe w/The Belles and Special Guests
36. MCFARLAND, USA - 05/23/15 - Picture Show (cheapy theatre)
37. I AM YOURS - 05/24/15 - Netflix
38. DETOUR - 06/11/15 - Youtube (Public Domain film) - The first movie I've watched as a part of TCM's Summer of Darkness. Man, this thing was fantastic. Barely an hour long but quite a tale and beautifully framed.
39. THE LETTER - 06/11/15 - TCM - Another film noir from TCM for their Summer of Darkness. Bette Davis is great in this, but it's not my type of noir. I definitely appreciated the focus on a woman dealing with her demons as opposed to some down-on-his-luck guy. I also thought that the story unraveled nearly perfectly.
40. SPY - 07/14/15 - Manor Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA w/Aimz - LOOOOOOOOOOVED.
41. HIGH SIERRA - 06/18/15 - TCM - Foreshadowing dog.
42. INSIDE OUT - 06/26/15 - Merchants Walk - Really loved this, especially the emphasis on how the parents dealt with the change in their daughter. I don't know how you guys do it. Missed the short before the movie. Did I miss much?
43. THE BIG SLEEP - 06/27/15 - TCM - Bacall does A LOT of nostril acting in this one. That dialogue is the snappiest!
44. BEGIN AGAIN - 06/28/15 - dvd from library - I liked the album concept and Mark Ruffalo's hair. Keira's voice was quite lovely as well.
45. THE STRANGER - 06/30/15 - archive.org (public domain - FREE) - Orson Welles is NOT afraid to be sweaty on film. Great looking stuff inside the clock tower.
46. DARK PASSAGE - 07/03/15 - TCM - All of that first person POV stuff was great. Lauren Bacall was foxy as all get out. Loved the look of her apartment building with the exterior elevator shots.
47. THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR - 07/05/15 - repeat viewing - How did I never notice HOW sheer that black gown was, Rene Russo? DAMN.
48. ME, EARL, AND THE DYING GIRL - 07/05/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - Would have enjoyed more exterior shots of Pittsburgh. Loved the movie parodies, especially 2:48 PM COWBOY. Seeing the hidden squirrels put ALL of the lumps in my throat.
49. MARLOWE - 07/06/15 - TCM - This felt more like an episode of THE ROCKFORD FILES than it felt like a cinematic spin on a Philip Marlowe tale. HOLY RITA MORENO, though. I had NO idea that she was ever THAT thexxy. I MEAN, YOWZA. PERV ALERT/MUST SEE. I was also very surprised to see Bruce Lee show up.
50. THE LONG GOODBYE - 07/06/15 - TCM - A Philip Marlowe double feature - The first 10-15 minutes of this movie are TOP NOTCH. I now have a HUGE crush on Elliot Gould.  My favorite one line review of his performance in this movie was on Letterboxd. "There is no surface on Earth that Elliott Gould can't use to light a match." Brilliant. Didn't really care for the mystery/case. Loved seeing LA during this time period. The yoga neighbors hit high on the PERV ALERT as well. Sterling Hayden has a great voice, even under all of that scruff.
51. ABOUT TIME - 07/05/15 - Cable maybe HBO - I had put this movie off for so long because I saw the trailer SO MANY TIMES and I thought they gave the whole movie away. But, I was wrong. This one put all of the lumps in the throat, especially towards the end. Clever, fun, and touching.
52. OUT OF THE PAST - 07/10/15 - TCM - That femme was FATALE!
53. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - 07/12/15 - HBO - repeat viewing - I was feeling ill and this was an easy viewing on the couch.
54. NIGHTCRAWLER - 07/17/15 - Netflix - Gyllenhaal was creepy as fuck in this movie. Fit in well with all of the noir/neo-noir I've been watching.
55. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN - 07/18/15 - TCM - Does it get any better than that scene of one stranger watching another stranger during a tennis match? PERFECTION. Also, I want a tie clip that says BRUNO.
56. MURDER, MY SWEET - 07/24/15 - TCM - Dick Powell as Philip Marlowe. I'd watch that scene of him striking a match off of a cupid statue's backside ERR'DAY. The bits with the femme fatale were too hokey. Didn't really care for the mystery either.
57. NIGHT MOVES - 07/27/15 - TCM - Now we're talking. This neo film noir was outta sight, like Gene Hackman's hair. Loved the various references to the original hardboiled detectives of the Silver Screen. Quite a few ladies to loathe in this film, like Webster's mom and a not-yet-legal-but-nekkid-often Melanie Griffith.
58. TOMORROWLAND - 08/02/15 - Picture Show (cheapy movies) - MEH at best. All of the best bits were in the trailer. The end sucked.
59. LITTLE VOICE - 08/07/15 - Netflix - Holy cow! Michael Caine can act. Brenda Blethyn was over the top and campy and fun. Needed more Ewan.
60. A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES - 08/09/15 - Cinemax - Will no one make a Scudder movie worth watching? So very terrible.
61. TIG - Netflix - watched this awhile ago but forgot to note it here. Interesting to watch someone trying to figure out the "next step" in their life after surviving so many difficult, personal issues followed quickly by the most success she's had professionally. I thought her need to focus more on her personal life was genuine as a result of such a painful period in her life.
62. MINIONS - 08/11/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe with va_vacious and Tiffers - SO MUCH FUN. The Minion Medicine that we all needed. That little "Bob" fart is my new happy place.
63. I AM CHRIS FARLEY - one of the basic cable networks - This was OK. Fun to see lots of his work at Second City and his Letterman appearance(s). Did Tim Meadows not want to talk? Or did they just not reach out to him?
64. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION - 08/16/15 - Merchants Walk - Lots of action, lots of fun. Not the dress I'd wear to climb up all kinds of ropes and ladders. But, what do I know. Homegirl sure was hot, though. Love a weak chin on a smarmy villian. (Asshole and his family sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME in a theatre that was maybe 1/5 of the way full. Jerk.)
65. THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - 08/18/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - Lots of fun. Took a minute to sort of dive into the movie and follow along with it. Didn't seem like a Guy Richie movie at all (I know that's a PLUS for some people). ZERO CUSSING. WTF. Armie was dreamy. Not all of the movie worked, but there were a couple of really fun/great moments that carried it for me. Mod-inspired without trying to be vintage. I know NOTHING about the TV show (except that Duckie from NCIS was on it).
66. MR. HOLMES - 08/22/15 - Regal Town Center with my mama - Great performance from Sir Ian.
67. RICKI & THE FLASH - 08/23/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/my mama - Love that Rick Springfield is the emotional touchstone for this movie.
68. AMERICAN ULTRA - 08/25/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Victor - BOURNE IDENTITY with some PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and a touch of TRUE ROMANCE thrown in. But, not as good as any of those. If you don't like Jesse Eisenberg or Kristen Stewart, you probably want to avoid this movie. Unless your love for Walton Goggins is greater than your dislike for those two actors.
69. BAD WORDS - 08/27/15 - Cable - Well, that was as fun as I had hoped/expected. Finally, Jason Bateman had to direct himself in order to be in a movie that I actually liked. The scene when harm comes to "Todd" is one of my favorite moments in film ALL YEAR. Allison Janney is over the top, but Kathryn Hahn was perfect. "Don't look at me!". This was silly and fun and crude and I loved it.
70. OPEN WINDOWS - 09/11/15 - Netflix - Man, Elijah Wood can really act with his eyes.
71. RIDE - 09/11/15 - Netflix - A smothering mother decides to dial it back a bit. Luke Wilson's bum looks amazing in a wet suit.
72. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 - 09/20/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynner - repeat viewing
73. THE LOST BOYS - 10/17/15 - repeat viewing - I stand by the statement that Grandpa's last line in the movie is one of the finest last lines EVER in a film. Also, this movie looked GREAT in HD. Super crisp. I also still lust for Jami Gertz's hair and wardrobe from this movie.
74. CRIMSON PEAK - 10/23/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Amanda - Gorgeous to look at and spooky in the right places. However, the sound editing/mix was horrible in like 5-6 places at the beginning of the movie and totally took me out of the film. I don't understand spending so much effort on sets and costumes, begging for people to pour over every detail, and then not making sure that the voice-overs sync up with the images. Definitely not a projection issue either. But, I'll just focus on all of the puffy sleeves and Tom Hiddlestone's backside (perv alert!) in order to scrub that criticism from my brain.
75. ALL AMERICAN HIGH: REVISITED - 10/24/15 - Netflix - Fun trip back to the 80s courtesy of this film recommended by CR. I didn't think the hair was too big (you didn't see the hair in Hamilton in the late 80s/early 90s, CR). I liked that the movie softly focused on the viewpoint of the Finnish exchange student. Her comments about cursing were hilarious. I don't remember people being that huggy/touchy with friends in high school. I wonder if it was a California thing.
76. KISSING JESSICA STEIN - 11/08/15 - HBO or something - repeat viewing
77. SPECTRE - 11/15/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Barb, Amanda, and Gwynner - I'm going to steal Dan's review for this, but omit the bits about it being "fun" and enjoyable.
78. CREED - 11/27/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Mom - Man, that was a great movie. I've seen all of the ROCKY movies in the theatre and was so excited to check this one out while my mom was visiting. WE LOVED IT! So much heart. The right amount of nostalgia. Amazing fight scenes (what you wish a real boxing match looked like). Perfect musical cues when needed. Loved all of the performances too. I can't wait for the next one. Until then, I'll happily see this one in the theatre again!
79. BROOKLYN - 11/30/15 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - A lovely look at the immigrant experience of a young Irish woman in the early 1950s. I now have a crush on the adorable, young Italian man who tries to win her heart.
80. THE NINE LIVES OF CHRISTMAS - Lifetime Movie - I can stop recording all of the other cheesy Christmas movies because the first one I watched was good enough to allow me to avoid the rest. Brandon Routh is perfect as the firefighter with a heart of gold. Also, I didn't feel like the movie dumbed down the main character (a vet student who thinks she has no time for romance in her life) at all. She wasn't desperate for a man and she wasn't conniving. Plus, CATS!
81. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS - 12/22/15 - AMC West Chester 18 w/The Greg - Sound flat, movie good (enough). Was it just me or did the Wookie suit need a fluffer?
82. KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE - 12/26/15 - repeat viewing on one of the cable movie channels with The Greg. That church scene is still insane.
83. THE INTERN - 12/27/15 - Picture Show - The theatre was packed for an afternoon showing of this older movie at a $1 cinema. I guess people were desperate to get out of the house with their families. Didn't care for the ending at all. Liked the Anne Hathaway character and Deniro was good. But, this was empty fluff.
84. TANGERINE - 12/31/15 - Netflix - I loved the look of this movie and I felt like I worked out from following these ladies on foot EVERYWHERE and IN A HURRY.
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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #529 on: January 11, 2016, 01:29:51 PM »

1. Top Five (Regal Belltower, Fort Myers, FL)
2. The Gambler (Regal Belltower, Fort Myers, FL)
3. A Night at the Opera (TMC)
4. A Day at the Races (TMC)
5. The Odd Couple (TMC)
6. Big Eyes (Regal Belltower, Fort Myers, FL)
7. The Imitation Game (Regal Belltower, Fort Myers, FL)
8. Inherent Vice (Regal Gulf Coast, Fort Myers, FL)
9. Selma (Mariemont Theater)
10. American Sniper (Cinemark Oakley)
11. Love Me (Film Movement DVD; 2013 from Ukraine)
12. Sick Birds Die Easy (DVD)
13. Cake (Esquire Theater)
14. Reportero (DVD)
15. More Than the Rainbow (DVD)
16. A Most Violent Year (Esquire Theater)
17. Black Sea (Esquire Theater)
18. Levitated Mass (DVD)
19. Two Days, One Night (Esquire Theater)
20. Match (Esquire Theater)
21. Men At Lunch (DVD)
22. Mommy (Esquire Theater)
23. Aftermath (2015 Jewish & Israeli Film Festival @ Kenwood Theater)
24. Still Alice (Esquire Theater)
25. Timbuktu (Esquire Theater)
26. Maps to the Stars (Esquire Theater)
27. Leviathan (Esquire Theater)
28. Red Army (Esquire Theater)
29. Chappie (Cinemark Oakley)
30. Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles (Esquire Theater)
31. If You Don't, I Will (Film Movement DVD; 2014 from France)
32. Wild Tales (Esquire Theater)
33.The Salvation (Silverspot Cinema, Naples, FL)
34. Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Silverspot Cinema, Naples, FL)
35. It Follows (Regal Bell Tower Cinema, Ft. Myers, FL)
36. Soof (Silverspot Cinema, Naples, FL)
37. Any Day (Silverspot Cinema, Naples, FL)
38. An Honest Liar (Esquire Theater)
39. '71 (Esquire Theater)
40. Kumoki The Treasure Hunter (Esquire Theater)
41. Star Trek II - The Wrath of Kahn (DVD)
42. While We're Young (Mariemont Theater)
43. Danny Collins (Cinemark Oakley)
44. The Human Scale (DVD)
45. God's Slave (Film Movement DVD; 2013 from Venezuela)
46. Star Trek III - The Search for Spock (DVD)
47. True Story (Regal Bell Tower Cinema, Ft. Myers, FL)
48. Ex Machina (Regal Bell Tower Cinema, Ft. Myers, FL)
49. North By Northwest (TCM)
50. Like Sunday, Like Rain (Silverspot Cinema, Naples, FL)
51. The Water Diviner (Esquire Theater)
52. Desert Dancer (Esquire Theater)
53. Dior and I (Landmark E Street Cinema, Washington, DC)
54. Tangerines (Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema, Bethesda, MD)
55. Maggie (Esquire Theater)
56. Welcome To Me (Cinemark Oakley)
57. Ballet 422 (Mariemont Theater)
58. White God (Esquire Theater)
59. Mad Max Fury Road (3D) (Cinemark Oakley)
60. Pitch Perfect 2 (Cinemark Oakley)
61. The Age of Adaline (Cinemark Oakley)
62. Lambert & Stamp (Esquire Theater)
63. Tomorrowland (AMC Newport on the Levee)
64. Good Kill (Esquire Theater)
65. Felix and Meira (Esquire Theater)
66. Human Capital (Film Movement DVD; 2013 from Italy)
67. Force Majeure (DVD; 2014 from Sweden)
68. In the Name of My Daughter (Mariemont Theater)
69. We Are The Best! (DVD; 2013 from Sweden)
70. The Connection (Esquire Theater)
71. Aloha (AMC Newport on the Levee)
72. Saint Laurent (Esquire Theater)
73. Jurassic World (Cinemark Oakley)
74. Love & Mercy (AMC Newport on the Levee)
75. Far From the Madding Crowd (Esquire Theater)
76. A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (DVD)
77. Solaris (AUD TV)
78. Apples From the Desert (Jewish & Israeli Film Festival @ Kenwood Theater)
79. Start Trek IV (DVD)
80. Heaven Knows What (Esquire Theater)
81. Brainstorm (TCM)
82. The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out the Window and Disappeared (Mariemont Theater)
83. A Little Chaos (Mariemont Theater)
84. Terminator (Scyfy)
85. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (ScyFy)
86. The Living Desert (AMC)
87. The Overnight (Esquire Theater)
88. Escobar: Paradise Lost (Esquire Theater)
89. Terminator: Salvation (ScyFy)
90. Terminator: Genisys (Cinemark Oakley)
91. Aloft (Esquire Theater)
92. Amy (Esquire Theater)
93. Un Illustre Inconnu (Delta in-flight)
94. Belpop: Jazz Bilzen (Canvas)
95. Heaven Adores You (Delta in-flight)
96. Manufactured Landscapes (Delta in-flight)
97. Angry Sky (ESPN 30 for 30)
98. A LEGO Brickumentary (Mariemont Theater)
99. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Cinemark Oakley)
100. Mad Max (DVD)
101. Trainwreck (Cinemark Oakley)
102. Southpaw (Cinemark Oakley)
103. Irrational Man (Esquire Theater)
104. Ricki and the Flash (Cinemark Oakley)
105. The Missing Picture (DVD; 2013 from France/Cambodia)
106. House From the Hill (TCM)
107. Straight Outta Compton (AMC Newport on the Levee)
108. Gemma Bovery (Mariemont Theater)
109. Infinitely Polar Bear (Esquire Theater)
110. The End of the Tour (Esquire Theater)
111. Jimmy's Hall (Mariemont Theater)
112. Z For Zachariach (Esquire Theater)
113. Phoenix (Mariemont Theater)
114. No Escape (Cinemark Oakley)
115. Mistress America (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
116. Walt Before Mickey (Silverspot Cinema, Naples, FL)
117. Diary Of a Teenage Girl (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
118. The Gift (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
119. Meru (Mariemont Theater)
120. Black Mass (Cinemark Oakley)
121. Cartel Land (Esquire Theater)
122. Everest IMAX 3D (Springdale Cinema de Luxe)
123. Grandma (Esquire Theater)
124. Pawn Sacrifice (Cinemark Oakley)
125. The Second Mother (Esquire Theater)
126. Sicario (Cinemark Oakley)
127. The Marian (Cinemark Oakley)
128. Sleeping With Other People (Esquire Theater)
129. Mississippi Grind (Esquire Theater)
130. 99 Homes (Esquire Theater)
131. The New Girlfriend (Esquire Theater)
132. Goodnight Mommy (Ich Seh Ich Seh) (Esquire Theater)
133. He Named Me Malala (Cinemark Oakley)
134. Bridge of Spies (Cinemark Oakley)
135. Meet the Patels (Esquire Theater)
136. Coming Home (Esquire Theater)
137. Steven Jobs (Cinemark Oakley)
138. Best of Enemies (Esquire Theater)
139. Sicario (Cinemark Oakley)
140. Labyrinth of Lies (Mariemont Theater)
141. Truth (Cinemark Oakley)
142. Our Brand Is Crisis (Cinemark Oakley)
143. A Ballerina's Tale (Esquire Theater)
144. La Vida Despues (The Life After; from Argentina) (Delta Airlines inflight)
145. I Nostri Ragazzi  (Our Boys; from italy) (Delta Airlines inflight)
146. A View To A Kill (VTM Belgian TV)
147. Skyfall (DVD)
148. Son of Saul (UGC Cinemas, Antwerp, Belgium)
149. Scout (Virgin Atlantic Airlines inflight)
150. Spectre (Cinemark Oakley)
151. Room (Esquire Theater)
152. Reflections In a Golden Eye (1967) (TCM)
153. Suffragette (Mariemont Theater)
154. By The Sea (Mariemont Theater)
155. The Night Before (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
156. Spotlight (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
157. Creed (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
158. Trumbo (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
159. Brooklyn (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
160. Chi-Raq (AMC Lenox Town Center, Columbus)
161. Macbeth (Mariemont Theater)
162. Stations of the Cross (DVD; 2014 from Germany)
163. Hitchcock/Truffaut (Esquire Theater)
164. The Prime Ministers: Soldiers and Peacemakers (Mariemont Theater)

Updating the last week of 2015: (bold in theater)

165. The Big Short (Mariemont Theater)
166. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Springdale Cinema de Luxe)
167. Carol (Esquire Theater)
168. Joy (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
169. Youth (Regal Belltower, FT Myers, FL)

The Big Short is from the same team that brought us Moneyball. Quite good, and sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Star Wars 7 is essentially a 'greatest hits' of all the things we loved in the original trilogy, while introducing new characters. Very well made, if utterly safe and predictable, but compared to the prequels, this is MILES better.

Carol is absolutely amazing. A tender love story between 2 women back when those things simply couldn't happen (early 50s). Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are OUTSTANDING. Extra bonus for us Cincinnatians as the whole movie was filmed in and around Cincinnati, and it's just fun to recognize all of the local landmarks that makes people believe this is set in NY.

Joy is the 3rd collaboration in a row between director David Russell and performers Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro, and easily the weakest of those three movies.

Youth is an abstract reflection on life as viewed by 2 old guys (retired conductor Michael Caine, and veteran filmmaker Harvey Keitel). No plot to speak of. I absolutely loved it.
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The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is one of Cincinnati's underappreciated treasures


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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #530 on: January 11, 2016, 02:09:52 PM »

Carol is absolutely amazing. A tender love story between 2 women back when those things simply couldn't happen (early 50s). Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are OUTSTANDING. Extra bonus for us Cincinnatians as the whole movie was filmed in and around Cincinnati, and it's just fun to recognize all of the local landmarks that makes people believe this is set in NY.

There's a scene somewhere toward the end in a cafe, no?  My cousin's wife is sitting next to Cate Blanchett, or next to and slightly behind or some such, in that scene.  I haven't seen it yet I just heard her verbal description.  She was pretty stoked about it.
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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #531 on: January 11, 2016, 08:17:40 PM »

Carol is absolutely amazing. A tender love story between 2 women back when those things simply couldn't happen (early 50s). Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are OUTSTANDING. Extra bonus for us Cincinnatians as the whole movie was filmed in and around Cincinnati, and it's just fun to recognize all of the local landmarks that makes people believe this is set in NY.

There's a scene somewhere toward the end in a cafe, no?  My cousin's wife is sitting next to Cate Blanchett, or next to and slightly behind or some such, in that scene.  I haven't seen it yet I just heard her verbal description.  She was pretty stoked about it.

I have it on very good authority from neighbours that the garage door of our building is featured. For a laugh I am thinking of erecting a plaque to celebrate it.
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Re: 50 movies in 2015
« Reply #532 on: January 11, 2016, 11:06:20 PM »

There is so much Cincinnati scenery to absorb, and it's such a terrific movie, that I plan on seeing Carol again before it leaves the theaters.
"A blind faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth" - Albert Einstein (1901)

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is one of Cincinnati's underappreciated treasures
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