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Author Topic: my TV show history in a nutshell  (Read 738 times)

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my TV show history in a nutshell
« on: October 12, 2004, 04:48:20 PM »

right now,i'm writing the text for the website. figure i'd share a rough draft of the show's history. let me know what you think.
Name: Dennard summers

occupation: the main guilty party behind the show and website

from: Pittsburgh, Pa via Toledo, Ohio (yeah, not all the guys dress like Cpl Klinger)

what bought you here: it was either following my bliss or working at the auto plants in Toledo.

How did the show begin: from every cloud comes a silver lining? I was the co-music editor for a monthly magazine in Pittsburgh called Post-Meridian: The Night Sentinel. We were a startup American edition of a popular German nightlife magazine but Tis was hard in a city where it was a shot, beer and bitch about the Steelers. The magazine put itself on hiatus in 1997 as we were looking for new backers. I had amassed a nice amount of record label contacts. I had been tempted to start up my own publication, but decided not to deal with the aggravation behind it. I had offered my services as a freelance writer to other publications in Pittsburgh but none of the free publications were biting.

I was seriously thinking of slinking back to Toledo, go to grad school and suffer working in a medium sized radio market as a radio DJ until I decided to get a music video show going on the community channel in Pittsburgh.

The early versions of the show were not polished. It was me doing all the dirty work with Angie Waller as host plus a phalange of models doing the blue screen fun bits. The thing was that it was drowning in femininity. So, I pared down the blue screen bits to about 15-20 seconds and they ran four times per show. The other thing was that I didnít have great quality as far as the models went. (Pittsburgh isnít exactly a fashion happening city) As a result, we went strictly with no models and focused on the music.

We were gaining a following in Pittsburgh and with the record labels. As a result, we landed interviews with the likes of Chevelle, Tara MacLean, Dexter Freebish, Stir, and Rufus Wainwright. We also talked with Drowning Pool, Sugarcult, Unwritten Law, Boy Sets Fire, Lifehouse, Local H, Andrew W.K. Bret Michaels, Dapp Theory, Gomez, Orgy, and From Autumn to Ashes, Moneen, Smile Empty Soul and Primus.

As a result of Angela leaving for Utah, I had to assemble a new crew for the show. Even though we were on public access TV, I felt that we shouldnít have to look like a public access show. First in the puzzle was DJ and programmer Christopher Michael. Next on the list was model and photographer Jennifer Marvin. She roped in Michael King for editing and camera duties. Michael and another editor Andrew Vlacek roped in Tim Noel to serve as host for the show.

Our show, which was one of the most watched shows on PCTV 21, expanded to include broadcasts in Chapel Hill, NC via The Peopleís Channel and the website Chanz.tv. Our show later expanded to add San Francisco and right now, weíre going back to Toledo, Ohio to add some coolness to the Glass City.

Thatís basically a brief history of our show in a nutshell.
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