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Author Topic: 50 Movies in 2019  (Read 25101 times)

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Re: 50 Movies in 2019
« Reply #330 on: January 02, 2020, 08:08:27 AM »

1. ALWAYS IN THE CARLYLE - 01/02/19 - STARZ - A captivating documentary that wisely spends more time on the tenured staff and glorious interior of the legendary hotel than on the antics of its famed guests. Light and lovely.
2. ON THE BASIS OF SEX - 01/06/19 - Tara Cinemas - Armie Hammer can GET IT.
3. VICE - 01/08/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - Bale's performance was incredible, but I didn't really enjoy much more than that. I didn't like the narrator device for telling the story and didn't like the pacing of film. It was all over the place and too "winky-winky did you see what we did there?" for me.
4. BOOMERANG - 01/12/19 - Showtime - repeat viewing - Haven't seen this in a long time but still remember every word and every song. Excited to see what Lena Waithe and Halle Berry do with this for TV. "CO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOORDINATE."
5. IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK - 01/15/19 - AMC Parkway Pointe w/va_vacious - A beautiful tragedy. After that family gathering scene, I'm ready to finally read some Baldwin.
6. FREE SOLO - 01/19/19 - AMC Barrett Commons - Now that was a fun ride! I didn't get to see it in IMAX but still felt like it was a wonderful film experience.
7. GLASS - 01/20/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynne and Beth - I fell asleep MULTIPLE times. Nothing about this movie seemed necessary or entertaining.
8. BUMBLEBEE - 01/22/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - Probably the most enjoyable of all of the TRANSFORMERS movies, mostly because I didn't hear one mention of the "AllSpark". Also, Pamela Adlon in a TRANSFORMERS MOVIE???!!!! Fun tunes throughout.
9. EIGHTH GRADE - 01/26/19 - Amazon Prime - In 8th grade, my best friend quit being friends with me because I wasn't cool enough. I wrote her a poem to try and tell her how much it hurt me and she basically laughed in my face. It was the most devastating break-up of my life. So, yeah. 8th grade sucked. I totally get all of the emotions in this movie. Bonus, that banana scene had me crying with laughter.
10. TULLY - 01/27/19 - HBO - Hug a mom. They probably need it. Diablo Cody's writing doesn't disappoint.
11. LEAVE NO TRACE - 01/29/19 - Amazon Prime - The actress who plays Tom should win ALL THE THINGS.
12. CHiPs - 01/30/19 - HBO - Yes, it's very dumb. But, I find Dax Shepard and Michael Peña to be very charismatic. So, I was willing to take the ride with them for some crazy car and motorcycle chases and dick jokes.
13. FIRST REFORMED - 02/02/19 - Amazon Prime - I'm not totally sure for whom this movie was intended. It had some beautifuly cinematic moments towards the end and Ethan Hawke does act the fuck out of it (as noted by Butter). But, it isn't something that I would watch again.
14. PULP FICTION - 02/07/19 - Showtime - repeat viewing - Three Little Fonzies.
15. ROMA - 02/10/19 - Netflix - Having lived in a middle-class home on the outskirts of Mexico City in the 90s, I can definitely confirm that this movie moved me and made me miss so many things about that city and country. Cleo's "moment" on the beach made me sob and I really appreciated the beauty of how the film was shot. But, the rest of the movie really left me cold except for my own nostalgia.
16. TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE - 02/14/19 - Netflix - repeat viewing - The Greg was out of town so I picked PeterKavinsky (one word) to be my valentine.
17. TAG - 03/02/19 - HBO - repeat viewing (but with friends, Gwynner and Tiffers, this time) - The Jeremy Renner voice-overs were even funnier in the second viewing. "I speed-bag him."
18. PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE. - 03/09/19 - Netflix - I feel like I got a lot more information about the mission of The Pad Project from interviews with the filmmakers than I did from the actual movie. VERY interesting subject, but this seemed to focus more on the adult woman making the pads with the pad machine than it did on the school-aged girls who were supposed to benefit from the machine.
19. THE BREAKER UPPERERS - 03/09/19 - Netflix - There were some great scenes that felt like they came out of an old PJ Hogan movie but the movie sort of went off for me when the two leads split off from each other.
20. TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE - 03/09/19 - Netflix - repeat viewing
21. FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY - 03/17/19 - AMC Classic Cartersville
22. CAPTAIN MARVEL - 03/06/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - It was OK. I liked all the LADY TOP GUN + Sam Jackson bits the best. They should have just made LADY TOP GUN + Sam Jackson instead. All of the Kree stuff was just blaaaaaaarg.
23. US - 03/07/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - I think the trailers put our stomachs in knots but the movie wasn't as scary as we feared it would be. I definitely want to see it again to work out some things in my head.
24. OLD SCHOOL - 04/13/19 - Amazon Prime - w/Belles - repeat viewing - "Cheeeee-eeee-eeee-eeeeeese."
25. AQUAMAN - 04/13/19 - Amazon Prime - w/Belles - We paid partial attention to this and I think that is probably all the attention that it needed.
26. LITTLE - 04/14/19 - AMC Barrett Commons - Sadly, the best parts were all in the trailer. Marsai Martin is definitely a star, but this movie was pretty flat.
27. ISN'T IT ROMANTIC - 04/19/19 - Marietta Picture Show w/ Mom - More fun than I thought it would be, especially the karaoke scene.
28. BREAKTHROUGH - 04/20/19 - AMC Parkway Pointe w/Mom - The kind of movie you see with your mom who goes to church EVERY week, even when she's on vacation. The movie did push through on a couple of more nuanced questions/issues than I thought that it would. So, that was a nice surprise. Also, I cried. A LOT. I didn't want to cry. But, goodness. The tears. So many tears.
29. HOTEL MUMBAI - 04/21/19 - Regal Town Center w/Mom - A brutal movie to watch, especially with the news from Sri Lanka yesterday. Luckily, I hadn't heard about that before seeing the movie. I don't think I could have taken it. The violence of those attacks is not glossed over in some Hollywood action thriller kind of way. It might be the most violent movie I've ever seen.
30. HOMECOMING - 04/25/19 - Netflix - Amaaaaaaaaaaazing concert film. I am still in awe. BOW DOWN. Even folks who don't like Beyonce must realize that the scale and ambition of this performance - especially for a 2 night festival show - are outstanding.
31. THE PERFECT DATE - 04/27/19 - Netflix - Did not scratch any of the Noah Centineo itch. This movie is nowhere near as well written as TAtBILB so it was a disappointment. But, he did look hot in that cowboy hat. HAHAHA.
32. AVENGERS: ENDGAME - 04/30/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe in the back row with va_vacious - I liked it, but not as much as BLACK PANTHER or THOR: RANGNAROK. I did enjoy seeing VA cry like 3 times.
33. LONG SHOT - 05/11/19 - AMC Pkyw Pointe - Not the best, not the worst. I enjoyed it just enough for a Saturday matinee.
34. FOSTER - 05/11/19 - HBO Documentary - A great look into the DCFS system in LA.
35. WINE COUNTRY - 05/12/19 - Netflix - Thought I'd hate it, but I loved it. Paula Pell is just the best.
36. TAMPOPO - 05/16/19 - Plaza Theatre (joint event with Videodrome) w/Amanda - repeat viewing - I haven't seen this movie in at least two decades and was so happy to get to see it on the big screen. Aside from one scene, I'd say that I love it even more now than I did when I first watched it. It was also so much fun to watch with an audience. YAY, TAMPOPO!
37. JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3: PARABELLUM - 05/18/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I have a weakness for his Wickness. What a thrill ride! You would never know you were watching an insane action film showcasing actors who are basically all in their 50s or older. INTENSE. SHINY. FUN!!! Oh, and so very violent. BUT FUN!
38. DESTINATION WEDDING - 05/18/19 - Amazon Prime - I started watching this back in November and sort of forgot about it. Seeing JOHN WICK made me remember to go and finish the movie. As noted in reply to Dan's post, I kind of hated this. Both characters are very unlikable in a way that is hard to overcome. I don't know if we're supposed to think that they are quirky, but they were both just extremely irksome.
39. BOOKSMART - 05/27/19 - AMC Parkway Pointe w/Mom - We looooooooooooooooooved this!!!
40. GOOD SAM - 05/27/19 - Netflix w/Mom - Looked like a cheesy Hallmark movie and pretty much played out that way, down to the secretly Canadian accents on several New Yorkers. But, we still enjoyed it.
41. ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE - 06/01/19 - Netflix - Why would they use Souls of Mischief's "93 'Til Infinity" over the opening chronological montage from present day to 199........6? 1993 IS IN THE SONG TITLE!!!!! This irked me, especially since they used the song over and over again. But, at least they chose a Bay Area band and used the Hieroglyphics logo a TON in the movie. I wish they hadn't chosen to let Wong and Park play themselves at 18. I also never really felt like they had romantic chemistry on screen.
42. ROCKETMAN - 06/02/19 - AMC Parkway Pointe - I just want to give Reg Dwight a hug. The scene of him conducting the imaginary orchestra in his bed with a flashlight was visually stunning. Taron Egerton put in an amazing performance and the costumes were gorgeous.
43. SPLASH - 06/03/19 - Showtime - repeat viewing - Going to my niece's graduation and noticing that she was one of about 15 Madisons in the graduating class made me want to re-visit this movie. I completely forgot that Eugene Levy was in it. Fun to see Ron Howard's dad get the first line in the movie and to see Clint show up in a wedding scene. John Candy's racquetball scene is forever golden.
44. AVENGERS: ENDGAME - 06/08/19 - repeat viewing w/The Greg @ Barrett Commons - I think I liked it better the second time around.
45. PAVAROTTI - 06/09/19 - Tara Cinemas w/Gwynner - Pretty standard documentary. Nothing innovative, but it was entertaining.
46. Mid90s - 06/11/19 - Prime - A very "The Greg" movie to watch with The Greg. I enjoyed spending time with these little skate rats (The Greg included).
47. TOY STORY 4 - 06/23/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Mailey - Loved spending time with my old besties (I have TOY STORY toys on my desk that have followed me to every job), but Forky steals the show. Those ventriloquist dummies can fuck right off.
48. YESTERDAY - 06/27/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I like spending time with with Beatles songs. Cute premise, mild twist, didn't seem to really go anywhere unless you were more in the mood for a complicated rom-com. Great lead performance by Himesh Patel.
49. OKJA - 07/13/19 - Netflix with Jay King - I found this charming and horrifying and I would probably watch it again.
50. THE LION KING - 07/20/19 - AMC Hamilton w/my mama - Did you like THE LION KING? Then you'll probably like THE LION KING! Scary scenes are still scary, the music is still great, the funny bits are still funny, and cat faces really only make cat faces.
51. ONCE UPON A TIME...IN HOLLYWOOD - 07/28/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - This movie was a mood and I was here for it. I want to ride around the Hollywood hills and then be bathed in the neon light of the Strip for at least two more hours.
52. THE FAREWELL - 08/03/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I want to hang out with the family and play that drinking game that looked like seated Chicken Dance meets Simon Says.
53. I FEEL PRETTY - 08/04/19 - Showtime - MEH. It was worth watching it just to see Michelle Williams disappear into her character. But, the rest could go.
54. SEASON OF LOVE - 08/08/19 - HALLMARK - Turned it on for two minutes and ended up staying when I saw Marc Blucas. You can't change the channel on a former Buffy boyfriend. More folksy than most Hallmark movies, in a non-Canadian way. Charming.
55. FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW - 08/10/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynner, Beth, and Tiffany - So, that was fun, especially because the lady seated next to me seemed to think that she was literally on a 2 hour roller coaster with all of her hooting & hollering. Fluffy, dumb, pretty. An enjoyable evening at the movies with my Belles.
56. CRAZY RICH ASIANS - 08/11/19 - HBO - repeat
57. DORA & THE LOST CITY OF GOLD - 08/20/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - Totally fun! GOONIES mixed with some SCOOBY-DOO vibes. Bonus points for the lady seated next to me who was REALLY into the movie. Also, our audience actually said stuff out loud when Dora asked us to. So, it felt interactive!
58. BOOGIE NIGHTS - 09/01/19 - repeat viewing - Burt was damn fine in that movie.
59. READY OR NOT - 09/02/19 - AMC Barrett Commons w/va_vacious - We had a good time, but the movie could have used a bit more horror as opposed to just dumping on the gore. Also, I wanted her to be a bit more kick-ass. But, that's probably just my own issue, wanting her to be more like Beatrix Kiddo in KILL BILL.
60. GOOD BOYS - 09/10/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - We laughed and laughed, which was enough for me.
61. The SAVAGE X FENTY SHOW - 09/13/19 - Amazon Prime - Stunning fashion show featuring a look at how it was made. BODIES. FASHION. MUSIC. DANCE. AMAZING. I'm guessing that they sold out of the Normani bra in like 2.2 seconds.
62. HUSTLERS - 09/14/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/Gwynner - BOILER ROOM but for strippers. And yes, that's a good thing.
63. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - 09/15/19 - Marietta Picture Show - Tom Holland is definitely my favorite Spidey.
64. DOWNTON ABBEY - 10/08/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe w/va_vacious - Fan service done well. It was beautiful, funny, charming, and entertaining. All of your favorites are back and just as pithy as ever. JOY! JOY! JOY!
65. THOR: RAGNAROK - 10/12/19 - repeat viewing for me, 1st viewing for The Greg. Still FUN! COLORFUL! GOLDBLUMTASTIC!
66. HAPPY DEATH DAY - 10/13/19 - HBO - GREEK meets GROUNDHOG DAY meets HALLOWEEN. I loooooooooooved this. I thought it was smarter and much more entertaining than even my highest expectation. Not gory, not super scary, but also not lame. The perfect little touch of dark humor. This totally checked all of the boxes for me.
67. HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U - 10/13/19 - HBO - Not as enjoyable as the original, but still a good time. I liked how it started off (immediately after the ending of the first one) and there were so very enjoyable death sequences and twists.
68. ABOMINABLE - 10/15/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - Furry Toothless.
69. EL CAMINO - 10/20/19 - Netflix - I thought it was OK. I guess too much time has gone by because I wasn't that emotionally invested in what happened to Jesse immediately after his escape.
70. MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL - 10/25/19 - AMC Barrett Commons w/Mom - Great costumes, cool special effects. Needed more Maleficent. I honestly have NO IDEA if I saw the first movie of this series.
71. PARASITE - 10/26/19 - AMC Phipps Plaza w/Mom - My first time seeing a Bong Joon-Ho movie in the theatre. No one who has seen this movie is allowed to talk about it. So, I guess that's all I'm going to say.

I've watched a bunch of stuff and keep forgetting to post it. So now I can't remember the dates for a bunch of them.

72. TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE - 10/27/19 - Netflix - repeat viewing with Mom - She is immune to Peter Kavinsky's charms.
73. TALL GIRL - Netflix - Meh. Loved Steve Zahn as the dad.
74. CHRISTMAS WISHES & MISTLETOE KISSES - Hallmark Channel - Jeez, I had no intention of watching these early. But, this one grabbed me. Didn't hurt to see the Marietta Square pop up in the middle of the movie.
75. PAIN & GLORY/ DOLOR Y GLORIA - 11/09/19 - AMC Colonial 18 - My first time going to this AMC in Lawrenceville. But, it was the only AMC showing this movie. Antonio y Pedro para siempre. I loved every second of this movie.
76. JACKIE BROWN - 11/10/19 - Netflix - repeat viewing - Wanted to spend some time with Max Cherry. Man, what a great character.
77. THE BLUES BROTHERS - 11/24/19 - STARZ - repeat viewing - I've never watched this with The Greg before. That alone made it a unique experience. Also, God bless this movie for having those performances in it from John Lee Hooker, James Brown, and Aretha Franklin. They are all just SO GOOD.
78. CHRISTMAS AT GRACELAND 2 - 11/25/19 - Hallmark Channel - I came for Graceland decorated for Xmas and stayed for Adrian Grenier.
79. FROZEN 2 - 11/23/19 - AMC Pkwy Pointe - I forgot that I saw this. It was mostly meh. But, I had to see it. DUH.
80. A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD – 11/27/19 – AMC PKWY POINTE w/Mom - I did not read anything about this movie before going to see it. It was not what I was expecting, but in the best possible way. Ditto Butter's review.
81. FORD V. FERRARI – 11/29/19 – AMC PKWY POINTE w/Mom - Ditto what Butter said about The Deuce's ride in the GT. A terrific scene.
82. KNIVES OUT - 11/30/19 - AMC PKWY POINTE w/Mom and va_vacious - EVERYTHING I wanted it to be and more! Delightful! Outstanding! Also of note, the trailer for that movie about FOX News was played twice, back-to-back. I’ve never had that happen to me before in a movie theatre.
83. THE IRISHMAN - 12/01/19 - Netflix w/Mom - Joe Pesci for all of the supporting awards.
84. HONEY BOY - 12/06/19 - AMC Barrett Commons - Terrific performances in a heartbreaking tale. There is a scene with a phone call between Otis and his mother (that ends up involving his father) that really broke me. Noah Jupe is phenomenal in this movie, which is no big surprise since he's been a standout in everything he's been in for a while.

I definitely need to do a better job of tracking these for myself. I saw Dan's review of LATE NIGHT and remembered that I had watched it but had never added it to my list. I know I've done that for a bunch of movies this year. UGH.

85. LATE NIGHT - Netflix - I think I would have liked this movie more if it was about Emma's personal life/home life. That bit intrigued me. I didn't think any of the "comedy" was actually funny.
86. KNIVES OUT - 12/16/19 - AMC Parkway Pointe - repeat viewing w/va_vacious - I think we both enjoyed this even more the second time around.
87. STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER - 12/22/19 - AMC West Chester w/The Greg - Prior to the start of the movie, the lady who was seated next to me asked if I had seen any of the Star Wars films. I told her that I had seen all of them and then she let me know that she'd never seen any of them. This is very on-brand for my history of seeing Star Wars films. However, I had an awful headache when I went to see the film and ended up sleeping through a decent bit of it. I guess I'll see it again at some point.
88. MARRIAGE STORY - Netflix - Adam Driver for everything!!!
89. JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL - 12/14/19 - AMC Parkway Pointe - This was fun but I was 100% disappointed that Danny Devito and Danny Glover were not in a domestic partnership as I had assumed from the trailers I had seen. I was totally interested in that romance. Worth noting personally that I walked to this movie on a whim after fleeing a mall food court after a fight that ended in a shooting. I wasn't able to get to my car so I decided to walk and keep walking, hoping a movie would take my mind off of things. I was mostly distracted, but this movie did not require 100% of my attention. Also, The Rock and Nick Jonas were there for me when I needed them.
90. THE BRONX, USA - HBO - I loved seeing the guys go back and hang out at the school with the group of current students. Their interactions were fantastic.
91. THE APOLLO - HBO - I want to see an entire video record of the ledgers of The Apollo. The names. The notes/comments. The fees.
92. BLINDSPOTTING - 12/30/19 - HBO - Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal have thoughts about you moving into their neighborhood.
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Re: 50 Movies in 2019
« Reply #331 on: January 02, 2020, 09:49:53 AM »

Movies seen in 2019 (new movies in bold):
1. Shaun of the Dead
2. Twister
3. Super Troopers 2
4. A Quiet Place
5. The Untouchables
6. Solo: A Star Wars Story
7. Rabbit-Proof Fence

8. Shine
9. The Fugitive
10. The Firm
11. Meru

12. What We Do In The Shadows
13. The Godfather
14. The Incredibles 2
15. Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

16. Avengers: Infinity War
17. Rampage
18. Four Weddings and Funeral
19. High Flying Bird
20. The Old Man and the Gun
21. The Pelican Brief

22. Deadpool 2
23. Mission Impossible: Fallout
24. Peppermint
25. Crazy Rich Asians
26. Training Day

27. Deadpool
28. Captain Marvel
29. Green Book
30. Lego Movie 2
31. Dead Poets Society
32. The Girl in the Spider's Web
33. Ralph Breaks the Internet
34. Triple Frontier

35. Maverick
36. Reality Bites
37. A Knight's Tale
38. Major League
39. The Natural
40. Avengers: Infinity War
41. Avengers: Endgame
42. Edge of Tomorrow
43. The Meg
44. Comedian
45. Destination Wedding

46. Bloodsport
47. Bad Times at the El Royale
48. Booksmart

49. Clue
50. Men In Black: International
51. Notting Hill
52. V for Vendetta
53. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
54. The Hangover
55. Crazy Rich Asians
56. The Spy Who Dumped Me
57. Hobbs & Shaw
58. Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

59. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
60. The Old Man and the Gun
61. Notting Hill
62. Thor: Ragnarok
63. Mortal Engines
64. Wedding Crashers
65. Red Sparrow
66. Apollo 11

67. Batman (1989)
68. Pitch Perfect 2
69. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
70. White Men Can't Jump
71. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
72. Step Up
73. The Sisters Brothers
74. Aladdin (2018)
75. Alita: Battle Angel
76. Happy Death Day 2 U
77. Baywatch

78. Rounders
79. Den of Thieves
80. Piranha 2D
81. The Osiris Child
82. 3rd Annual Cat Film Festival
83. Gladiator

84. The Town
85. Robin Hood (2018)
86. Coco
87. Ford Vs Ferrari

88. Ever After
89. Booksmart
90. They Shall Never Grow Old
91. Patriot Games

92. Skyfall
93. The Irishman
94. The World Is Not Enough
95. The Report
96. Shazam!
97. 6 Underground

98. Stardust
99. Knives Out
100. Spider-Man: Far From Home
101. Late Night

102. School of Rock

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Re: 50 Movies in 2019
« Reply #332 on: January 07, 2020, 02:22:13 PM »

1. Vice (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
2. Bumblebee (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
3. Escape Room (Kenwood Theater)
4. King In the Wilderness (HBO on Demand)
5. On The Basis of Sex (Mariemont Theater)
6. If Beale Street Could Talk (Esquire Theater)
7. Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher (HBO on Demand)
8. Beware Slenderman (HBO on Demand)
9. If You're Not in the Obits, Eat Breakfast (HBO on Demand)
10. Shoplifters (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
11. Rain Man (EPIX)
12. Rock and a Hard Place (HBO on Demand)
13. Cold War (Esquire Theater)
14. They Shall Not Grow Old 3D (Cinemark Oakley)
15. Stan & Ollie (Mariemont Theater)
16. Budapest Noire (2019 Jewish & Israeli Film Festival @ Esquire Theater)
17. The Last Suit (2019 Jewish & Israeli Fim Festival @ Mariemont Theater)
18. Cold Pursuit (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
19. Capernaum (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
20. When the Smoke Clears (2019 Jewish & Israeli Film Festival @ Mariemont Theater)
21. Arctic (Esquire Theater)
22. Greta (Esquire Theater)
23. Everybody Knows (Mariemont Theater)
24. Never Look Away (Esquire Theater)
25. To Dust (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
26. Climax (Esquire Theater)
27. The Wedding Guest (Mariemont Theater)
28. Gloria Bell (Mariemont Theater)
29. Apollo 11 (Mariemont Theater)
30. Birds of Passage (Esquire Theater)
31. Ash Is Purest White (Landmark West End Cinema, Washington, DC)
32. The Hummingbird Project (Mariemont Theater)
33. Hotel Mumbai (AMC Newport On the Levee)
34. The Mustang (Esquire Theater)
35. Diane (Mariemont Theater)
36. The Public (Esquite Theater)
37. Woman At War (Esquire Theater)
38. Mapplethorpe (Esquire Theater)
39. Mary Magdalene (Mariemont Theater)
40. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (HBO On Demand)
41. High Life (Esquire Theater)
42. Teen Spirit (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
43. Peterloo (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
44. Us (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
45. Stockholm (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
46. Penguins (Regal Belltower Stadium, Ft. Myers, FL)
47. Sunset (Esquire Theater)
48. Transit (Esquire Theater)
49. Long Shot (Cinemark Oakley)
50. Hail Satan? (Esquire Theater)
51. Amazing Grace (Mariemont Theater)
52. Charlie Says (Esquire Theater)
53. Tolkien (Mariemont Theater)
54. Little Woods (Esquire Theater)
55. John Wick - Chapter 3 Parabellum (Cinemark Oakley)
56. Red Joan (Mariemont Theater)
57. Nonfiction (Esquire Theater)
58. Meeting Gorbachev (Esquire Theater)
59. Booksmart (Cinemark Oakley)
60. Trial By Fire (Esquire Theater)
61. Rocketman (Cinemark Oakley)
62. Ma (Cinemark oakley)
63. Her Smell (Esquire Theater)
64. The Biggest Little Farm (Mariemont Theater)
65. Cuba (OMNIMAX at Union Terminal)
66. Late Night (Cinemark Oakley)
67. The Dead Don't Die (Esquire Theater)
68. Chernobyl (HBO on Demand)
69. The Tomorrow Man (Mariemont Theater)
70. Anna (Cinemark Oakley)
71. The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Esquire theater)
72. Echo In the Canyon (Mariemont Theater)
73. Blade Runner (Esquire Theater
74. Midsommar (Cinemark Oakley)
75. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Esquire Theater)
76. Wild Rose (Mariemont Theater)
77. I Love You, Now Die (HBO)
78. Mommy Dead and Dearest (HBO on Demand)
79. At the Heart of Gold: The USA Gymnastics Scandal (HBO on Demand)
80. Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop (HBO on Demand)
81. Toy Story 4 (Cinemark Oakley)
82. The Art of Self-Defense (Esquire Theater)
83. The Fall of The American Empire (Esquire Theater)
84. Behind Close Doors: The Talwars (HBO)
85. Who Killed Garrett Phillips? (HBO)
86. Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (Esquire Theater)
87. Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (Cinemark Oakley)
88. Dune (Esquire Theater)
89. Slaying the Badger (ESPN 30 for 30)
90. Unmasking Jihadi John (HBO)
91. Share (HBO)
92. Rosie (Mariemont Theater)
93. Shadow (Esquire Theater)
94. The Farewell (Mariemont Theater)
95. XTC - This Is Pop (SHO)
96. XY Chelsea (SHO)
97. Belsan: Three Days in September (SHO)
98. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Esquire Theater)
99. David Bowie: Finding Fame (SHO)
100. Maiden (Esquire Theater)
101. Alternate Endings: Six New Ways To Die in America (HBO)
102. The Cheshire Murders (HBO)
102. Brian Banks (Mariemont Theater)
103. Where'd You Go, Bernadette? (Cinemark Oakley)
104. Good Boys (Cinemark Oakley)
105. The Peanut Butter Falcon (Cinemark oakley)
106. Luce (Esquire Theater)
107. Ready Or Not (Cinemark Oakley)
108. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (Cinemark Oakley)
109. Jay Myself (Esquire Theater)
110. Brittany Runs a Marathon (Cinemark Oakley)
111. Official Secrets (Esquire Theater)
112. Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (Esquire Theater)
113. David Crosby: Remember My Name (Esquire Theater
114. Hustlers (Cinemark Oakley)
115. Ad Astra (Cinemark Oakley)
116. Judy (Mariemont Theater)
117. Rambo's Last Blood (Cinemark Oakley)
118. Hitsville: The Making of Motown (SHO)
119. Diego Maradona (HBO)
120. Aquarele (Esquire Theater)
121. Xanadu (SHO)
122. Honeyland (Mariemont Theater
123. Monos (Esquire Theater)
124. Rosemary's Baby (Esquire Theater)
125. Lucy In the Sky (Regal Deerfield Town Center)
126. Torn Apart (HBO)
127. Zombieland: Double Tap (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
128. Joker (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
129. Where's My Roy Cohn? (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
130. The Lighthouse (Esquire Theater)
131. Black and Blue (Cinemark Oakley)
132. Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins (Mariemont Theater)
133. Parasite (Esquire Theater)
134. Terminator - Dark Fate (Cinemark Oakley)
135. The Apollo (HBO)
136. Jojo Rabbit (Cinemark Oakley)
137. Motherless Brooklyn (Mariemont Theater)
138. The Report (Mariemont Theater)
139. The Irishman (Mariemont Theater)
140. The Good Liar (Cinemark Oakley)
141. Ford v Ferrari (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
142. Queen & Slim (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
143. Midway (Regal Belltower, Ft. Myers, FL)
144. Apollo 11 (CNN on Demand)
145. Dark Waters (Mariemont Theater)
146. Waves (Cinemark Oakley)
147. Honey Boy (Esquire Theater)
148. Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements (HBO)
149. Belichik & Saban: The Art of Coaching (HBO)
150. Rush Hour 2 (Flix)
151. The Two Popes (Esquire Theater)
152. Richard Jewell (Cinemark Oakley)
153. Knives Out (Cinemark Oakley)
154. In the Line of Fire (Flix)
155. Mel Brooks: Unwrapped (HBO)
156. Bombshell (Cinemark Oakley)
157. Finding The Way Home (HBO)
158. Black Christmas (Cinemark Oakley)
Cleaning up the last of 2019:

159. A Hidden Life (Mariemont Theater)
160. Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker (Cinemark Oakley)

If you like Terrence Malick at his best (think Days of Heaven, The Tree of Life), you will LOVE A Hidden Life. Upon seeing this 3 hr. opus (don't just call it a movie), I immediately knew this was my No. 1 movie for 2019.

The first hour of The Rise of Skywalker is literally incomprehensible as to its byzantine plot. How in the world is this possible? The last hour is better as things get pared down to the essentials.

I recently made my annual "best movies" list, if anyone is interested (IMDb link below). Of course this was before 2017 comes out this coming weekend, which apparently is THE movie of the year according to many sources (including the Golden Globes).


Onward and upward to 2020! Happy viewing to all.
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Re: 50 Movies in 2019
« Reply #333 on: January 12, 2020, 12:18:19 AM »

1. John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Music Hall- needed something light after Infinity War!
2. Vice  Bale was good, but it was definitely pandering to a specific audience. Also, I thought I'd need heart surgery after all of it!
3. Crazy Rich Asians- needs more Awkwafina.
4. if Beale Street Could Talk really incredible, and should have been nominated for best picture.
5. Fyre Fraud
6. Justice League well, this was not a good movie, and having the stand alones for Wonder Woman and Aquaman come out after this was a bad plan.
7. They Shall Not Grow Old- impressive technical feat. Incredible to see and hear these men who have been gone for so long.
8. Paris is Burning A still-relevant documentary of drag balls in New York in the 1980s.
9. To All the Boys I've Loved Before- still sweet
10. To All the Boys I've Loved Before- look, it was a rough week. I reserve the right to watch cuteness again and again!
11. The Kissing Booth Oh my lord, this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I totally hate watched it.
12. To All the Boys I've Loved Before- palate cleanser
13. Thor: Ragnarock
14. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
15. Ibiza- Other than Richard Madden's accent, not much reason to watch. I liked it more the first go-round.
16. The Changeover based on Margaret Mahy's book of the same name. It was not as good as the book, of course, but it was nice to see one of my favorite books on the screen.
17. Isn't it Romantic Cute, and I loved that the New York apartment was appropriately small.
18. Captain Marvel Needed more Goose! Great soundtrack, but I would have loved to have "Cannonball" on it.
19. The Incredibles 2 Netflix, and it kept cutting out, so I couldn't really get into it.
20. Ant Man and the Wasp- I liked it better on repeat viewing, but I am still "meh" on this addition to the MCU
21. Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid Stand up from Old Hickory, TN, which is 20 minutes from where I grew up. And my hometown is name-checked in the final bit, and is waaay too dead on, but still funny.
22. Unicorn Store I wanted more Brie Larson and Sam Jackson, but it was a rather harmless movie.
23. Avengers: Infinity War- I'm gearing up for the final installment at the end of the month!
24. The Breaker Upperers The New Zealand humor appeals to me, and while neither lead is particularly "nice" you are rooting for them to figure it out.
25. Too Funny to Fail: The Life and Death of the Dana Carvey Show I don't even remember the show existing, but it was interesting to see. Carvey is funny.
26. Teen Wolf- It is on Hulu, I wanted to relive junior high!
27. Us I was hiding behind my jacket for much of it, and it's a thinker, but in the cold light of day it isn't too bad.
28. Oh Lucy Oh, boy this was not good. I started watching because it had Josh Harnett, and it just took a strange left turn.
29. Iron Man 2- Rewatch, since I didn't remember it.
30. The Perfect Date Peter Kavinsky, erm, Noah Centinio is a guy who sets up an app for a Stand In date. This should have been the name of the movie instead of the Perfect Date. It was cute.
31. The Edge of Seventeen You could not pay me to be a teen again. I would have liked it better if both siblings had had the focus, rather than just Nadine. Hallie Steinfeld does a great job, and Woody Harrelson was excellent, too.
32. Avengers: End Game well worth the 21 movie build up. The Russo bros stuck the landing! I liked it so much I'm going to see it again on Tuesday with Lando.
33. Avengers: End Game- yeah, Lando got to watch me cry. And cheer
34. Long Shot the year of the Rom Com continues! Enjoyed it very much.
35. The Mummy Returns- The addition of the kid didn't really help the movie.
36. Long Shot I am so glad to see the resurgence of the rom com. If you like Seth Rogen, you'll like this, if you don't, you won't.
37. John Wick 3 So violent, and I so love this world
38. Brampton's Own found it on Netflix, and it was not a good movie. Rose McIver deserves better movies.
39. Wine Country I enjoyed it, in part because I could see some of my "Girls Group" in these characters
40. Beetlejuice- wow, Alec Baldwin was really hot in this! Winona Ryder is a total baby in this
41. Destination Wedding- I find it delightful. They are not good people, but they are good together.
42. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Tarantino's foot fetish got to be a bit much for me.
43. Mary Poppins Returns Needed more Dick van Dyke. Perfectly serviceable kids movie
44. Dora the Explorer Night out with Lando! I laughed so much. They really made a good movie, and you could watch it as an adult and enjoy it.
45. To All the Boys I've Loved Before: look, it's a comfort movie, and easy to watch.
46. Four Weddings and a Funeral: Hugh Grant was incredibly cute, and Andi McDowell couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.
47. Always be my Maybe  Decent acting and a fine story, it's totally in my wheelhouse. The Keanu stuff was perfection.
48. Always be my Maybe- rewatch
49. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- oh, Indy
50. Ready or Not - with Lando. Glad I saw it in the daytime! More gore than horror.
51. Good Boys I laughed, I cringed, I really enjoyed myself.
52. Wet Hot American Summer- I think it's been a couple of years but I do still like this movie so much.
53. Some Kind of Wonderful- it holds up remarkably well, and Eric Stoltz is really a cutie-pie.
54. Hot Tub Time Machine it was better than it had any right to be.
55. This Beautiful Fantastic It was trying to be quirky, but was a bit formulaic. Watch Amelie for a better quirky woman who finds love.
56. The Duff- Mae Whitman is a delight, and Robbie Amell is delicious to look at. It fits in the current teen rom-com genre quite well
57. Between Two Ferns I like this humor, but not for an extended time period.
58. Strictly Ballroom- I own this, and hadn't watched in ages. It's such a sweet, kind little movie.
59. Penelope- Clearly, I need some happy light fare these days.
60. The Competition Thora Birch and Chris Klein in a romcom. She created a formula (and blog) about how likely someone is to cheat. Klein's character is supposed to get her to take down the blog because her sister doesn't like it. Good actors, but the story needed work. Birch should be in more things.
61. To All the Boys I've Loved Before- it's hard to watch this one now, given the three sisters
62. 50/50- I'd forgotten I'd seen this a couple of years ago.
63. Downton Abbey delightful. so much fun- and many clever lines
64. Brittany Runs a Marathon Very much about figuring out who you are. I liked the whole cast.
65. Juliet, Naked Not at all what I thought it would be- I thought it would be more about Chris O'Dowd's character, but he's in a supporting role. I did keep thinking that Ethan Hawke's character was also showing up in Texas for "Boyhood". Didn't realize it is based off a Nick Hornsby novel, either.
66. Knives Out YES!!! Super fun, A nice little murder romp, and delightful to see all sorts of people chewing up the scenery. I loved it.
67. Klaus This was sweet, and hit the Christmas spot.
68. Spiderman- Into the Spider-verse- wow, this movie is still so good. I am so glad I saw it in the theater
69. John Carter- was it that bad? No, but it wasn't that good, either. Poor Taylor Kitsch, this did a number to his career.
70. Snowed Inn Christmas
71. Christmas Around the Corner
I wanted something easy to watch, and Snowed Inn was far better than it had any right to be. Christmas Around the Corner was confused, and had a blacksmith who didn't wear any protection from the fire, which seemed like a bad idea. The lead dudes were completely generic, I'm sorry to say- a little disappointing, actually.

72. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker It was not my favorite movie of the series, but it wasn't the worst. I liked it well enough, but I don't think I'll be watching it again any time soon.
73. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World This was a good way to end the series. Nice to see character growth over time.
73. Hugo- watched with the nephew and niece. It is an excellent kid movie.
74. Knives Out- I liked it even more the second viewing- I caught things I missed the first go-through, and knew what to look for.
75. John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch -this is what the Sesame Street generation has grown up to enjoy. I loved the absurdity of the whole thing.

Not a shabby year- I saw more than I thought I would!
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