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Author Topic: 10/16@RadioDown- INS, HungryLucy, DietAudio, WholeFantasticW  (Read 1359 times)

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10/16@RadioDown- INS, HungryLucy, DietAudio, WholeFantasticW
« on: October 12, 2004, 01:49:11 PM »

Sat. 10/16 at Radio Down in Covington...  INS and Hungry Lucy are both coming off of GREAT showings over at the Midpoint Music Festival.  Don't miss this incredible lineup!!!

Infinite Number of Sounds
Diet Audio
Hungry Lucy
Whole Fantastic World

Don't miss this great lineup!!!

The Whole Fantastic World - Nashville, TN - www.theory8records.com
Moving more in the direction of genre-defying acts like Blonde Redhead or Shipping News, The Whole Fantastic World orchestrates songs without instrumental limitation. What begins as minimalist composition can travel the entire dynamic range within its four minutes. The Whole Fantastic World's debut album Chime! was released on Nashvilleís theory 8 records (label of Forget Cassettes and Apollo Up!). The album has all ready been added to WOXY.comís regular rotation and the band will be doing a live in-studio performance on Friday, October 15th at the stationís new studio. It will be the stationís first in studio performance in their new building. The album will be premiered at Shake It Records store in Cincinnati on their listening stations for further promotion.

Hungry Lucy - Cincinnati, OH - www.hungrylucy.com
On their third full-length album, local genre-bending duo Hungry Lucy prove to us, yet again, that the confines of one musical style just won't contain them. Released on Nov. 2nd, "To Kill a King" seamlessly traverses the musical spectrum from
somber darkwave to catchy pop without missing a beat. Fans of Hungry Lucy's first two releases, "Apparitions" and "Glo", will not be disappointed with this fresh batch of inspired electro-organic productions crowned with Christa Belle's haunting voice. While not officially released until Nov. 2nd, Hungry Lucy will have the CD available for purchase at this gig and will be playing mostly new material from the disc. Don't miss the clever synchronized video that HL's live shows have become known for.

Diet Audio - Cincinnati, OH - www.myspace.com/dietaudio
Few bands effectively combine classical elements, electronic beats, driving guitars and Raw Emotion. Diet Audio does just that. Haunting vocals combine with sparse guitar and rhythms to create moody songs to help you get your swerve on. Diet Audio combines classical sounds and electronic influences to create a unique sound with a raw, edgy sensibility.

Infinite Number of Sounds - Cleveland, OH - www.infinitenumber.com
Cleveland's Infinite Number of Sounds is an electro-rock/media-art performance group that is quickly earning the acclaim of fans and critics. Experimenting with musical forms from breakbeat to barbershop, INS throws down elaborate multimedia-style live performances, mixing their music with projected digital video imagery edited live to the beat. The Pittsburgh Pulp describes Infinite Number of Sounds as "the ultimate visual/musical experience".


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10/16@RadioDown- INS, HungryLucy, DietAudio, WholeFantasticW
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2004, 02:13:23 PM »

Hey, y'know, I'm cool with posting about your upcoming show, but if your only purpose here is to do so, that ain't cool. This isn't exactly a local area site.

Join in on the convo, yo.
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