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Author Topic: Leggy  (Read 20222 times)

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Re: Leggy
« Reply #195 on: January 28, 2020, 06:23:36 PM »

FYI Leggy will join forces with their palls The All-American Rejects at Bogart's on Friday, Feb 21. Come one, come all!

As a complete aside, I took my then 15 yr. old daughter to the Vans Warped festival at Riverbend in the summer of 2005. I typically LOVE hot weather, but that day was beyond hot, like upper 90s or something. Thankfully there was a "parents-designated" area, which was a large tent that was air-conditioned and had TVs everywhere, and that is where I spent a good part of the day. I did go check out a few bands, including the AARs (wisely staying way in the back of the crowd). The AARs played a 7 song set list. Yes, all of SEVEN songs. My daughter later told me she had waited like 2 hours for their set, all the way up front, and she managed to snag a set list afterwards, which she proudly had on the wall in her bedroom for years. The setlist read "CINCINATTI 7/22/05". Uhuh! It is the stuff of legends. If you want to hear the AARs butcher our city's name yet again, come join me at Bogart's!

To finish the Vans Warped story: the best part of the day was 8:30 pm, which is when the festival officially ended, so that the young(er) kids all could go get back home at a decent early hour (my daughter commented that she felt "old" compared to a good part of the crowd). I thought I was going to cry from happiness when I found out it was over that early. I was so ready to get out of there.
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