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Author Topic: It's Story time!  (Read 2167 times)

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It's Story time!
« Reply #15 on: August 06, 2004, 08:43:09 AM »

Quote from: "MissKitty"
We've also got some old home-movie footage of me at around age four, standing in the bathroom with my Dad while he shaved his face. I had my face all lathered up, a small mirror propped up on the closed toliet and a PlaySkool type kids razor in my hand, standing in my underoos happily shaving away at my face with Dad. :)

We used to do that w/ my grandfather when he visited :D .  My parents have pictures of the 3 of us standing w/ him around the bathroom sink on chairs watching him shave, all lathered up. My younger bro (the barbie-wanting one was somewhat of a nudist as a little kid, so while my older bro and I are in PJs, he's stark naked.  Those are the funniest pictures.
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