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Author Topic: A Farewell To Sea Ray  (Read 1631 times)

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A Farewell To Sea Ray
« on: January 21, 2005, 02:18:34 PM »

Everyday new bands form, and everyday other bands split up.  That day is today for Sea Ray, one of my favorite "97X" bands.  Tonight is their final show at the Mercury Lounge.  I will be there with some friends, mourning the loss of a band that I've had the pleasure to see twice already and enjoyed their independent spirit and fun/creative music.  Hopefully I'll post a quick review this weekend.  I never would have heard them if not for 97X, and so I somewhat associate the two together.  Seeing Sea Ray go is another sad moment for me.

From www.searaymusic.com

It's with great sadness and anticipation that we announce our final show: Friday January 21 at NYC's Mercury Lounge, with our friends The Mobius Band, Say Hi To Your Mom, and Challenger.  [show info]  [tickets]

After nearly eight fantastic years, we've accomplished far more than we ever thought possible and met more great people than we ever expected. We've played in venues we only dreamed of, in cities we'd only read about, and performed alongside bands we've idolized and befriended.

Unfortunately, several factors have led us to the decision that we cannot continue. The biggest difficulty we've failed to overcome is the financial challenge of being in an independent band full-time while maintaining any semblance of a personal life, as well. We're each unwilling to carry on with the band if it's anything less than 100% of our effort, and we're simply unable to do that anymore.

Rest assured that we're parting on good terms and will remain close friends who will most likely collaborate on future projects. It's just that Sea Ray as we know it is now going away.

We're sorry to share this news with you, and if you're anywhere near New York in January, we do sincerely hope you'll come out to the show and let us thank you in person for your support over the years, and also help us celebrate all the amazing times we've been lucky enough to experience with the band.

Our website will remain up, and we'll post news on future projects as they develop.

Thank you all so much for everything. It means more to us than we can hope to express here.

Until next time,
Anne, Colin, Greg, I-Huei, Jeff, Jordan
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