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Author Topic: COVID-19  (Read 952 times)

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Re: COVID-19
« Reply #45 on: Yesterday at 03:52:37 PM »

It's impossible to go for a walk without too many people around. We try to go out when it's rainy, cold, or just generally gloomy as that seems to help (sorry, but that "at least there will be nice weather this weekend" statement is actually bad news). We also try to focus our "going out" to the pre-work hours. Otherwise, I think we are okay.

Every cough makes me wonder. Every headache makes me wonder. The paranoia is horrible.

We've been remote for 3 full weeks now. But we still have to go out, and we have gone out. Exercise and supplies only, plus laundry. We don't have laundry facilities in our building, let alone our unit. So I did drop off yesterday. The laundromat was active and you can't get away from people. We really fear for the poor ladies that did my laundry yesterday. They were wearing masks and gloves, and if you think about it the clothes have been washed so theoretically they are clean. Still, my laundry won't be touched for 24+ hours after receiving it back.

Technically though, so far, we are fine.

That being said, my mother-in-law in a nursing home has the symptoms. There are no tests and no space to send her anywhere. 
We don't expect good news.


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Re: COVID-19
« Reply #46 on: Yesterday at 08:36:31 PM »

oh dear. so sorry to hear that. hoping for the best.

detroit appears to be a mess. michigan is up to over 12k cases. thankfully, i'm out of the suburban sprawl of metro detroit, so there's some solace in that. small little community with one main street; the suburban sprawl is on its way, but hasn't got here just yet. i'm picking the stores that i think are farthest away from the population center to avoid as many people as possible; bonus for automatic doors. We don't seem to be a hotspot for COVID yet, and hopefully won't be. I've not heard of any local cases.

small enough community that keeping distance is easy. the condo complex is spaced out far enough so that we don't have to be all up in each others space. i take walks and keeping distance is simple enough to do.

living alone in a condo, i'm fighting being lonely and bored. i've completed all the DIY projects i can, and there's no real yardwork to do. the woman i'm seeing isn't close enough by to visit often - and i'm self quarranting due to a doctor visit (non-virus or flu related) 10 days ago, just to be sure. so far, no symptoms. but as dan, described, the paranoia is real.... is that cough??? headache??? sure is causing anxiety. i'd like to drink, alot, but living alone and drinking by oneself isn't all that fun.  and the anxiety is really hitting me. and i've never really had issues with it before all of this.

i miss teaching. i miss those little bastards aggravating me. like all of us, i miss normalcy. remote teaching just isn't the same. we just finished our 2nd week of remote teaching. private school so our remote learning will count. no final exams this year, just an average of the two quarter grades for the semester grade. parents and students are very appreciative that we're still having our students learning. evidence suggests they like that we are making them learn - gives them something to do.

so far no COVID cases impacting family or friends. i did have a student whose great grandma was showing symptoms. out of a school community of ~1300 students/faculty/staff and only two cases with one death that i know of. we've been lucky so far.

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