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Author Topic: 25 New Restaurants in 2017  (Read 897 times)

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Re: 25 New Restaurants in 2017
« Reply #45 on: August 09, 2017, 10:38:55 PM »

it'll be awhile before i go to the new melt.  my buddy said that not only are the portions smaller but you no longer get a side.  but at least it's more expensive.  a bold strategy that just might pay off. 
 django's also moving.  in the old ko sho space.  probably a rent issue.  cuz the last location was prime real estate.  pogo seems to be making progress on his latest venture.  i've seen him pretty active lately
the portions at the new Melt are not smaller, at least from what we ordered today. In fact they may be bigger (hence the additional $1).

As to Django's, yes it was in a prime spot (across the street from the new Melt). Had lunch there a number of times, and loved it, and what a great view it offered! So I'm not surprised they've been pushed out...
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Re: 25 New Restaurants in 2017
« Reply #46 on: August 10, 2017, 01:31:05 PM »

pogo seems to be making progress on his latest venture.  i've seen him pretty active lately

Yeah, he's not got an opening date yet but he's making good progress.
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Re: 25 New Restaurants in 2017
« Reply #47 on: August 11, 2017, 01:20:31 AM »

Dizzy I'm noticing a pattern in your food genre choices.
Not really a long term pattern. Both places were last minute "we should go out to eat tonight" and that is where we ended up. So how about another place?

Southern - St Louis  I was visiting a friend in the St Louis area and I finally made it to this restaurant. My next door neighbor here in Cincy grew up with the chef so he has been recommending it for a awhile. I had a catfish sandwich and two pieces of Nashville chicken, mild and dark meat. It is worth a visit if you are out that way. It is located next to Pappy's BBQ and I have heard that is good stuff but I'm not waiting in a line to eat, to many memories from boot camp. 


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Re: 25 New Restaurants in 2017
« Reply #48 on: August 15, 2017, 01:35:55 PM »

1. Mitas - Downtown Cincinnati
2. The Greyhound Inn - Corfe Castle, Dorset, England
3. Moore Spice Indian Restaurant - Wembley, London, England
4. Saffron Indian Cuisine - Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
5. Coffee#1 - Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
6. The Home Tavern - Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
7. Bauer - Downtown Cincinnati
8. Epicurean Mercantile Co. - OTR, Cincinnati
9. Railstop Gastropub - Alexandria, VA
10. TJ Stones - Alexandria, VA
11. Extra Perks Cafe - Alexandria, VA
12. Daniel O'Connell's Irish Restaurant and Bar - Alexandria, VA
13. Asian Bistro - Alexandria, VA
14. Don Taco Tequila Bar - Alexandria, VA
15. Dolci Gelati - Alexandria, VA
16. Pavilion Cafe - Washington DC
17. Terrace Cafe - Washington DC
18. Tony Cheng - Chinatown, Washington DC
19. Butcher & Barrel - Downtown Cincinnati
20. The Bay Horse Cafe - Downtown Cincinnati

21. Spoon & Cellar - Downtown Cincinnati

Tucked away on Broadway right by the I-71 ramp at Seventh St., this restaurant was a pleasant surprise. Yeah, it's a hotel restaurant, but then so is Orchids. And Metropole. Not that I'm equating S&C with either of those, but it's much swankier than you'd think, given it's inside the Holiday Inn.

The menu isn't huge, but it's got a nice selection of meat and seafood dishes, as well as vegetarian and even a vegan option. Their wine list was quite impressive, too.

We were surprised that they offer happy hour seven days per week, and based on our experience we will certainly hit it up again for cheap drinks. During HH, their house wines and craft pints are $5 per glass (and the wines are generous pours).

I got an apple and goat cheese salad as my main with a glass of Clean Slate Riesling. CR chose the cod sandwich with shoestring fries. It was a very big, flaky and flavorful piece of fish, according to him.

The restaurant is well appointed and tasteful, even if the view isn't much (hello, highway ramp). The bar is massive and very well stocked. Service was friendly, personable and on the mark.

We were prepared for a "meh" experience (based solely on the fact that whenever we've been by it's been nearly empty) but wow, we were so wrong. Very nice indeedy.
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