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Author Topic: KoL: Your campground  (Read 1720 times)

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KoL: Your campground
« on: June 23, 2004, 02:28:23 PM »

The Campground

Newbiesport Tent/Cottage/House. - Adds power and something else (im not sure what the percentage is)

The tent comes from The Market, combine a bowl of cottage cheese with anticheese for the cottage, do the strange leaflet quest for the house)

KoL Certificate of Participation. - Shows that you have completed Mt.Noob

Do all of Toot Oriole's quests

Orcish Meat Locker. - Protects your meat in PvP

Get a full orchish meat locker and use a t-bone key to empty it (the tbone key is a CRUSTY L shaped piece of metal combined with a RUSTY L shaped piece of metal)

Bouquet Of Pretty Flowers. - Slows down any people who attack you

I think you get pretty flowers from PvP - just combine 2 to get a bouquet)

Meat Golem. - Guards your items

I think how to make this will soon be put in the useful items recipes

Spooky Scarecrow. - Scares any attackers and makes them lose moxie i think

Combine a spooky stick and a spooky skull to get a spooky staff, then combine this with some wooden stakes

Barbed-Wire Fence. - This slows down attacker or something

You can find this somewhere at the shore

White Picket Fence. - This slows down attacker or something

Adventure at Whitey's Grove

Clockword Maid. - This gives you 4more turns each day

Explained how to make on the recipes page

Chef-In-The-Box. - This means you can cook anything you want without needing adventures

Explained how to make on the recipes page

Bartender-In-The-Box. - This means you can make cocktails without needing adventures

Explained how to make on the recipes page

Evil Golden Arches. - Gives you one piece of evil food each day

Combine two evil golden arches (from the Woods somewhere i think although im not sure)

Cheap Toaster. - Gives you 3 pieces of toast each day

This is a frequent traveller's reward from the shore

Pagoda. - Makes you heal more when you rest

You must complete Hey Deze map and the get pagoda plans and use ketchup hound

Feng Shui. - Makes you heal more when you rest I think

Get a decorative fountain, windchimes and use the Big book of Feng shui for Dunbies

Familar Gro Terrarium. - Where you keep familiars

Buy from the Market

Colossal Closet. - where you keep extra items

Magical Mystical Hippy Stone - Prevents you from being attacked and stops you attacking
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