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Author Topic: Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted  (Read 13600 times)

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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2005, 02:12:13 PM »

Quote from: "Butter"

And somehow I'm still married.

And employed.  :lol


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #16 on: June 03, 2005, 02:27:56 PM »

Again, LOOK AT WHAT HE'S DONE FOR THE DAMN TEAM!  If you were his boss, could you afford to let go of someone who gets results like that?!


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #17 on: June 03, 2005, 02:33:42 PM »

I know I wouldn't. I'm surprised they haven't built a statue of him yet.
"I believe that in the long view of history, the British Empire will be remembered only for two things. The game of football, and the expression 'fuck off.'" - Sir Richard Turnbull


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #18 on: June 03, 2005, 04:30:34 PM »

We decide to try out Diego Gavilan at defensive midfield... but he's a natural right winger, not a central player, so we'll see what happens.  Wallner is still recovering from a minor injury, and Vagner and Mascherano are both unavailable with injuries.

Aug. 7, FA Community Shield - Televised
v. Manchester United at Wembley Stadium
Series: Red Devils lead 4-2-2
Fav: Man U, Evens

Luckily, this game is just a glorified pre-season match.  Because Man U is one of the few teams we can't consistently play with.
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Alex, Zaccardo
Mid: Gavilan, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Mokoena, Cole

5'- Wayne Rooney's 30 yard free kick deflects off the wall and sneaks past Arenas.  1-0, Man U.

11'- Cole breaks free in the area, but John O'Shea recovers and makes a clean tackle away.

34'- Ronaldo and Fletcher both have shots charged down by the Posh defense, and Schweinsteiger's attempt is well wide.

38'- Mokoena is played onside by Mngomeni, but his shot is charged down by Stekelenburg.

45+'- Ivica Olic with a great individual effort around some loose marking, and he slots it home past Arenas, 2-0 Red Devils at the halftime whistle.

60'- 5 subs are allowed in this game, so we use 4: Balaban for Mokoena, Bellomo for Cole, Kargbo for Zaccardo, and Jesus (whose full name is Jesus Castro) for Gavilan.

73'- Jensen on for Bocanegra.

75'- Jesus's entry into the game is not without it's humorous moments... such as "the referee wants a word with Jesus" and "Jesus is furious with the referee".

79'- Bastian Schweinsteiger is booked a second time for holding back Jesus.

We boringly stick with defensive tactics, and end up with a 2-0 loss.  I'd be lying if I said the apparent slowness of my defense didn't worry me... as well as Arenas's lackluster performance.  We'll see if it has any bearing on us in the regular season... we are traditionally slow starters anyway.  Arenas and Zaccardo pick up 5's on the day.

Loss, 2-0 - Manchester United wins Community Shield
Shots/on target: Man U 16/8, Posh 7/3
Poss: 53-47, Red Devils
A: 89,972


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #19 on: June 03, 2005, 04:31:13 PM »

Arsenal decide not to follow up their enquiry about Wesley Sneijder.

Real Madrid supporters protest yet again, after their club loses in the first leg of the Third Qualifying Phase of the Champions League to Red Star (Belgrade)... I say, hey, you've still got a home leg coming.

Manchester United sign Diomansy Kamara.

Birmingham City sign 36 year old David Beckham, after he was released by Real Madrid over the summer.

Aug. 13, Match 1
@ Norwich City
Series: Canaries lead 3-1-2
Fav: Posh, Evens

Norwich have gotten off to absolutely torrid starts the last couple of years, so Carrow Road is not a good starting place for us... we'll see how we hold up.

Unavailable: Kranjcar, Gavilan, Mascherano
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Alex, Zaccardo
Mid: Jesus, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Mokoena
Str: Wallner, Cole

6'- Cole has the ball tackled away on a drive into the box, but Sneijder collects and shoots long and low... parried by Canary keeper Morgan De Sanctis... and hoofed away.

12'- Sneijder with a great switch of play to the left... Mngomeni is unmarked on the left edge of the box, and sends in a lofty cross... Cole heads it over the bar.

22'- Sneijder with a great long ball to Cole... he is 5 yards clear of the last defender... but he shoots right into the keeper, and it bounces away.

33'- Mngomeni with a nice cross to around 8 yards... both Cole and Sneijder converge, Sneijder gets the head to it, but De Sanctis tips it over.

Possession was pretty even in the first half, but we had the better chances... but Cole looks a step slow right now.

53'- Mokoena sends a ball right to Sneijder... he crosses back to Mokoena, who has time and space from 10 yards... De Sanctis with another nice save.

68'- Cole with a steal in the Norwich defensive third... he plays it square to Mokoena, but he mishits the volley, and De Sanctis gathers it up.

73'- Balaban in for Cole... Bellomo enters for the 6-rated Mngomeni... Sneijder switches to the left wing, Bellomo will play on the right.

75'- Wallner's 35 yard free kick falls to Mokoena... it's poked away, right to Jesus, who turns and shoots... it deflects off a defender, then off the woodwork and away!

78'- Sneijder plays a long ball back to Arenas... who hits it back to Wallner at midfield... Wallner nods down to Sneijder, who holds play up... then plays long and right to Bellomo... Bellomo beats his man and is free on De Sanctis... he goes high after De Sanctis commits low, and scores from 12 yards!!  Milciades Omar Bellomo, the young Ethiopian, the unlikeliest of heroes, as we take a 1-0 lead!

90'- A long ball towards our end gets through to 22 year old striker Jamie Chapman... he advances on Arenas, and Libis stones him!  Great one on one play by Arenas to preserve the shutout!

Norwich throw some more long balls forward, but we're up to the task and take an important opening win!  Good performances abound today... Arenas, Zaccardo, Jesus, and Mokoena pick up 8's.  Morgan De Sanctis wins MoM for Norwich.  Jesus with a surprisingly good debut... the 19 year old Spaniard may well get some more playing time if he continues to put forth similar efforts in Mascherano's absence.

Win, 0-1, begin in 7th place
Shots/on target: Canaries 6/3, Posh 15/8
Poss: 50-50
A: 21,887

EPL Round 1 results
Birmingham 0:0 Liverpool
Arsenal 5:0 Cardiff
Blackburn 3:1 Villa
Sheff Wed 0:3 Portsmouth
WBA 0:3 Man City
West Ham 0:0 So'ton
Man U 0:1 Spurs
Chelsea 5:1 Newcastle
Boro 2:1 Palace

Arsenal and Chelsea make statements on the first weekend... 5 goals in victories... Chelsea's win being particularly impressive.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #20 on: June 03, 2005, 04:31:55 PM »

Mokoena strains a groin in training, and will miss about 2 weeks of action.

Aug. 20, Match 2
1-0-0, 7th pl., 3 pts.
v. Sheffield Wednesday (lost 3-0 to Portsmouth in opener, in 17th pl.)
Series: Owls lead 2-3-1
Fav: Posh, Evens

Former WBA striker Robert Earnshaw is a recent signing designed to bolster this newly promoted Owls side.  Sheffield Wednesday is back in the Premiership for the first time since the 1999/2000 season.

Unavailable: Kranjcar, Mokoena, Mascherano
GK: Arenas
Def: Jensen, Svensson, Marcos, Sarr
Mid: Kargbo, Fernandes, Bellomo, Balaban
Str: Vagner, Cole

1'- Midfielder Glenn Whalen with a shot 20 seconds in, but it just curls over the bar.

10'- Cole with a 70 yard run with the ball, but in the end his 12 yard shot bounces off the keeper and is cleared into touch.

12'- Marcos wins a header in midfield to Vagner... he passes short to Cole, who nutmegs his man and is off to the races... this time he doesn't miss, slotting it inside the right post... 1-0, Posh!

24'- Bellomo heads a long ball from Arenas down to Cole... Cole again zips right past a man from 40 yards and is in on the keeper... he shoots far post this time, and scores!  The Owls just have no idea what to do with Cole, and we lead 2-0!

32'- SW captain Robert Davidson with a good turn on Marcos, but his shot is scooped over.

34'- Kargbo with a long ball to Cole... he is onside again, and finishes again!  A 35 minute hat trick for Carlton Cole, and we lead it 3-0!

45'- Defender Stephen Crainey with a 25 yard free kick for Wednesday, and it hits the wall and goes in behind a wrongfooted Arenas.  3-1 at the half.

All this damage was done pretty much without a couple of key players... Balaban and Fernandes both with 6's at the break.

49'- Those 2 try to rectify their poor play, Fernandes with a well struck outswinging corner, Balaban with a strong header from 8 yards, but it strikes the foot of the post and goes out for a goal kick.

54'- Fernandes with another outswinger... Cole dives onto it at the edge of the 6, and it's in!  That's 4!  A new Posh record for Cole, 4 goals in a single game!  4-1, Peterborough.

61'- Marcos with a header away to Balaban... he goes long for Cole, who is away again... could it be 5?  It could!!!  Inside the far post, Cole strikes his 5th of the match home!

65'- Robert Earnshaw with a nicely struck ball from 18 yards, but Arenas holds it.

76'- Gavilan on for Balaban, as Bellomo moves to AM... and Wallner enters for Carlton Cole, who gets a standing ovation!  What a game!

89'- Fernandes's 40 yard free kick comes to Bellomo in the arc... he shoots from 15 yards with space... it powers past the keeper!  Bellomo's 2nd already of the season, 6-1!

Cole is the obvious man of the match, with 5 goals and a 10 rating, but Bellomo also picks up a 10!  The youngster is playing very well.  Svensson with a 9 in defense, and many 8's to go around.

Win, 6-1, up to 2nd place
Shots/on target: Posh 15/10, Owls 11/5
Poss: 53-47, Owls
A: 19,449

We set a new attendance record, obviously here, but Cole also with a team record 5 goals in a single match.

EPL round 2 results
Liverpool 2:1 Chelsea
Cardiff 0:2 Man U
Palace 3:0 West Ham
Man City 0:2 Arsenal
Portsmouth 0:3 Blackburn
So'ton 3:1 Norwich
Spurs 3:1 Birmingham
Newcastle 1:0 Boro
Villa 2:1 WBA


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #21 on: June 07, 2005, 10:03:18 AM »

Kargbo, Svensson, Bellomo, and Cole are named to the Team of the Week.

As the August transfer window comes to a close, it looks like we're staying put with who we have.  I would've liked to have sign another left back, but it looks like that ain't gonna happen... I just can't find one I'm in love with.

Attacking midfielder Diego signs with Liverpool... who pay Porto $36 million for the rights to the 26 year old Brazilian's services.  I tried to sign Diego in the offseason, but I wasn't willing to pay $6 million a season to him.  The Reds will pay $5.8 million a year for his talent.

Our Wednesday game was advanced to Tuesday because of our visit to the mainland for the Super Cup on Friday.  In case you're wondering, all the Super Cup is, is a meeting between the winners of the previous year's Champions League and UEFA Cup.

Mokoena is nursing a groin strain, so we send him to rehab to try and improve the injury, which will keep him out another 2 weeks.

Aug. 23, Match 3
2-0-0, 2nd pl., 6 pts.
@ Blackburn Rovers (2-0-0, 3rd pl., 6 pts.)
Series: Rovers lead 4-1-3
Fav: Posh, Evens

We go ahead and use the first team here, and will probably use mostly the second team against Roma in 3 days.  Our former keeper, Graham Stack, is having a hot start for Rovers and starts in goal today.

Unavailable: Mokoena, Mascherano
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Alex, Zaccardo
Mid: Jesus, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Vagner

2'- Sneijder receives a Heitinga header, and passes to Jesus... Jesus with a long ball to Wallner, who takes it in and slots it home!  But he was way offsides!  I just kept waiting for the flag to go up, and it finally did.

22'- Blackburn are doing a good job keeping us out of the box... Sneijder's 25 yard curling shot is blocked away by Stack.

33'- Midfielder Daryl Smylie with a long range shot wide for Blackburn.

42'- Smylie with a header from 8 yards, it skims off the bar and over.

58'- Mngomeni with a nice run down the left, he cuts it back for Wallner at the top corner of the area... Wallner tries his luck... and good ol' Graham Stack barely moves as he watches it hit the back of the net!  1-0, Posh!

73'- Gavilan in for Sneijder, who is not playing well.

81'- Sub striker, American Will Johnson with a nice play, as he draws the defense, then slips a ball through to Neil Danns... Danns with a 10 yard shot, tipped out by Arenas!  The ensuing corner is passed to 5 different Rovers, before midfielder Christopher Eagles takes a shot that Arenas can't hold, and Welsh midfielder David Vaughan is there to apply the finish... 1-1.

Cole in for Vagner, Lunt in for Zaccardo as we switch to a 3-5-2 to try and snatch another goal.  Lunt will play in the center circle, an area we normally have vacant.

85'- Eagles nearly scores from 20 yards, but Arenas clutches it.

87'- Mngomeni is off to the races down the left, but he decides to try a low 25 yard shot that Stack handles easily.

90+'- Kenny Lunt with a 25 yard free kick to the right of goal... he strikes it over the wall, and past a helpless Stack into the top right corner!  What a strike by Lunt to give us the points!

Jesus continues his terrific start to the season, the 19 year old Spaniard rating a 9 and winning MoM from defensive midfield.  Jesus won 10/13 tackles in this match, and assisted on an early goal that was called back.  Arenas, Zaccardo, Heitinga, Alex, Wallner, Gerard, and Lunt pick up 8's, as we get a big win against an early challenger to the throne.

Win, 1-2, up to 1st place
Shots/on target: Rovers 9/5, Posh 17/9
Poss: 51-49, Posh
A: 27,480

We jump into 1st past Arsenal, but maybe not for long, as the 2nd wave of mid-week games hits the following day.

EPL Round 3 results
Chelsea 2:0 Spurs
Man City 0:0 Cardiff
Boro 0:3 Liverpool
Norwich 0:1 Palace
Sheff Wed 0:2 So'ton
WBA 0:2 Portsmouth
West Ham 1:1 Newcastle

Arsenal did not play today, so they couldn't pass us.  We remain in 1st going into the weekend.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #22 on: June 07, 2005, 10:04:31 AM »

We are given $4.8 million for being "bye"'d into the Champions League Group Stages.... and the stages are drawn.

Our group will be Group C.  We will be joined by Swiss club Young Boys, who beat Sportklub Tirana of Albania and Partizan Belgrade to reach the Group Stages.... also by Deportivo La Coruna of Spain, who beat Wisla Krakow in the Third Qualifying Round... and by AC Milan, who also have come through on a bye.

I think we can finish top 2 in this group... but we did not get an easy group as Deportivo is traditional very good, and AC Milan is always a Champions League title contender.  Our fixture list:
Sept. 13 - @ Young Boys
Sept. 28 - v. AC Milan
Oct. 19 - @ Deportivo
Nov. 1 - v. Deportivo
Nov. 23 - v. Young Boys
Dec. 6 - @ AC Milan

I sure hope it doesn't come down to that last matchup.

Aug. 26, European Super Cup - from Stade Louis II, Monaco
v. AS Roma (Champions of last year's Champions League)
Fav: Posh, 6:4

Unavailable: Mascherano (suspended), Gerard (suspended), Mokoena (injury)
GK: Grant
Def: Jensen, Marcos, Svensson, Sarr
Mid: Kargbo, Fernandes, Gavilan, Bellomo
Str: Cole, Balaban

15'- First attacking action of the game, Sarr heads long to Cole... Cole beats one man, then dribbles far ahead... Balaban picks up the errant dribble, and is in on the keeper... his shot is stopped by Ivan Pelizzoli, and cleared by Philippe Mexes.

19'- Fernandes feigns the 12 yard shot, instead squaring it for Cole... but Pelizzoli with a tremendous save to keep it from sneaking inside the post.

23'- Midfielder Mario Alberto Santana with a 25 yard shot, bending hard to the left corner, but Grant is able to tip it away.

33'- Fernandes with a 40 yard free kick... he hits it to the edge of the area, where Bellomo nods down for Cole, who strikes from 15 yards... Pelizzoli with another nice save.

40'- Cole breaks on the counter attack... he drags 2 defenders with him, then passes to the gaping hole, where Bellomo runs onto it... Bellomo with time and space, but he is stoned by Pelizzoli, and Mexes clears into touch.

50'- Santana with a nice early ball in... Striker Daniele Corvia with the header... off the post!  But Corvia called for a push anyway.

53'- Fernandes' free kick is met by Cole's head... but put over.

66'- Fernandes' 30 yard free kick bends a bit too much, out for a goal kick.

69'- Mngomeni on for Fernandes, Vagner for Balaban.

85'- Good midfield possession, and buildup... then Cole swings a ball to the top corner of the area, where Mngomeni is alone... Thando attacks goal, shoots low... and it goes in between the keeper and the post and into the net!  1-0, Posh!  Mngomeni with the late goal... could it be the winner?

90+'- After several long balls each way come to nothing, Marcos with a steal in midfield... he knocks it ahead to Vagner, who takes on his man, cuts inside, then shoots from 25 yards... he crushes it, and it bends toward the far post, strikes it and goes in!  What a strike by Vagner!  2-0, Posh as Vagner sews it up!

As the kickoff is taken, the referee blows for full time and we win the Super Cup!  Vagner with a 9 and MoM honors in relief of Balaban.  The 21 year old Brazilian impressing in his 20 minutes on the field.  Grant, Sarr, and Marcos pick up 8's in a fine defensive effort, as Roma barely sniffed our goal all match.  

Win, 2-0, Peterborough wins Super Cup
Shots/on target: Posh 13/7, Roma 9/3
Poss: 52-48, Posh
A: 8,553

Apparently, the masses were not moved to come view this glorified exhibition match.  This match is fixed at the Stade Louis II, and this is the first time it has failed to draw at least 18,000.  Apparently, Peterborough is still not a big enough name to draw a crowd.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #23 on: June 07, 2005, 10:05:16 AM »

Heitinga, Jesus, Gerard, and Wallner are named to the Team of the Week.

EPL Round 4 results
Cardiff 1:2 Birmingham
Villa 1:1 Man City
Palace 4:0 Sheff Wed
Liverpool 0:0 West Ham
Newcastle 3:1 Norwich
Spurs 2:1 Boro
Portsmouth 2:2 Arsenal
Man U 2:2 Chelsea
So'ton 2:1 Blackburn

Neither Arsenal nor Man U pass us... but Crystal Palace and Southampton both do, pushing us into 3rd place, but we do hold a game in hand.

We make a small reserve signing, penning 21 year old Brazilian defender Fabio to a 4 year contract worth $32k per season.  We also pay Cruzeiro $90k to bring him over.  He has some impressive skill, but needs to work on his mental game a bit.

Our match against Arsenal on Sept. 10 is moved to the 21st, giving us 2 weeks off after this next match.

Sadly, Javier Mascherano goes down with a hip injury that is scheduled to sideline him 2 months... I decide to send him off for surgery, which I should've done a while back, and he'll probably be out until around Christmas.

With the emergence of Jesus, and Kargbo's steadiness, we decide to just bring up Cesar Arzo from the reserves and hold off on buying a replacement... though I really, really want to blow $20 million on Vincent Kompany, the 25 year old Belgian DMC from Arsenal.

Aug. 31, Match 4
3-0-0, 3rd pl., 9 pts.
v. West Bromwich Albion (0-0-3, 19th pl., 0 pts.)
Last meeting: WBA 1:0 Posh (Friendly, 7/24/08)
Fav: Posh, 1:2

With a 2 week layoff coming up before our first Champions League match, no reason not to run most of the first team out there.
Unavailable: Mascherano, Mokoena, Arzo (all out w/injury)
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Alex, Zaccardo
Mid: Jesus, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Kranjcar
Str: Wallner, Cole

6'- Wallner with a nice ball forward to Mngomeni... he's got 2 men draped all over him, but still manages to put a hard 15 yard shot just wide.

7'- Jesus heads a WBA long ball well forward... Cole gets it just before the keeper, gets around the keeper... but has his shot blocked.  Great defensive recovery.

12'- 18 year old midfielder Jamie Ford with an open 20 yard shot, but it meanders out for a goal kick.

18'- The deadly Posh counter-attack strikes again... Alex with a terrific tackle away after WBA had some good possession in the box... he chases the loose ball down, then hits it long to Wallner, who is onside... Wallner attacks the goal, and slots it home inside the far post!  1-0, Posh.

WBA is actually playing pretty well, but they just lack quality at the end to finish plays.

37'- Cole hits it left to Mngomeni, who lofts a ball over the back line to Wallner... Wallner with a little bit of space, he stops at the edge of the area and hits it toward the far post... and in!  Wallner's 2nd of the game puts us 2-0 ahead.

46'- Mngomeni crosses in to Cole off the 2nd half restart, but Cole's header is just off target.

53'- Wallner on the left passes to the middle to Kranjcar... Niko plays Mngomeni through... he's barged over, and a penalty is given!  Alex lines it up... and scores!  3-0.

67'- Kargbo enters for Wallner... Vagner on for Cole as we switch to a 4-5-1.

75'- Lunt enters for a slightly injured Kranjcar.

82'- Kargbo steals a throw in... then we knock the ball around a bit, and Kargbo ends up with it, passing into the box for Vagner... Vagner turns, dribbles, and shoots from 15 yards... into the top left corner!  Great goal by Vagner, who is showing us some skill now.  4-0.

Roman Wallner gets a 9, a brace, and MoM.  The entire back 4, Jesus, and Mngomeni pick up 8's as well.  The Baggies were just no match for our first teamers.

Win, 4-0, up to 1st place
Shots/on target: Posh 17/7, Baggies 5/1
Poss: 53-47, Posh
A: 19,437

EPL mid-week results
Arsenal 6:0 Villa
Birmingham 1:1 Man U

We leap back into 1st with the big win, and Arsenal jump into 2nd.  Manchester United are struggling in 11th place right now... but that'll surely change.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #24 on: June 07, 2005, 10:06:35 AM »

Jesus is 2nd in the Player of the Month of August voting... he started 3 matches, rating 2 8's and a 9... very impressive for this Spaniard who just turned 20 on August 25th.

Impressive enough to earn him Young Player of the Month.  Vagner finishes 3rd in this voting as well, with his 1 goal and assist in the league this month, and his finishing goal in the Super Cup.

Naturally, I win the Manager of the Month for our dominating early form.  To be fair, though, our early schedule has been pretty soft, including 2 recent promotees.

Arsenal's defender William Gallas breaks a leg, and will likely be out until the New Year.  Manchester United were dominating the league last year until they hit a rash of injuries, and we were eventually able to drop them to 3rd.

John Heitinga, captaining the Dutch national team, scores a surprise goal in Holland's 2-1 win over Georgia in EURO 2012 Qualifying.

Bocanegra, Heitinga, and Wallner are selected to the Team of the Week.

Vagner breaks a cheekbone in practice, and he'll miss nearly a month of action.

Bad team selection news for me again... as Arenas is going to be away with Colombia for our first Champions League match.  And I only picked 2 keepers for our 25 man roster.  Again, I'll have to hope Grant can hold up.  He's played well in limited action of late, so we'll see what shakes out against NAMBLA's favorite European team, Young Boys of Switzerland.

Champions League Title Odds
AC Milan - 5:1
Man U, Juventus, Barcelona - 8:1
Valencia - 10:1
Deportivo - 11:1
Peterborough United - 18:1

With your team being rated as something of a long shot at 18:1, the bookies seem to assume that the most you can hope for is reaching the latter stages in this competition.

EPL Round 5 results
Villa 2:0 Cardiff
Blackburn 0:1 Palace
Chelsea 2:0 Birmingham
Man City 2:0 Portsmouth
Boro 0:2 Man U
WBA 0:1 So'ton
Norwich 0:1 Liverpool
West Ham 0:2 Spurs
Sheff Wed 2:2 Newcastle

Southampton pass us into 1st place following their Saturday afternoon win over the Baggies.  They are 4-1-0 after 5 games, one of 4 undefeated Premiership squads.

Mokoena returns from physiotherapy, and should be fit to play for us in about a week.

Sept. 13, Champions League Match Day 1, Group C - Televised
@ Young Boys (Bern, Switzerland)
Fav: Posh, Evens

All 3 of my defensive midfielders are injured, so we default to Diego Gavilan.  He has played there a time or two in emergencies.
Away on international play: Arenas, Alex
Unavailable due to injury: Kargbo, Mascherano, Jesus, Mokoena, Vagner
Ineligible for competition: Arzo

GK: Grant
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Marcos, Zaccardo
Mid: Gavilan, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Cole

11'- 1st chance of the game, as defender Daniel Haller swings in a corner kick for midfielder Pat (yes, just Pat), and his header is tipped over nicely by Lee Grant.

19'- A low centering pass is sent across the six, a quick shot is taken, but Bocanegra does well to block it out for a corner.

22'- Another great pass comes in by the Swiss midfielders... then forward Thomas Remy with a 12 yard shot that takes a deflection... Grant with a great recovery to tip it to Heitinga, who clears.

We're getting killed out there.  Nerves, maybe?

24'- Finally, an opening... Sneijder passes to Cole at 25 yards, he does some nice work, getting to within 10 yards, but he pulls a left-footed shot wide.

Not much else happens for the remainder of the first half, as the Swiss side dominates the ball in the first half.  Marcos with a 6, Grant with an 8, and everyone else with a 7 in the first 45.

52'- Pat charges up the left side end line... he sends in a low ball to the top of the six, where Remy volleys it, but Grant with great reaction to move across and save it!  Heitinga slides in and clears the rebound away!  Outstanding defensive awareness to stop a sure goal.

60'- Bocanegra with a 40 yard ball into the box... Cole and the keeper converge, and the keeper wins it.

67'- Wallner's pass across the six yard box is deflected... back to Wallner, who tries to head it on target, but it's over the bar.

72'- Balaban in for Wallner, and Bellomo enters for an ineffective Sneijder... Sneijder has been struggling lately.

84'- Pat is sent through onside... he gets to within about 10 yards of goal and shoots... right at Grant, thankfully.  We dodge a huge bullet there.

88'- Great ball movement from the Swiss, as a cross is sent to the back post, then a pass back across the six finds Pat with an easy finish.  1-0, Young Boys.  Pat is everywhere!

Kranjcar in for Zaccardo, and we go with a 3-4-3, with lots of guys thrown forward.

90+'- Kranjcar with a good ball left to Mngomeni... he's just outside the area, and crosses to the back post... a Young Boys defender misses a header at 3 yards... and Carlton Cole is there... to head it in!!!! A dramatic equalizer, as the rock, Carlton Cole gives us a road point!

Pat is the well-deserved MoM for Young Boys, but Cole's late header gives us the point!  Grant, Bocanegra, Mngomeni, and Gerard with 8's... Wallner with a 6.  I have to say, I thought we'd have an easier time with them than this.  This doesn't give me great hope of moving on, considering that 2 of the top 6 favorites for winning the whole thing are in this group.

Draw, 1-1
Shots/on target: Young Boys 13/8, Posh 12/4
Poss: 55-45, Young Boys
A: 10,462

AC Milan do us a great favor, scoring twice at home to defeat Deportivo, so we start mid-table in the group of 4.

We get $200k for the draw... any group stage win will net us $400k.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #25 on: June 07, 2005, 10:09:33 AM »

We hit kind of a rough series of games here, as we host Manchester City... then we'll be at Arsenal, at Aston Villa, then home to AC Milan.

Sept. 17, Match 5
4-0-0, 2nd pl., 12 pts.
v. Manchester City (2-2-1, 10th pl., 8 pts.)
Series: Even, 3-1-3
Fav: Posh, 5:4

Unavailable: Mascherano, Vagner, Mokoena (injuries)
GK: Arenas
Def: Jensen, Marcos, Svensson, Sarr
Mid: Arzo, Fernandes, Bellomo, Kranjcar
Str: Wallner, Balaban

8'- Arenas saves Adrian Mutu's 30 yard free kick.

A lackluster first half flies by, as the 2 teams manage only 4 shots anywhere in the vicinity of goal.

Still more nothing in the second half... we have a couple of 15-20 yard shots blocked by defenders... but at least we took a couple of shots.

75'- Cole in for Balaban, Gavilan in for Bellomo, and Sneijder on for Kranjcar.

88'- Gavilan with a nice switch of play to the left... Fernandes advances, and all I can think is "don't take a long shot, don't take a long shot".  He takes a long shot.  It hits the out of bounds signage.  Game over.

7's all around.  This is the problem with our defensive tactics... it allows teams visiting London Road to pack it in themselves and play for the road point, which is probably all they're hoping for anyway.

Draw, 0-0, down to 2nd place
Shots/on target: Posh 9/4, Citizens 3/1
Poss: 53-47, Posh
A: 19,287

EPL Round 6 results
Portsmouth 1:3 Villa
Birmingham 2:1 Boro
Cardiff 0:2 Chelsea
Man U 3:1 West Ham
Spurs 1:0 Norwich

Spurs advance to 1st place with their win.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #26 on: June 07, 2005, 12:59:11 PM »

MoM stands for....???
Man of the Moment?  that's all I could come up with.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #27 on: June 07, 2005, 01:30:26 PM »

Quote from: "mistergugi"
MoM stands for....???
Man of the Moment?  that's all I could come up with.

Man of the Match.  It's like the MVP of the game.

Action Jim

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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #28 on: June 07, 2005, 01:35:44 PM »

Quote from: "Butter"
Quote from: "mistergugi"
MoM stands for....???
Man of the Moment?  that's all I could come up with.

Man of the Match.  It's like the MVP of the game.

What!? They don't have Horse Trailers in Europe?  Buncha pansies...
size=10]"If God had wanted man to play soccer, He wouldn't have given us arms."

"The future's so bright, I -- I can't bear to look."  - This Modern World[/size]


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #29 on: June 07, 2005, 02:48:31 PM »

Cool.  Oh yeah, and how come all your players get hurt in practice. What are you doing to them?  Running them through full contact drills?  

And how could you possibly let my favorite player, Vagner, even get a scratch on him.  Sheesh, some manager you are.
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