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Author Topic: Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted  (Read 13695 times)

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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #30 on: June 07, 2005, 02:58:42 PM »

Quote from: "mistergugi"
Cool.  Oh yeah, and how come all your players get hurt in practice. What are you doing to them?  Running them through full contact drills?

I'm not sure... it could be many things.  You have a certain number of physiotherapists (or physios) on staff.  Their job is just to make sure your players stay healthy.  I have 4 right now, which may not be enough for my burgeoning roster.  Too few physios means more injuries.  Also, each player has a "natural fitness" rating... this can impact how often they get injured.  I do keep an eye on that rating when I sign players, but it's not as important as their overall skill.  Also, it could be that they're training too hard.  I use the game's default training settings for defenders, goalkeepers, midfielders, and attackers, because I just don't care to fiddle that in-depth with each training regimen.  It's too time consuming.  But I don't train my players on the day of, or the day after a match.  I have done that before, and it results in even more training injuries than I have.  

Or, maybe they're all faking it because they're a bunch of pussies.

And how could you possibly let my favorite player, Vagner, even get a scratch on him.  Sheesh, some manager you are.

Vagner was just starting to tear it up when he went down too.  I'm thinking about bringing in Strauss or Verdi as his short-term replacement.   [-o<


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #31 on: June 07, 2005, 03:02:36 PM »

Heh...a more serious answer than I expected.  Maybe you need another doctor guy, or just need to relax their training.  Mmmm, maybe not.  It's a long season....  

Yeah, I think they're all just a bunch of soccer prima donna pussies.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #32 on: June 07, 2005, 03:05:09 PM »

Quote from: "mistergugi"
Yeah, I think they're all just a bunch of soccer prima donna pussies.

Clearly.  I didn't check anyone's "pussy" rating, but I bet Vagner's right up there considering he's Brazilian.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #33 on: June 08, 2005, 12:56:21 PM »

Sept. 21, Match 6
4-1-0, 2nd pl., 13 pts.
@ Arsenal (3-1-0, 8th pl., 10 pts.)
Series: Gunners lead 4-1-1
Fav: Gunners, Evens

Unavailable: Mascherano, Vagner
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Alex, Zaccardo
Mid: Jesus, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Cole

7'- Jose Antonio Reyes with a corner kick to the back post... DM Vincent Kompany heads it on, but Arenas with a nice save.

8'- Marco Donadel with a fierce 25 yarder, but Arenas grabs that one too.

11'- Anthony Le Tallec with a great 15 yard shot, but again Arenas with the tip save.

Arsenal just beat us to every loose ball early, but Arenas keeps us in it.

28'- Finally we get some open space, but Cole's 20 yarder is high.

31'- Cavenaghi with a nice play down the right, he crosses near post for Donadel, who heads it home.  1-0, Gunners.

34'- Cole decides we need a goal, and starts a run from our half... beats Kompany like he's not even there, then gets around the keeper and powers it home!  1-1.

Gerard out with a slight injury at the half, Bellomo in for him.

48'- Mngomeni with a great long ball to Cole... Cole takes it in stride, and slots it home inside the left post!  2-1, Posh!

55'- Bellomo's 20 yarder is saved.

66'- Sneijder's bending 25 yard shot just misses the far post.

77'- Cavenaghi is played onside... but Arenas with a nice charge at him to cut the angle and ultimately make the save.

82'- Mngomeni pulls down Fredrik Ljungberg in the box, it's a penalty.  Cavenaghi scores it, it's 2-2.

88'- Wallner picks up a minor knock, Mokoena on for him.

Hey, I'll take a road point at Emirates Stadium any time I can get it.  We should've had 3, but you can't win 'em all.  It's our second straight draw, and it keeps Tottenham in front of us.  Carlton Cole wins MoM with a 10, scoring both Posh goals.  Arenas, Zaccardo, Heitinga, Jesus, and Wallner pick up 8's.

Draw, 2-2, remain in 2nd place
Shots/on target: Gunners 15/12, Posh 17/10
Poss: 55-45, Gunners
A: 53,379


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #34 on: June 08, 2005, 12:57:38 PM »

I decide to poke around the squad a bit, and notice some interesting things.

Jesus Castro is annoyed that his injury is hampering his settling into his new club.  He has had a couple of minor injuries already, so we send him to a specialist for about 4 weeks to try and get it straightened out.

Vagner (full name: Vagner Dias) is considered a "temperamental" striker.  I'll have to keep my eye on that one.  He does have a tendency to get carded.  That could be a problem in big matches in the future.

Arenas has improved his reputation to "continental" after his UEFA Cup performance last year.

Ibrahim Kargbo is upset because "he feels he isn't being played in his strongest position".  I play him nearly everywhere, so I don't know what that position might be.  In his profile, he's listed as a center-back... where he played several games last year.  Maybe he's just a whiner.

Carlos Bocanegra has DaMarcus Beasley listed among his favored personnel.

Diego Gavilan is listed as a "tireless midfielder", which I would agree with.

Javier Mascherano is listed as a "tenacious midfielder" who has a "driven" personality.

Both Fabrice Fernandes and Kenny Lunt are "experienced midfielders", which is just a polite way of saying "old".

Wesley Sneijder is a "cultured attacking midfielder".  Whatever that cultured means.  Does he run around the field with a tea cup and his pinky out?

Niko Kranjcar "wants to impress his new manager"... which he has definitely done so far.  

I take a look at the reserves a bit, and note that newly acquired striker Michal Jablonski is a "realist".  He is also developing like gangbusters down there... only 20 years old, and he has a bright future with the big club.

With Jesus and Mascherano both out for at least a month, that leaves us with just Ibrahim Kargbo and Cesar Arzo as defensive midfielders with experience on the big club.  

Roman Wallner states in the media that since complaining about wanting more playing time, he has noticed a greater willingness of me to play him, and that he was once again happy with his role at the club.

John Heitinga picks up a calf strain in training.  He will miss about 2 weeks.

The League Cup Third Round Draw is made, and we get a pretty good one... drawing a road game at one of four remaining League One sides, we'll play Kidderminster Harriers on October 26th.

Sept. 24, Match 7
4-2-0, 3rd pl., 14 pts.
@ Aston Villa (3-1-2, 9th pl., 10 pts.)
Series: Even, 2-2-2
Fav: Posh, 6:4

Out with injury: Heitinga, Jesus, Mascherano, Vagner
With the first AC Milan match coming in 4 days, we play for the road draw here with the 2nd string.
GK: Arenas
Def: Jensen, Svensson, Marcos, Sarr
Mid: Kargbo, Lunt, Gavilan, Kranjcar
Str: Mokoena, Balaban

11'- Some slack marking in the back, as a ball is played wide to Petter Andersson, and he crosses low to an unmarked Eidur Gudjohnsen, who finishes inside the far post from 10 yards.  No defensive pressure at all on that play.  1-0, Villa, as ageless wonder Gudjohnsen scores his 50th goal for Villa.

13'- John Arne Riise with a fierce 20 yarder that Arenas knocks down... the rebound is put over by Cana.

23'- Darius Vassell misses a glorious 8 yard chance, putting it wide.

24'- Finally, a break, as Lunt's 40 yard free kick drops to Svensson... he plays it to Mokoena on the left of the box... Mokoena plays it right to Gavilan... Gavilan with a short cross to Balaban, who turns and shoots high... he roofs it!  Powerful strike past the Villa keeper, and it's 1-1!

32'-Lunt's corner kick passes up Kargbo at the near post... keeper Thomas Sorensen seems surprised to see the ball, and he can't hold it... Balaban is there to make him pay!  2-1, Posh!  

39'- Riise with a cross to Phil Jagielka, open on the right side of the box... he shoots low, and without much pace... but Arenas barely moves, and it goes in.  2-2.

45+'- In the first added minute, Gavilan wins a header on a long ball from Arenas.  Gavilan then slides a wonderful through ball ahead to Balaban... but Bosko tries to be a bit too cute, and wastes the opportunity allowing the defense to recover.

50'- Gudjohnsen with a 30 yard effort... Arenas does well to parry it, but Petter Andersson is there... Arenas comes out to him, but he lays it back to Vassell, who finishes into the open net.  3-2, Villa.

54'- Sarr with a steal, ahead to Kranjcar... he passes short to Balaban, who has some open space on the right wing... Balaban gets around a defender, then cuts inside another... he tries a crazy shot from the edge of the area... it looks like a screwball, and it goes in off the far post!  Balaban with a hat trick, and we're back even yet again at 3-3!

66'- Lunt puts a cross into Balaban, but the defense closes him down and forces a corner.

75'- Aston Villa with a nice corner kick... but apparently no one occupied the center of the box as it sails out the other side untouched for a throw.

76'- Balaban is exhausted, he comes out for Bellomo... Mngomeni in for Lunt.

87'- Gudjohnsen with a nice cross to the top of the six for Luke Moore... his header just sails wide.

89'- Mokoena with a good long ball to Bellomo... but the keeper gets to it... Bellomo sticks a toe in, pokes it away, but the defense slides the ball left... Mngomeni tries a long range shot, but the Villa defense with a nice clearance in cover of Sorensen.  After two runs up and down the field, Villa back with it in our half... Vassell with a short cross to Cana, and Arenas with a great save to tip the short header out for a corner.

Bellomo needs some work on his off the ball movement... Gavilan had the ball in midfield, holding it for at least 5 seconds waiting for Bellomo to get back onside... but he just lingered well past the last defender, standing there like an idiot.  

And that's how this one ends.  Bosko Balaban with a 10 and MoM honors for his hat trick.  Arenas actually did well to keep it to 3... we were dominated in this one.  He gets an 8, as do Kargbo and Kranjcar.

Draw, 3-3, up to 2nd place
Shots/on target: Villans 19/9, Posh 7/4
Poss: 55-45, Villans
A: 37,689

EPL Round 7 results
Boro 0:1 Chelsea
Arsenal 4:1 Palace
Norwich 0:3 Man U
Portsmouth 4:0 Cardiff
WBA 0:1 Newcastle
West Ham 0:2 Birmingham
Sheff Wed 2:1 Spurs
Man City 2:4 So'ton
Blackburn 0:3 Liverpool

Norwich with their 7th straight loss to open the season... yet, they still sit above pointless West Brom on goal difference.  Southampton pass us with their Sunday win, as they continue their unbeaten start to the season.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #35 on: June 08, 2005, 12:58:59 PM »

Kargbo, Cole, and Balaban are picked in the Team of the Week.

Milciades Omar Bellomo reveals to the media that he is now content to wait on his first team opportunity, as his manager has convinced him that if he works hard, the opportunities will come.  We continue to whittle away at the unhappiness on the senior squad.  That pretty much leaves Kargbo and Cesar Arzo as unhappy... and Arzo's going back to the reserves when Mascherano returns healthy.

Sept. 28, Champions League Match Day 2 - Group C
v. AC Milan (1-0-0, 1st place in group)
Fav: Rossoneri, Evens

We haven't lost since the start of the regular season, but with 4 straight draws, we're not exactly hot either.
Out with injury: Heitinga, Mascherano, Jesus, Vagner
Ineligible: Arzo
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Alex, Marcos, Zaccardo
Mid: Kargbo, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Cole

8'- Nicolas Anelka's 30 yard free kick deflects off the wall, and nearly goes out for a corner, but Arenas hustles over to smother it.

14'- Gerard with a 25 yard shot that is well over.

16'- Forward Roque Santa Cruz's corner kick comes right to center back Alessandro Birindelli, but Arenas gets a glove on it to send it out for a corner.

25'- Bocanegra with a long ball to Mngomeni... he squares to Wallner... Wallner with a 25 yard shot that 37 year old keeper Marcos saves easily.

28'- Sneijder tries to send in a deep cross, but it takes a deflection and nearly goes in behind Marcos... saved.

31'- Cole runs down the right... then switches play to the left to Mngomeni... Thando with a hard 20 yarder that Marcos can't gather cleanly, the rebound is tackled away from Wallner and cleared.

36'- Wallner's 25 yard free kick hits the wall... Alex tries his luck with a volley, but it's not close.

Milan are playing for a draw, and we are dominating possession, holding 60% at halftime, including about 30% in the Milan half.

47'- Fullback Kakha Kaladze hacks down Cole with two feet, and is sent off with his second caution of the match.

We start piling on the pressure as Milan are packing their half with men.

62'- Gerard with a 15 yard effort that's way too high.

Mokoena enters for Zaccardo, as we switch to a 3-4-3 to try and put some more pressure on.

70'- Bocanegra with a long throw into the box... Kargbo with a flick on to Mokoena, who is open from 10 yards... and he slots it home!!!  The London Road faithful go crazy, as Mokoena has put us up 1-0!

73'- Sarr enters for Gerard, and we move Wallner to attacking midfield, going back to our standard 4-4-2 diamond.

76'- A good series of possession, as Mokoena moves it forward to Cole... Cole lays it off for Mngomeni, who passes forward to Mokoena, who has got in behind his man... Mokoena with a hard right footed shot... past Marcos and in!!  2-0, Posh!

80'- Kargbo with a swerving 20 yard shot that Marcos can't handle... but it's out for a corner.

85'- Marcos sends Mokoena clear with a great 70 yard ball... Mokoena runs onto it 10 yards behind the defense... he takes it around the other Marcos, and completes his 20 minute hat trick!!!  3-0, Posh!

88'- Sneijder's corner kick in to Carlton Cole... Cole heads it just over the bar.

90'- Mngomeni curves a ball to Mokoena, who is played onside by an opposite side defender... Mokoena attacks Marcos again... and finishes inside the near post!  An unbelievable performance by super-sub Lebohang Mokoena!  4 goals, and we lead 4-0!

Lebohang Mokoena with 4 goals in 30 minutes of action wins the MoM award, clearly, earning a 10 rating as well.  Mngomeni also with a 10, and Kargbo with a 9.  Arenas, Bocanegra, Alex, and Marcos with 8's, in a surprising demolition of one of last year's Champions League finalists.  Mokoena proving again his worth as a substitute, with his blazing speed.  This was a pretty even game until Kaladze got the red card, and we put in Mokoena.

Win, 4-0, up to 1st place in Group C
Shots/on target: Posh 28/17, Rossoneri 4/2
Poss: 62-38, Posh
A: 19,445

In the other Group C match, Deportivo squeak past Young Boys, on a Xabi Alonso injury time goal, winning 2-1 to move into 3rd place in the group, level with Milan on 3 points.

We win $400k for our victory, and our gate receipts of $1.2 million for this match is a new team record.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #36 on: June 08, 2005, 12:59:32 PM »

Oct. 1, Match 8
4-3-0, 3rd pl., 15 pts.
v. Portsmouth (3-1-3, 12th pl., 10 pts.)
Series: Posh lead 4-1-1
Fav: Posh, Evens

Out w/injury: Heitinga, Jesus, Mascherano, Vagner
We decide to give Grant the start today, just to be nice to the guy, who has been pretty patient.
GK: Grant
Def: Jensen, Svensson, Marcos, Sarr
Mid: Arzo, Fernandes, Gavilan, Kranjcar
Str: Balaban, Bellomo

1'- Portsmouth score off the opening kickoff, as the defense swings wide open for Yakubu down the middle, and he slots it home after just 25 seconds.

20'- Nice ball by Balaban to Fernandes, who is running alone on the left... he attacks the keeper, but shoots it right into his chest.

29'- Gavilan chases down an errant pass near the end line, and tries the crazy shot from there, but it's saved.

38'- Fernandes' 30 yard free kick deflects out for a corner kick.  

Cole in for Balaban at the half... and Lunt on for an ineffective Fernandes.

64'- Cole with a great ball ahead to Bellomo... he gets behind the defense, but his shot is scooped over the bar.

68'- Lunt runs down the left, and gets a good cross in to Cole... but the header is off target.

Mokoena in for Jensen, and we switch to an aggressive attacking 3-4-3.

79'- Bellomo with a terrific 20 yard strike, that just misses the top right corner.  

82'- Cole with a nice ball to the arc for Bellomo... he slides it ahead to Lunt, who shoots from 10 yards, but it's blocked away.

88'- Gavilan with a pass into space for Cole, who latches onto it, then attacks the keeper... he tries his patented slotted shot to the near post, but the keeper with a nice save again.

And we take an embarrassing loss at home.  We dominate play throughout, but that early goal doomed us.  I guess playing all the scrubs doesn't help either.  I also think that Arzo's level of play at DM has something to do with it, as he just isn't up to snuff there.  Gavilan gets our only 8.  Grant, Fernandes, and Bellomo pick up 6's in this poor effort.

Loss, 0-1, drop to 5th place
Shots/on target: Posh 18/6, Pompey 2/2
Poss: 56-44, Posh
A: 18,639

EPL Round 8 results
Man U 1:0 Sheff Wed
Birmingham 0:0 Norwich
Cardiff 0:4 Boro
So'ton 2:2 Villa
Spurs 3:1 Blackburn
Newcastle 0:2 Arsenal
Palace 2:2 Man City
Chelsea 2:2 West Ham
Liverpool 3:1 WBA

We finish the weekend 7th on 15 points, but are just 3 points behind first place Tottenham.  2nd through 6th place are all on 17 points.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #37 on: June 08, 2005, 01:00:17 PM »

Oct. 5, Match 9
4-3-1, 7th pl., 15 pts.
v. Cardiff (0-1-7, 19th pl., 1 pt.)
Series: Posh lead 3-2-1
Fav: Posh, 4:5

Injured: Jesus, Mascherano, Vagner, Fernandes
Recovering: Heitinga
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Alex, Svensson, Zaccardo
Mid: Kargbo, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Cole

1'- Sneijder with a good back post cross to Mngomeni, who collects the ball and fires at the keeper... blocked out for a corner.

5'- Sneijder again to Mngomeni, and it's the same play... only this time, Bluebird keeper David Yelldell doesn't come at Thando, but he still manages to block the shot away.

13'- Wallner crosses to the middle, Sneijder heads it but a defender blocks it out for another corner.

19'- Midfielder Filip Trojan with a 12 yard volley for Cardiff, but he hits it over the bar.

23'- Sneijder with a corner kick... it's headed right back to him... he shoots from the edge of the box on the left... and it goes in!  It looks to have gone off a defender... but the replay shows that he just bent it very sharply around the keeper and in off the back post!  Great goal, we lead 1-0.

35'- Trojan passes short to Matthew Oakley... Oakley with a 20 yard shot... Svensson deflects it, and it trickles thankfully past the post for a corner.

38'- Cole gets a nice through ball from Mngomeni, but Yelldell with a good save.

42'- Mngomeni with a great wide ball for Sneijder... he attacks the goal, and shoots from 12 yards... Yelldell tips it wide, but Wallner and Cole both there on the rebound, and Wallner gets the tap-in finish.  2-0, Posh.

53'- Sneijder with a 70 yard long ball to Wallner... Yelldell doesn't move, even though he could easily have beaten Wallner to the ball... but he ends up making the save anyway.

62'- Bellomo on for a tiring Gerard, Mokoena in for a slightly injured Wallner.

66'- Mngomeni playing wide on the left... he draws the defense to that side a bit, then crosses to a completely unmarked Sneijder, who hits a sweet volley into the back of the net.  Sneijder's 2nd of the game, and season... 3-0, Posh!

85'- Mngomeni just misses on a half volley, set up by Sneijder's long pass.

87'- Sneijder sets Bellomo up perfectly near the penalty spot, but his shot is tipped over the bar by a flying Yelldell.

The final whistle goes, and we take a pretty easy win over the relegation favorites.  Thando Mngomeni with a 10, as he wins MoM with his omnipresent performance.  Thando's wing-mate, Sneijder picks up a 9.  Zaccardo, Bocanegra, Alex, and Cole pick up 8's, as we coast to a shutout win.

Win, 3-0, up to 6th place
Shots/on target: Posh 22/15, Bluebirds 8/1
Poss: 54-46, Posh
A: 19,108

EPL Round 9 results
Arsenal 2:3 Liverpool
Villa 1:2 Palace
Blackburn 0:3 Man U
Man City 2:0 Newcastle
Norwich 0:2 Chelsea
Portsmouth 0:1 So'ton
Sheff Wed 2:0 Birmingham
WBA 0:1 Spurs
West Ham 1:1 Boro

Nearly every team ahead of us win, so we only creep up 1 notch.  We're still 3 behind Spurs for the lead, and 2 points behind 2nd through 5th places.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #38 on: June 08, 2005, 01:01:11 PM »

We get 10 days off before visiting a hot Southampton club.

In Sweden's 3-1 win over Croatia in EURO 2012 qualifying, Karl Svensson picks up an impressive 8 in central defense, while Niko Kranjcar scores Croatia's lone goal.  

Holland draws 2-2 with Wales, Wales scoring twice in injury time to get the point.  Wesley Sneijder with a pedestrian 7 in midfield.

Mngomeni and Sneijder are picked in the Team of the Week.

Carlton Cole, in just his 2nd match ever for England, comes off the bench late in a scoreless game with Scotland at Wembley, and scores 2 goals in 10 minutes to give England a 2-0 win.  These are Cole's first 2 national team goals.

Wesley Sneijder scored twice and rated a 10 in Holland's 4-0 crushing of Moldova.  John Heitinga also rated a 9 as captain of the Dutch side.

Oct. 15, Match 10
5-3-1, 6th pl., 18 pts.
@ Southampton (6-2-0, 5th pl., 20 pts. - Leading scorer: Dexter Blackstock, 8 goals)
Series: Posh lead 3-3-0
Fav: Posh, 5:4
Milestone: Zaccardo's 50th league appearance for the Posh

Injured: Jesus, Mascherano, Vagner
Stamina below 90%: Mngomeni
Away on int'l duty: Kargbo, Bellomo
Gavilan gets the start at DM today, as Arzo just ain't got it.
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Alex, Marcos, Zaccardo
Mid: Gavilan, Fernandes, Sneijder, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Cole

4'- Fernandes with a diagonal long ball for Cole... it skips past him, but Higginbotham can't control it, and Cole gets possession... he shoots quickly, but it's saved... the rebound comes right back to him, and he shoots... it hits square on the post and bounces clear!  Midfielder Darren Ambrose wiggles free on the counter-attack, but Arenas nicely holds his 15 yarder.

10'- The corner kick comes in... Blackstock with the quick header... Arenas with a great reflex save!

12'- Midfielder Alexei Eremenko with a 15 yard shot, Arenas with another nice save.

16'- Wallner with a good pass to Cole at the penalty spot, he wheels and shoots, but another good save keeps it out.

19'- Cole with a pass to Fernandes at 30 yards out, then he turns on the jets, gets the return pass, gets around the keeper, and scores!  1-0, Posh in this crucial early season match!

29'- Gerard wins a header, knocks it down for himself, then plays Cole onside!  Cole attacks the goal... and scores!  2-0, Posh!  Cole's 10th of the season, and 9th league goal!

31'- Off the ensuing kickoff, Eremenko is totally unmarked in the middle of the box, but he shoots a 12 yarder right at Arenas.

37'- Blackstock tries to slot one in from 15 yards, but he pulls it wide.

Not much happens for a while, as we knock the ball around in midfield...

70'- Robin van Persie with a 25 yard shot, that Arenas has to make a last second save on.

75'- Lunt on for a tiring Fernandes, Mokoena enters for Cole.

85'- Lunt and Mokoena hook up on a cross and header, but it sails just over.  25 seconds later, the same 2 hook up with the same result.

87'- Lunt passes into the middle for Mokoena this time, who dribbles around a defender 20 yards out, then slots it home inside the left post.  Mokoena strikes late again!  3-0, Posh.

88'- Crouch breaks free on a header off the ensuing restart, but Arenas with a great save to tip it away diving to his right.

The final whistle goes, and we turn in a Champions' performance today.  Alex was an absolute rock in central defense, winning MoM, with a 10 rating, winning all 9 attempted tackles, and all 10 attempted headers.  Cole and Arenas get 9's, and every other starter but Bocanegra, Fernandes, and Gavilan pick up 8's.  

Win, 0-3, up to 5th place
Shots/on target: Saints 12/9, Posh 13/7
Poss: 56-44, Saints
A: 28,391

EPL Round 10 results
Spurs 2:0 Arsenal
Cardiff 1:2 West Ham
Chelsea 4:1 Sheff Wed
Liverpool 2:0 Man City
Man U 2:0 WBA
Newcastle 0:1 Villa
Boro 1:1 Norwich
Palace 0:2 Portsmouth
Birmingham 0:0 Blackburn

We continue to inch our way back up the table, but the 4 teams ahead of us (Spurs, Chelsea, Man U, and Liverpool) just won't lose.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
« Reply #39 on: June 08, 2005, 06:18:45 PM »

Congrats on a seemingly successful season so far (except that loss...wtf?).  My lesson learned today:
4-3-1 means 4 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss, and not 3 losses and 1 tie, as I would have guessed.  This is an English thing or a soccer thing?


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
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It's a non-American thing.
"I believe that in the long view of history, the British Empire will be remembered only for two things. The game of football, and the expression 'fuck off.'" - Sir Richard Turnbull


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
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Quote from: "mistergugi"
(except that loss...wtf?)

I don't know what happened there.  I expected Cockney Rebel to come along and berate me for losing to Portsmouth at home.  For a brief spell, I entertained notions of a 2003/04 Arsenal-style undefeated league season.  But you just can't play your top players every single game, and our depth is not quite strong enough to carry us through every game.  Even so, we're enjoying more success in the Champions League than I expected at first.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
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Alex and Cole are picked in the Team of the Week.

Vagner finally returns to full training after his broken cheekbone.  Jesus also returns from his course of therapy, and the specialist is optimistic that he is ready to return to action.

Oct. 19, Champions League Match Day 3 - Posh are 1st in Group C
@ Deportivo La Coruna (1-0-1, 3rd pl., 3 pts. - Key player: DMC Xabi Alonso)
Fav: Los Turcos, 5:4

Injured: Mascherano
Recovering: Jesus, Vagner
Away on int'l duty: Kargbo, Bellomo
Ineligible: Arzo
I'm stuck with a fill-in at defensive midfielder today, as Kargbo plays in World Cup qualifying for Sierra Leone.
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Heitinga, Alex, Sarr
Mid: Zaccardo, Mngomeni, Sneijder, Kranjcar
Str: Wallner, Cole

3'- Bocanegra forward to Mngomeni... he squares for Kranjcar, who sends a great ball into the box for Cole... Cole brings it down and shoots quickly... good save by 33 year old Gustavo Munua, the Depor keeper.

5'- After another nice build up, Mngomeni with a sharp angled 12 yard shot that doesn't quite curl inside the back post.

7'- Cole with a crack from 15 yards, but his shot is into the side netting.

21'- The pressure pays off... Bocanegra long to Mngomeni... he beats his man, the chips to the center for Wallner, who volleys it inside the far post for a goal!  1-0, Posh, on Wallner's 5th of the year!

23'- After Depor knock the ball around in midfield, Sneijder heads a long ball away to Cole... Cole ahead to Wallner, who plays it to Mngomeni... Thando beats his man again, and is free... he takes an early shot at the far post... and scores!  2-0, Posh!  2 goals in 2 minutes gives us a big road lead!

Left winger Momo is just killing Sarr on the right side of our defense... but luckily Momo's last touches are failing him, as 2 dangerous crosses are headed away, and a 3rd pass goes right to Heitinga.

41'- First real chance for Depor, as Xabi Alonso floats a long ball onto the run of Vagner Love (former CSKA Moscow striker)... Love strikes it first time, but it's not on target.

50'- Zaccardo steals a throw in and passes ahead to Mngomeni... the cross comes into the back post for Cole, but his header is well over.

56'- Momo again runs past Sarr... he cuts it back from the end line... a shot is blocked... it falls to Xabi Alonso... his shot clatters off Bocanegra and out for a corner.

Depor just can't penetrate our defense... we get a couple of good counter-attack chances, but Munua is playing decently in between the posts.

76'- Mokoena in for Wallner... Gavilan on for Cole, as we back off to a 4-5-1 with 2 DM's.

We pretty much pack it in and run down the final time, and take a huge road win!  This puts us in prime position to advance from this group, with home games left against Depor and Young Boys.  Thando Mngomeni wins MoM with an 8.  Arenas, Sarr, Bocanegra, Wallner, and Zaccardo also pick up 8's.  Zaccardo acquits himself well at defensive midfielder, winning 4 tackles, 4 headers, and making 2 interceptions.

Win, 0-2, remain in 1st place in Group
Shots/on target: Depor 11/4, Posh 21/10
Poss: 52-48, Posh
A: 30,593

In other Group C action, AC Milan with an easy home win over Young Boys, 2-0.  We remain 1 point ahead of Milan who have 6, while Depor stay in 3rd on 3 points, and Young Boys sit in last with their single point.

We win another $400k for our victory.


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
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Ibrahim Kargbo rates an 8 and gets an assist in Sierra Leone's 2nd match of a 1st round, 2-legged win over Niger in African World Cup Qualifying.  SLE beat NIG, 4-3.

Mokoena suffers injury agony

The sad news that attacking midfielder Lebohang Mokoena has suffered a broken leg during a routine training session at the team's training ground has shocked and upset many Peterborough fans.

Mokoena will be out for around 7 months and the fans at London Road are fervently hoping that when he returns to the team he will still be the same influential player for them.

Well, crap.

Our former center back Sashi Chalwe agrees to terms with Barnsley, who are currently leading the Championship.  

21 year old reserve defender Fabio admits that he's having trouble adjusting to the English lifestyle, and wouldn't mind moving clubs before too long.  I allow him a leave of absence for a month to try and gather himself a bit.

EPL round 11 results - Saturday
So'ton 2:0 Cardiff
Blackburn 1:2 Chelsea
Man City 1:1 Spurs
Norwich 0:1 West Ham
Sheff Wed 3:3 Boro

Zaccardo twists his ankle in training on Saturday, and will likely miss 2 weeks of action.

Oct. 23, Match 11
6-3-1, 6th pl., 21 pts.
v. Crystal Palace (5-1-3, 8th pl., 16 pts. - Leading scorer: AMC Kevin Nolan, 3)
Series: Posh lead 3-4-1
Fav: Posh, Evens
Milestone: Jensen set to make his 50th league appearance for Posh.

Out w/injury: Zaccardo, Mokoena, Mascherano
Recovering: Jesus, Vagner
Stamina under 90%: Heitinga
GK: Arenas
Def: Bocanegra, Alex, Marcos, Jensen
Mid: Kargbo, Fernandes, Lunt, Gerard
Str: Wallner, Cole

1'- Wallner passes into the area for Cole... Cole gets around a defender, and hits it hard... deflected wide, but Kenny Lunt is there from 8 yards and strikes it home!  1-0, Posh after 50 seconds!

Palace set up 3 separate chances, but don't come close to finishing any of them in the next 15 minutes.

19'- Wallner with a long ball to Cole... he looked offside, but play continues... Cole attacks Gabor Kiraly, Kiraly comes way out to challenge him, and that would be a mistake.  Cole around Kiraly easily, and buries it.  2-0, Posh.

35'- Sandor Torghelle gets up to hit a 10 yard header, and Arenas tips it wide... Alex clears for the corner kick.  Fitz Hall nearly heads in a Sun Jihai corner kick, but it's into the side netting.

Palace have gone with a more attacking style... that's just asking for trouble against our counter attack.

38'- Fernandes plays a 30 yard free kick square... to Marcos.  He passes to Kargbo at the edge of the area, who fires a dipping volley at the far post with his left foot... and it goes in!  Kargbo's first ever Posh goal gives us a 3-0 lead.

72'- Gavilan on for Cole, and Balaban in for Lunt.  We switch to a 4-5-1.

89'- Wallner has to leave with an injury, Mngomeni enters for him.

We take the easy 3-0 win.  Palace never really threatened us much.  Arenas is named MoM with an 8, despite only making a couple of token saves.  Bocanegra, Kargbo, and Wallner also pick up 8's.

Win, 3-0, up to 3rd place
Shots/on target: Posh 10/6, Eagles 12/4
Poss: 52-48, Palace
A: 19,430

Wallner simply suffered a deep cut in his leg that should require him missing only about a week of action.

EPL Round 11 results - Sunday
WBA 2:2 Birmingham
Portsmouth 1:1 Newcastle
Arsenal 3:1 Man U


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Peterborough Utd. - Year 8 ('11-'12) - Hunter turns Hunted
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Bocanegra and Kargbo are picked in the Team of the Week.

Balaban suffers a damaged shoulder in training that will keep him out about 2 weeks.

Oct. 26, League Cup Third Round
@ Kidderminster Harriers (20th in League One)
Previous meeting: Kidderminster 1:4 Posh (12/3/05, FA Cup Second Round)
Fav: Posh, 1:8

Unavailable: Lunt, Balaban, Heitinga, Zaccardo, Wallner, Mokoena, Mascherano
GK: Boumann (reserve)
Def: Kargbo, Svensson, Sarr, Gavilan
Mid: Jesus, Mngomeni, Bellomo, Kranjcar
Str: Jablonski (reserve), Vagner

A slow, plodding match early with little to recommend it to spectators.

39'- Vagner with a great pass to Jablonski, who is all alone with the keeper from 12 yards, but he pulls the shot wide.

47'- Jablonski catches a very hard foul that takes him down, and the Harriers defender is shown a straight red card, that puts us a man up.

51'- Gavilan with a free kick from the right, it comes to Bellomo, who crosses into the middle, Jablonski heads it... in!  Goal!  1-0, Posh on Jablonski's first senior goal!

60'- Mngomeni's cross is headed by Bellomo at 5 yards, but right at the keeper.

66'- Jablonski out, Jensen in as we switch to a 5-4-1.  Mngomeni out, Fernandes in.

Kidderminster increase their attack, but to no avail.  Diego Gavilan has to leave with an injury in stoppage time, but we take the win anyway.  Not a pretty outing, but a good debut for Jablonski, who had a few chances with his favored left foot, but finished the game with his head.

Win, 0-1, advance to Fourth Round
Shots/on target: Harriers 4/1, Posh 20/6
Poss: 55-45, Posh
A: 5,555

We win $52k for our victory.  Diego Gavilan picked up a sprained wrist, but he should only miss about a week.
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