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Author Topic: Random Sports Musings  (Read 112543 times)

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Re: Random Sports Musings
« Reply #1980 on: Yesterday at 07:51:26 AM »

US lady got the side of her right leg kicked.  It was far from violent contact, but there was definitely studs up contact to the side of her knee / calf.


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Re: Random Sports Musings
« Reply #1981 on: Yesterday at 11:16:07 AM »

First half of the US-Spain match was a highly entertaining match between two sides playing well.

Second half of the US-Spain match was a shitshow of horrible tactics (both sides), cheap fouls and dives (again, both sides), and awful officiating.

Half of Spain's team should have been sitting on yellow cards, making it hard for them to defend and opening up gaps for the US to eventually score.  Instead, no one on Spain's team was on a card and then the US got the softest of penalties the one time no one on Spain did anything dirty.

Agreed mostly. I felt that the penalty was a sad method to win the game, but that there should have been bunches of fouls and some cards given, so I justified it in my head that it was mostly an accumulation style penalty. Not that I really believed that, but there's a chance it was try.

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Re: Random Sports Musings
« Reply #1982 on: Yesterday at 03:30:24 PM »

My thing with VAR is, that to me it's a tool to help the refs.  So what should have happened is they should have looked at video and said "Wow, there was hardly any contact at all, mostly Rose Lavelle dove."  In which case it's not a PK and possibly a yellow. 

But if you're going to take an NFL approach where you try to spell everything out clearly and then use VAR as a measuring tool to tell you if contact was made above the knee or if someone was .0001 inches offside then you need to rewrite the rules way more specifically.  Also, you need to VAR every potential foul.  Expect games to take 4 hours, and for no one will ever finish with 11 players on the field.  They're not going to do that.

So what you're going to get is games like US-Spain.  Even the first US PK which was less controversial, Heath played for that foul and then flopped.  If it were a basketball game, we would say she drew a foul.  I don't have a moral issue with drawing fouls or even diving, but I have an entertainment issue.  It's not as much fun to watch.

The problem with soccer is not the official's judgment on close calls.  It's the reward system.  What makes the goals feel cheap is that the reward of almost a free goal + potential red card (in effect deciding the game) is too much for a run-of-the-mill foul.  If the US isn't handed the game over a slight touch but instead just gets an indirect free kick, we don't have this controversy.

If they don't fix it, every team will play the way US and Spain did.  If I'm the favored team and winning the flow of play against a side doing a competent defending job, I'm going to play for the PK and flop every single time I'm in the box.  And if I'm the team on the defensive and I know the slightest mistimed tackle or bad hand position means I lose the game, but that no one looks when it's outside the box, then I'm going to wrestle every player to the ground before they can get into the penalty area.

A similar thing happens with offside.  They don't want to wave the flag and stop play, because they think it's easier to let the play finish and then take it back if someone was offside.  But then, they don't want to call offside unless the attacking player touched the ball.  But where does that leave the defense?  If the flag stays down, they have to play to the whistle.  Which means they have to act like the attacker who is four yards behind them can score.  Which means you have to make that desperation lunge header to disrupt play.  And then you give up the PK or you head the ball into your own net or right to another player and they will count the goal because the offside player never touched it.

They're using VAR to try and make the officials less culpable.  They should be using it to make the game better.  Figure out how you want the game to be played, and then decide on VAR's role within that framework.  If you have the technology to determine if a player is .0001 inches offside and you want to use it, then just make it so if there is a player in an offside position the play is dead.  Then the defense can go ahead and play to the whistle without worrying about their actions essentially negating an offside.

The way they are using VAR and interpreting the rules right now is a debacle. 


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Re: Random Sports Musings
« Reply #1983 on: Yesterday at 04:59:42 PM »

So in the Women's World Cup quarter-finals, it's 7 European countries and Teams USA. Wow. Good luck to our American women!!!
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Re: Random Sports Musings
« Reply #1984 on: Today at 09:30:02 AM »

That's not a handball.

Another example of how the current interpretations make no sense. 
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