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Author Topic: Constantine  (Read 845 times)

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« on: February 21, 2005, 10:15:38 AM »

I'll admit it, neither Steve nor I have read the hellblazer comic. So we went into the movie without the comic-geek "I can't believe he's not blonde and british" anger. The only thought in our head about the movie was "God, I hope it doesn't completely suck"--we even made note of the exits just in case we felt the need to walk out.

We were surprised though. It was very well paced, it didn't really drag at all. The effects were great (the way they depicted hell was great), it was well written (I thought) and canoe didn't give a terrible performance--it was less wooden than his other recent performances. The supporting cast was excellent too (Rachel Weisz (sp?) was very good). The guy they had play Lucifer was perfectly cast we thought, wish we saw more of him and less of gavin Rossdale  (he plays a good slimeball, but the first scene you see him in was a groaner). There were a few lines that drew groans from the audience, but for the most part it seemed like everyone was sucked in.

The basic plot is (this is probably over-simplifying it, but I don't want to give too much away) John Constantine (Keanu) performs exorcisms and "deports" demons back to hell if they break the rules and try to interfere with the balance. Angeline (Rachel Weisz) is a detective who is convinced that her twin sister didn't commit suicide. She asks for Constantine's help to find out what happened to her sister and the answer isn't at all what she wanted or expected to hear.

The action was well done. The effects were really kick ass, most are best on the big screen. The whole heaven vs. hell chess match scenario was well handled. It's not a happy go-lucky movie, there are funny lines but it's black comedy. It is violent and will probably be disturbing to someone with sensitive sensibilities or someone who can't handle the subject. This is the first r rated movie I've been to that hasn't had kids under 12 in it with their parents--thank god.  Over all, it was a pretty good movie (if you subtract the upset over the changing Constantine to a dark-haired American). We enjoyed it and there wasn't anyone walking out of the theater saying how much it sucked (like when we saw the village).
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