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Author Topic: Peterborough Utd. - Year 7 ('10-'11) - Run for a Title  (Read 11053 times)

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Peterborough Utd. - Year 7 ('10-'11) - Run for a Title
« Reply #75 on: June 02, 2005, 10:42:53 AM »

Final league table:

Final player stats:
Not including Talal El Karkouri, who pulled a David Copperfield after retiring, or any of the reserves who came up and played a game or two.

Our departing players (or scheduled to depart):
DM-C Fabio Rochemback
AM-LC Hugo Viana
AM-RL Fabrice Fernandes

D/DM-RC Kofi Dakinah
GK Graham Stack
Str. Elvis Hammond
AM-C Inzaghi
D-LC Luke Pritchard
D-C Sashi Chalwe
GK Zlatan Azinovic
Str. Franco Cataldo
D-C Ian Holmes
Str. Rafael Santos

Our current wage bill is just under $43 million... but the departing players will cut that by over $6 million.  I do not currently plan on re-signing Rochemback, Viana, or Fernandes... even though Fernandes had a sizzling run of form in mid-season, and Viana has been a wonderful player for us.  I just can't pay Hugo Viana $3 million a year to be a 60 minute player.  Rochemback has been largely disappointing, so I'm pleased I didn't sign him to a 4 or 5 year deal.

As for the reserves, it'll be sad to see a couple of them leave the club... but none of them are Premiership caliber players, and most of these guys are too old to justify keeping in the reserves for any kind of large salary.  Goodbye, all.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 7 ('10-'11) - Run for a Title
« Reply #76 on: June 02, 2005, 10:53:26 AM »

Our Reserve squad finishes 2nd in their group of 14, just 2 points behind champion Cardiff, but ahead of such reserve teams as Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Our Under-18 squad finishes 4th in their group of 13, 9 points behind champions Leicester.  

Posh players in top-25 of final stats
Average rating:
1.  Jose Antonio Reyes (ARS) - 7.86
6.  Carlton Cole - 7.62
14t. Fabrice Fernandes - 7.50
14t. Cristian Zaccardo - 7.50

1. Fernando Cavenaghi (ARS) - 20
2. Carlton Cole - 19
6t. Lebohang Mokoena - 15
20t. Bosko Balaban - 10
25t. Roman Wallner - 8

1. Gareth Barry (VIL) - 16
2. Fabrice Fernandes - 13
6t. Carlton Cole - 10

Yellow cards:
1. Lee McKenzie (MID) - 10
2t. Fabio Rochemback - 9

Man of Match awards:
1. Gabor Kiraly (PAL) - 10
7t. Carlton Cole - 6
14t. Fabrice Fernandes - 4

Average attendance: 17,532 (20th/20)
Goals For: 76 (1st)
Goals Against: 35 (3rd)


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 7 ('10-'11) - Run for a Title
« Reply #77 on: June 02, 2005, 11:23:14 AM »

We are able to finagle 2 offers for our departing players... we get Liverpool and Man City to bid $1.5 million for Hugo Viana... and a Portuguese team bids nearly $1 million for reserve striker Rafael Santos.

I accept all bids.  

Santos agrees to a deal with Gil Vicente rather quickly.  It was a brief tenure for Santos, the 22 year old striker, who looked very promising when I signed him from Sporting Lisbon 3 years ago for $260,000, when he was 19.  But he never saw the field much, and leaves us having scored 2 senior goals in 6 starts over 3 seasons.  At least we made our money back on him... and we'll get 40% of his next sale.

Hugo Viana signs with Liverpool... which worries me.  We'll get $1.5 million in transfer fee for the 28 year old attacker.  Viana was absolutely sparkling in his time with us... we signed him for $4 million from Chelsea's reserves just prior to our first Premiership season 3 years ago.  He proved himself quickly, but also proved to be injury prone, and generally unfit to play a full 90 minutes in most any match.  He started 64 games, and was a substitute in 8 more for the Posh, scoring 20 goals and tallying 21 assists.  He was named man of the match 8 times, and had an average rating of 7.19 in those 3 seasons.  Those stats include 3 goals and 3 assists that Viana had in 7 European appearances for us this year.  

Champions League Final - From Stade Olimpico, Rome
Roma 1:0 Juventus
-AS Roma take full advantage of their home field crowd in the European final, making a 12th minute Mido header stand up all the way.  Roma had nearly 60% of the ball, and limited Juve to just 2 shots in dominating this final throughout.  This is Roma's 2nd straight European crown, becoming the first repeat winners of Europe since AC Milan did it in 1989-90.

FA Cup Final - From Wembley
Manchester United 2:2 Chelsea
-Arjen Robben got Chelsea on the board early, scoring in the 6th minute off a rebound from a Didier Drogba shot.  Just after the break, Stewart Downing's corner kick found Eric Djemba Djemba, who headed it home inside the right post in the 49th minute.  3 minutes later, Downing again on the assist, finding Wayne Rooney between 2 defenders, and his shot is tipped by Petr Cech, but not kept out.  Chelsea equalized in the 71st minute, as Landon Donovan struck a straight-forward shot from 18 yards, and it beat Stekelenburg to the near post.  Chelsea went a man down in the 80th minute, as John Terry had to leave with an injury, and the Blues had already used up all the subs. Extra time settled nothing, and this nail-biter went to PK's.  Unfortunately for the crowd, it was the worst display of penalty kicks in modern history, as it was decided 1-0 on PK's after 5 rounds... the lone scorer being the first taker, Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.  This is Man U's first FA Cup in 5 years.

With that, the 2011/12 European qualifiers are decided:
Champions League: Peterborough, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd.
UEFA Cup: Liverpool, Newcastle, Crystal Palace
EURO Vase: Aston Villa, Birmingham

Birmingham comes up after 1 year of relegation, and has a chance to qualify for Europe right away.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 7 ('10-'11) - Run for a Title
« Reply #78 on: June 02, 2005, 11:31:15 AM »

Time for Year 8.
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