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Author Topic: "Survivor" in trouble with Ohio Dept. of Transport  (Read 814 times)

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"Survivor" in trouble with Ohio Dept. of Transport
« on: May 27, 2006, 12:36:02 AM »

"Survivor" Winner Not Immune to Getting Fired

by Natalie Finn
May 26, 2006, 8:20 PM PT

Even if the island of fire doesn’t get you, the Ohio Department of Transportation just might.

The ODOT ruled Thursday that Chris Daugherty, the winner of Survivor: Vanuatu--Islands of Fire in 2004, filed a false claim last year to get time off in order to tag along on an international promotional tour for the CBS show.

Daugherty earned $8,000 for participating in the network-sponsored trip to Germany and Italy, which lasted from Sept. 25 to Oct. 8. The season-nine champ also took another two weeks off from work after the show was over, according to ODOT records.

Despite being a million dollars richer (well, not quite, if he paid his taxes) after besting his fellow competitors, Daugherty stayed on at his $34,000-a-year job doing roadwork in central Ohio.

According to the ODOT, when Daugherty asked for leave in 2005 he said that he was suffering from stress and depression. When his first request for time off was denied (because he had used all but 29 of his vacation, sick and personal days), he came back with a fake doctor's note stating that he needed a month of medical leave to be treated for anxiety and depression, the ruling said.

"Daugherty’s claim that he had an illness which just happened to coincide with his Survivor tour is simply not credible," ODOT chief investigator Les Reel wrote in his ruling.

Now, for the first time, Daugherty may be voted off the island. The ODOT said that the 35-year-old transportation worker could face penalties ranging from a reprimand to a dismissal.

Daugherty also reportedly asked for military leave because the Survivor tour was expected to touch down at a German military base.

"What would George Bush think of the Ohio Department of Transportation giving me a hard time to support our troops overseas?" the Survivor victor told the Associated Press Friday. (ED: Bwuahahahahahahaaaaa)

Well, we're not sure what the Commander in Chief is usually up to on Thursday nights.

Daugherty, who has refused to accept a 15-day suspension in exchange for agreeing to not file a grievance against ODOT, also said that a doctor really had recommended he take time off to decompress.

"I was stressed out, depressed, worried about my job, worried about my contract with CBS," he said. "I lost 30 pounds and had anxiety and fatigue…. I said no deal. I'm fighting it. I survived Vanuatu. I'll survive ODOT."
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